Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Resident Evil 5 Trailer on GameTrailers

New Resident Evil 5 trailer (HD) - skip to the middle
New Resident Evil 5 trailer (SD)
New Resident Evil 5 trailer (on youtube)

Hopefully they will post up a downloadable HD version soon. Anyway, very interesting trailer here. It shows us a lot more details about the new enemies that Chris will be facing and also gives us a better look at the new dark-skinned female character. There is also a neat little reference to Jill Valentine at the end of the trailer. The blond girl (Sherry?) still has yet to be shown though:

I'm hoping that there will be an even newer trailer at E3.

A few things to note from the new trailer:

* Enemies have a parasite that infects their bodies and remains inside, similar to Las Plagas.

* The parasite can protrude from their mouth similar to a Reaper from Blade II except this is an actual parasite instead of the mouth and it can seperate into four appendages in order to grab your character. The parasite can extend very far from the mouth also as shown in the trailer.

* The mouth parasite can grabble the head of your character - imagine the death animation from this, if there is one.

* Chris can take down several enemies with his new punching melee attack.

Very interested to see if these new attacks are on-screen command based after a specific animation like in RE4 or is there a special button to press exclusive to these moves... or are these some sort of counter that may be performed after a dodge?

* Chris has an uppercut melee attack.

* A new Cerberus-like (dog-like) enemy is shown.

* Enemies can still sort of "Plagas out" (head splits open) when shot like in Resident Evil 4. Not to say that these parasites are Plaga.

* A few weapons in Chris' arsenal include the machine gun, shotgun, knife and sniper rifle.

* Chris can use a lantern for a light source while in the dark cave shown - which has some very cool lighting effects, I might add.

* The enemies that look down upon Chris from up high and push some pillars down at him have some deformed mutated faces from a side view.

* A new enemy appears with a very gruesome looking chainsaw. He wears a potato sack-like bag over his head with a hole for one eye to look through.

* The new female character appears to be black. Possibly a local?

* "No worries. My last partner was a woman too."

* A quick glimpse of a worm-like parasite is shown at the end with some blood dripping to the left of it.

The Official Resident Evil site has also started counting upward on the bottom as the bottom countdown ended. Once the bottom countdown ended it started at 25:00:01 and is now counting upwards. ...?

thanks to SolidSnakex from the neoGAF forums for the gifs.

UPDATE (5/31 - later in the day, haha. ;p)

New Official Resident Evil 5 site is now live. It showcases the two main trailers and a few pics that we have already seen but it also has some most interesting wallpapers in the downloads section:

As you can see, the second wallpaper is completely new. I believe the second wallpaper is actually showing us a new character - labeled "Josh". And it seems the new female character's name is "Sheva"... can't make out the second letter in the handwriting all that well. You can also see a much better glimpse of her tatoo on her left arm.


sephirosuy said...

Good! You're one step faster than me ^_^ Chris uppercut is actually a "Shoryuken" lol Well, Judge from this trailer, I think it's too much enemies to fight, like 2 or 3 time more than RE4 (you sure it's Plagas again?). But still looks lack of colour.

Lord VileCore said...

This looks like the Resident Evil Capcom always wanted. Watching the E3 trailer made me dig up my old copy of Nemesis. Which is, in my humble opinion, the best of the series...feel free to flame me as required ^-^

VileCore said...

Did I say E3? Ignore me - lack of sleep, buuurrgrhh...

Brian said...

HOLY CRAP that looks awesome. They really got the lighting and detail down on this world. I'm really surprised, but more than anything I love Chris' line at the end of the video, haha. The voice acting is as solid as ever. Let's just hope Chris doesn't ever have to scream anyone's name (read: "LUUUUUIIIIISSSSSS!!!") I didn't think about it, but if they added some more action elements like rolls/dodges, that'd be amazing. The framerate looks solid too despite having so many enemies going on at once.

One worry though: Is it just me, or does this all seem like we've only seen the first 15~30 minutes of the game? Because if it isn't, so much of it looks exactly the same :(

The lighting actually looks a little better than Alone in the Dark, even, which has some ridiculous firepower behind those dynamic lighting algos they got going on (I'm a computer science guy so ignore me if I go all techy). Have you seen any of the AitD stuff? One thing I have to say is Chris at least walks right. Carnby walks like he was a 300 year old zombie >_>

Berserker said...

you sure it's Plagas again?

It could be a Plagas, but most likely a different type. I have a feeling that it is a mixture of Plagas and something else. Could be something totally new though.

...Nemesis. Which is, in my humble opinion, the best of the series...feel free to flame me as required ^-^

How could I flame someone with such good taste in RE games? :) Nemesis is one of the most memorable RE games to me because of the constant pressure of being hunted. I love RE3 dearly because of that.

One worry though: Is it just me, or does this all seem like we've only seen the first 15~30 minutes of the game? Because if it isn't, so much of it looks exactly the same :(

Nah, I have a feeling that Capcom is still hiding a bunch of info from us - they're just spoonfeeding us with each trailer. I bet the next trailer will show off some completely different enemies.

We still have yet to see a true villain also - except for the guy that constantly yells out phrases to the people. I really, really hope that they bring back more characters besides Chris. There is really still no concrete evidence that they are in there even, just rumors. Wesker NEEDS to be in there.

And yeah, Edward does indeed have awkward looking movements in the trailers for AitD. He was kind of an annoying character in AitD4.

Anonymous said...

hello! surprise I see Seph's here haha.. nice blog Berserker. I love horror games, and give me 10 second... ok she is first ebony female in the histroy lol hell ya I want to see wesker because hes some "unfinished" business with chris right?

Berserker said...

Yeah, I sometimes trick Seph into coming to my blog - post up links on his hoping that he will accidentally click on them and give me some more hits.

Kidding. I need some sleep. ^_^