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Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries - Public Assembly SOLO strategy

This is a post for archive information for strategies of Public Assembly SOLO in Resident Evil 5 - The Mercenaries.

Player: Ritalin202

Player: Yaritaiji

This is the most popular strategy for Public Assembly SOLO.

NOTE: I'm describing the Ritalin202 video in this description. Yaritaiji is basically the creator of this strategy, so I felt it important to list his original video however.

The platform starting point on Public Assembly is the overall best starting point in solo mode since a player can get the attention of all camping Majini in the area while heading to the north.

IMPORTANT: Notice how the player shoots the Majini that stands on the hill right at the start. You need to hit the Majini on the hill at least once to get his attention or he will remain there!

The player falls from the platform after getting the attention of the Majini on the hill then he dashes straight to the north.

The player shoots a Majini then dashes through it while heading to the north. This does cost him some points since he doesn't keep a full combo.

IMPORTANT: It is VERY important that a player move BETWEEN the two buildings while heading to the shack in the north. If you hop across the buildings beside the platform, you'll need to shoot the Majini that stands on the ramp off to the west to get his attention. By running between the buildings, you'll get the attention of all Majini in the middle area.

Run to the far north and hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS in the shack above the waterway. Hop out the window then run and break the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS in the waterway off to the west. The CHICKEN enemy should be your first enemy. The chicken will be fluttering about somewhere in the waterway, so be sure to watch for him. If he is near the explosive barrel, shoot the explosive barrel. Wesker can melee kill the chicken with a dash, but that is sometimes not worth it if an easy kill can be gained simply by shooting the explosive barrel.

After killing the chicken, your fight with the Majini will start. The opening crowd needs to be killed quickly as they drop into the waterway. Try to melee kill them as quick as possible to make other Majini spawn.

NOTE: The beginning crowd will include the Agitator Majini (Majini with sunglasses). He has 1400 health, so a non-Wesker and non-Jill will have to weaken him more than usual before hitting him with a melee.

NOTE: Notice how the player keeps stepping in and out of the area in between the ramp and north wall while he fights. That narrow area is a good area to gain multiple melee kills with any character. It's best to stay around that area. DON'T STAND STILL for too long or you risk the chance of getting grabbed though.

After the opening crowd has been killed, the enemy spawning will begin to slow down as Majini spawn from up above the waterway. The FIRST EXECUTIONER SPAWNS AT 20 COMBO from the fence spawn point on the hill in the southwest portion of the map. You need to prepare yourself for him. Most of the time players will move out of the waterway at around 27 combo to meet the Executioner as he enters the shaded area below the building in the west. Basically, players meet up with him when few enemies are near him then kill him with quick powered weapon shots.

Either way, you need to move out of the waterway once enemies begin to stop spawning. You will agitate two campers (a long pipe and a female) that spawn and camp near the combo chest in the northwest once you step out of the waterway most likely. If they are not there, make sure you stay near the combo chest for a little while to make them come to your character.

After killing the first Executioner, the player stays in the shaded area to the side of the building to fight the Majini that surround him. This is a good area to fight since it is narrow. The narrow alley on the other side of the building is a good fighting area as well, but players have stopped using that area in most runs since the Majini cannot get to the player quick enough while standing back there most of the time - you'll run out of enemies in periods!

Notice the camping Majini that stands near the columns across from the small ramp near the rooftops. You need to get the attention of this Majini by rushing up and killing him or shooting him since he will remain there if you don't!

Step into the back alley area and hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS when not many enemies area around. If you can, try to wait for an enemy to spawn from the wall spawn point near the time bonus then kill the enemy to keep the combo on the way to the time bonus. Hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS by the columns once you can work your way toward it. There is no definite time to hit it, but it's best to hit it before the second Executioner comes toward your character.

The SECOND EXECUTIONER SPAWNS AT 50 COMBO from the left side of the wall spawn point behind the Executioner platform. He will move up the rooftop and come toward your character from the ramp. He will likely make it to your character around 54-55 combo, so be ready to kill him.

The Wesker player in the video steps out onto the rooftop at 50 combo. Many non-Weskers will likely still have enemies around then. It's best to step out onto the rooftop at around 50-70 combo for sure. What kill combo you move at will likely vary depending on the enemy spawns - if you don't have many enemies, the newly spawning enemies are likely moving up the rooftop past the ramp!

NOTE: DO NOT stay only in the back alley. If you stay in the back alley, you'll get some dry periods where no enemies will spawn at times. At around 70 combo, you're going to run out of enemies often since they will all be spawning somewhere below the bus! The back alley is an area that is in between spawning regions for Public Assembly, but the enemies start to spawn from near the Executioner platform later into the run.

Eventually, you'll need to step up onto the ramp and go and break the two 60 SECOND TIME BONUSES (x2) on the rooftop and on the bus. The order you break them in is preference and spawn-based really. Go the way that the enemies are coming. If a Majini is on the bus and is about to hop over to the shack rooftop, go that way and break the bus timer first, so you can kill that Majini along the way. If Majini are hopping across the bus over toward the rooftop with the time bonus, run in that direction then keep the combo off of them and hit the 60 second timer on the roof then hop over to the bus and break that timer.

No matter what you choose to do at this point, be VERY CAREFUL about getting grabbed and losing the combo. Bullet kill distant enemies if you have to in order to keep the combo. The end of the building and the top of the bus are the easiest places to get grabbed and lose the combo on accident. Even the best of players can often mess up and lose the combo during this transition part of the strategy.

Notice how the player begins to struggle with fighting the Majini while trying to keep the combo on the slanted rooftop. Keeping the combo can be hard at this transition point, even for Wesker.

The player shoots a Majini that stands next to the side of the bus and falls down along with the Majini then melee kills it after hitting the ground. It's a good idea to prepare to do something like this since Majini that stand on the bus will often stand near the edge. Falling down WITH the Majini as it falls will make it to where your character's landing will not make the Majini get up instantly after falling on it.

You need to break the timers and fall from the east portion of the bus or rooftop very quickly while keeping the combo. Once your character is back on the ground, fighting will be a bit easier.

Stay in between the two buildings while below. It's best to fight in the area below the transformer since the ground is flat. In other areas, the ground surface is unleveled and Majini will climb along the Executioner platform if you stand near it. By standing in between the two buildings, Majini will only be able to hop off the rooftop and come in from behind and in front of your character. The THIRD EXECUTIONER SPAWNS AT 70 COMBO from the fence spawn point near the combo chest in the northwest. He will likely meet up with your character at around 73-75 combo.

The player accidentally activates a random Cephalo off of an axe Majini. MANY Public Assembly Majini are random Cephalos that will activate only when struck in the head. Females have the highest potential to be a random Cephalos, so try to avoid headshots or melees that hit them in the head.

The player notices a hand grenade pickup and grabs it. The hand grenade can be used to destroy the breakable wall on the side of the middle building in order to gain easier access to the 60 second time bonus inside.

If you have some sort of weapon to destroy the cracked wall of the building with the timer inside, destroy the cracked wall when few enemies are around. Literally, destroy the wall then go back to fighting! Do not move toward the timer until enemies start to move in front of the timer - you need to find an easy way to keep the combo while moving toward the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS inside the building then hit it shortly after killing an enemy.

NOTE: Cocktail Majini will begin to spawn starting at around 100 combo. They can be a real pain in the south area of Public Assembly. Try to kill them as soon as you notice them to avoid their cocktail attacks.

After breaking the timer, the player moves around the side of the bus near the small shack. This can be a very good move since he is avoiding the area with the oil canister. The oil canisters can be SO easily set off by cocktail Majini! And once they are set off, the resulting fire will likely damage some Majini and possibly kill them.

Try to fight in the middle area until at least about 90 combo. This will guarantee that all the Majini spawn from the north area spawning region. Once your character moves past the Execution platform, your character will leave the north spawning region. Try to fight away from the oil canisters as much as possible.

Once you near 147 combo, BE SURE to take a look around for the number of Majini in the area. Always make sure there are two before you kill one. Before you kill the final Majini, climb the ladder beside the south building then break the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on top. Players will sometimes bounce a grenade off the rooftop and then break the timer so that the grenade explosion kills the final Majini right before they hit the final timer. This is optional though. Watch the Yaritaiji video and he ends the run with the a hand grenade bounce. Be sure to practice the hand grenade bounce before a good run!

Other than the hand grenade bounce, you'll usually want to take out a powered weapon and shoot the final Majini after breaking the final time bonus. This can keep the full combo. If you move toward it and melee kill it, you will likely only waste time where you could have had more leftover time with a quick blast from a powered weapon!

Player: kinokoking

This is an alternate strategy for Public Assembly SOLO.


MetalArkanus said...

Awesome run from kinokoking! :O
No Cephalos and almost a No damage run. Insane!

Berserker said...

Haha. Yeah, that's a classic video!

I'll get back to all this info eventually! If anyone is wondering, I've recently gotten UMvC3 so I haven't been working on info for Mercs at all the past week. I'll start back eventually though.

I'll update the MvC3 Chris guide for UMvC3 eventually.

Tomzerker said...

Yeah, Kinokoking 4TW! He's one of the best :).

Great to see this info! I'm really glad you're doing the solo stage strategies. I'm looking forward to your description of MA in particular. I can never activate the guys near the top/office spawn without actually have to climb that ladder up TO the office area :/. Always lose the combo & a lot of time because of that.

Your info for this stage is good. I like how you caution the player not to stand still for too long. That holds true for all of mercenaries but particularly this stage in solo. You pretty much always have to be moving, in i-frames, or doing interruption shots. I also like how you caution the player not to stay in the back alley all game. That's a real easy trap to fall into. I used to do that all the time because I hated doing the transition, and because I saw ChabesuObama got a real good score with Chris staying in the back alley all game. He must have had some great luck with the spawns for that to work.

But that really shows you how this guide/info is necessary and how videos can lead you astray, because I recently got 700k+ PA solo myself & I definitely think I would have had it earlier if I hadn't wasted so many games trying to emulate Chabesu's run :/.

Berserker said...

Thanks Tomzerker (properly named now too xD)!

In all honesty, I really don't know that much about solo stage strategies. I know the basics, but not really the specifics. I know the stages, but I don't have much experience with them in solo.

I CAN watch a video and learn a lot from it and add my own input based on what I know of the stage though! These posts are meant to be edited if I ever find out new info that I want to add, so there's always room for improvement!

When I get to the Wetland Majini stages, that's where I'm at my weakest both duo and solo... and with scripted plagas on AR!

Normally, I would go and do many playthroughs of all solo stages before I post up info, but... man... the game is just too old to enjoy much for me when new games are available...

Like Ultimate MvC3!

I'm an MA main now anyway. xD

Cronyne said...

Hey Berserker. I don't know if you still follow your own blog or not. But I'd just like to say. I'm experimenting with that guy who Wesker shoots at the very beginning of the video. It turns out, that the ramp that leads from the back alleys, onto the rooftops at the west side of the map will agitate him. Just casually moving from that far-back 30 second time bonus, and climbing up onto the ramp to go onto the rooftops is within his range of sight and he will agitate! If you'd like to include that into your strategies, feel free! I don't need to shoot the guy at the beginning anymore.