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Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries - Missile Area SOLO strategy

This is a post for archive information for strategies of Missile Area SOLO in Resident Evil 5 - The Mercenaries.

-- Missile Area SOLO Strategy 1 (140+ combo)

Player: Berserker Kev

NOTE: The video above is made mainly just to show off a strategy that I made for Missile Area. Whether you discard the grenade launcher or not is up to you with STARS Chris. Flash rounds and nitrogen rounds can ruin melee kills just as much as they can help you gain more on Missile Area thanks to the dynamite and cocktail Majini.

NOTE: Always avoid any type of melees that hit the head of a Majini. Any type of hit to the head can cause a random Cephalo on just about every Majini in Missile Area. Green bottle Majini are the only Majini that will not spawn a random Cephalo. Try to aim your melees away from the head by stepping to the side or in front of a Majini so your character does not hit the Majini directly in the head.

It's best to choose the office as the starting for Missile Area Solo. Grab the flash grenade on the control panel then hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the office room. From the start, a player can exit either door and run to the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS along the walkway then hit it. In the video, I exited from the left door and shot the chicken below then ran toward the timer. Some players like to exit from the right office door then melee kill the dynamite Majini outside the office and kill the chicken below then run to the timer. It's all up to you.

NOTE: If you DON'T move along the left side of the walkway, after you hop on the conveyor belt from the stairway, you MUST shoot the camping Majini near the platform with the 60 seconds in the background. The platform will be in front of your character as the character drops onto the conveyor belt. The Majini will be to the left. You MUST shoot him or he will remain there until your character moves next to him. With the way I move out the left office door in the video, that got his attention since I was above him.

Fall below to where the chicken was killed. Grab the chicken egg if needed then move up the stairs to the right then fall on the conveyor belt. Run to the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS on the conveyor belt then hit it. Shoot the two explosive canisters up ahead since your character will be fighting in that area later. Drop from the ladder at the end of the conveyor belt.

Run over to the first ladder that leads to the walkway above the bottom conveyor belt then climb it. Move across the walkway then drop. Run to the 90 SECOND TIME BONUS then hit it. Walk over to the ladder near the 90 second timer then climb it and fall off the dropoff in the middle of the walkway to land on the conveyor belt. Hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS at the end of the conveyor belt then get on the platform below the stairs then move up the stairs. Kick through the door at the top then grab the 2 flash grenade and combo bonus from the combo chest off to the side (grab them in that order to make the combo bonus last longer).

Start to kill the Majini. They should be all on the conveyor belt for the most part. If one of them hops up onto the platform that you are on, quickly shoot him to make him drop then fall along with him. There will be a crowd of 12 Majini at the beginning, so kill very quickly from the start. More Majini will begin to spawn. Sometimes, it is hard to keep the combo because the Majini spawn so far away - that's just all bad luck! You might have to keep the combo with the magnum at times. Never know.

The axe Majini that is killed is a scripted critical that spawns from the 90 second area. His head will always explode upon death if he isn't killed with an instant kill melee. Never shoot him in the head or his head will explode! He is also a random Cephalo, so he could go all Cephalo on your ass for hitting him in the head.

The Majini with the megaphone that dropped from the overhead walkway was a scripted Cephalo. I neck break him in the video to avoid the Cephalo. With Wesker, you'll have to be ready to activate then kill the Cephalo. This Majini can drop from the overhead walkway like in the video or he can climb up the ladder on the conveyor belt or come through the nearby door on the platform.

NOTE: DO NOT move under the storage room walkway. While standing on the north portion of the conveyor at the start, you are in between two spawning regions. If you move under the storage room walkway, you just crossed over into another spawning region and that region's enemies will spawn, which will cause you to have to stay longer in the current one.

NOTE: MAKE SURE you are behind the ladder (to the side of the conveyor belt) at 50 combo. If you move out from behind that ladder before 50 combo BE SURE to step back behind the ladder. IF YOU DO NOT, YOU RISK LEAVING ENEMIES BEHIND. The ladder is the boundary for the bottom spawning region - when you step past the ladder, you leave the bottom spawn area (Region F on the map). Both spawning regions F and E have a total of 45 enemies altogether and you have 12 starting enemies, so... you will have a full 57 enemies (58 counting the yellow Gatling Gun Majini) as long as you do not move to region D (past the portion under the storage room walkway or near the middle shaft).

NOTE: Basically what I'm trying to say with the first portion is that... if you step out from behind the ladder at 47 combo, you MUST move back behind the ladder at or after 50 combo to make sure that all enemies spawn from the bottom spawning region.

The FIRST YELLOW GATLING GUN MAJINI WILL SPAWN AT 20 COMBO from the spawn point above the top walkway and 90 second area. He will be able to shoot your character from the high walkway. You might have to run along the conveyor belt to avoid him at times. Try to stay underneath the walkway across from the ladder as much as you can to avoid the Gatling Gun Majini's fire and any cocktails from cocktail Majini that spawn from the spawn point up above.

Once the Gatling Gun Majini falls, kill him immediately and try to use the deathblow melee on him to multi kill the surrounding Majini. After 50 combo (make sure that your last standing place was behind the conveyor belt ladder), move to the center shaft area. Keep the combo by bullet killing with a powered weapon if needed. If you have enemies along the way to the central shaft after, luck is on your side!

Once the combo reaches 50 kills, my character is still in the area behind the ladder (north of the ladder), to ensure that all Majini spawn from region F. If I had been to the south of the ladder, before 50 and not gone back to it, I would have had to return to it after 50 - literally just step in and out to make sure enemies from region F all spawn.

NOTE: While standing in the middle portion of the bottom floor of Missile Area (Region D), two Scripted Cephalo axe Majini will spawn from the storage room up above.

Once you make it to the center shaft area, it's really up to you when you climb the center shaft ladder. You can climb whenever you want up until a certain number of kills. You can do like I did in the video and wait for the second Gatling Gun Majini to fall then kill him or you can climb immediately. The SECOND YELLOW GATLING GUN MAJINI SPAWNS AT 60 COMBO from the overhead doorway in the central shaft. Either way, make sure you make one kill before climbing. Be ready to keep the combo with a powered weapon when you first climb.

NOTE: After climbing, you can run toward the railing across from the ladder and shoot the explosive canister on the table below the walkway to possibly hit Majini below you and keep the combo. This works VERY well for characters that do not have a magnum!

NOTE: When you first climb, any axe Majini that is moving down the walkway from the office will be a scripted Cephalo. Keep this in mind so it isn't a surprise if you shoot it with the magnum. While standing in the middle area below the ladder, two axe Majini scripted Cephalos will spawn from the storage room - they might be exiting the storage room after you climb. Keep in mind that they will NOT spawn AFTER you have climbed... they will have spawned before climbing!

Alright, so now you're up above. There are two spawning regions while on the top middle walkways - Region A and Region B. Both of the regions have 20 enemies each, so a total of 40 enemies will spawn while a player is up top! Keep that thought in mind!

Run to the storage room and try to make sure an enemy is in view or on the other side of the storage room door then kick open the door and hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS inside the storage room. If luck is not on your side (Majini are not in your path) then you'll have to keep the combo with a powered weapon here. Kick back open the door and continue to kill enemies.

A player NEEDS to move over toward region B in the spawning region map. Region B starts as soon as a player steps past the central shaft framework while up top. You can stand in front of the framework across from the platform, on the platform, or on the bridge next to the platform and still be in region B. Region A overlaps region B, so you can't avoid region A. A total of 40 enemies will spawn while standing in between regions. If you stand only in region A (say... on the storage room walkway), only 20 enemies will spawn then they will stop. It's important that you get to the region B area shortly after exiting the storage room! Try not to get held up with melee kills too often.

I equip a flash grenade before stomping the long pipe Majini. This is just in case it turns out to be the scripted Cephalo long pipe Majini. When up above, there is no way to tell the difference between scripted Cephalos. Just be careful about killing long pipe and weaponless Majini since one of them will be a scripted Cephalo.

Notice the difficulty that I have in trying to keep the combo while up top. There are literally no Majini in the immediate area. There will sometimes be times like this while above. You just have to look around and watch carefully. One thing I didn't do was look toward the office.

The THIRD RED GATLING GUN MAJINI WILL SPAWN AT 90 COMBO from the office ceiling spawn point. He will move down the walkway in front of the office then walk toward your character. You will either fight him on the walkway or below the walkway in the 30 second timer area most likely.

The red Gatling Gun Majini arrives up top and falls right into my trap. When he hops up the ladder, you can blast him and keep the combo by killing the Majini that climb up the ladder behind him. Keeping the combo this way can be luck based though. If I had climbed the middle shaft ladder sooner, I could have dropped sooner to fight him below.

NOTE: While standing in region B a long pipe scripted Cephalo Majini and a weaponless scripted Cephalo Majini will spawn from the office area on the walkway across from your character. Because of your current position, you'll just have to guess at which one is scripted or not out of the many other weaponless and long pipe Majini.
A random Cephalo spawns from an uppercut to the head. There are no scripted Cephalo sickle Majini on Missile Area. This one is random.

The long pipe Majini that I shot is a scripted Cephalo. I shot him with the magnum to help keep the combo since both Majini were next to the ladder and would have fallen otherwise. I chose the Majini with the long pipe to bullet kill since he might have been the scripted Cephalo... and he was!

Hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS on the platform while fighting. Be ready to keep the combo with a powered weapon such a magnum while in region B (around the platform). There will often be periods with dry enemy spawning where you will have to bullet kill from a distance. If you don't see enemies in view look toward the storage room door, on the conveyor belt below the bridge or on the walkway outside the office. There will almost always be enemies on the walkway outside the office since all of the spawn points there will be active.

NOTE: When you drop from the top area depends on when you climbed the central shaft ladder. You MUST stay above for 46 kills no matter what. So... if you climbed the middle ladder at 50 kills, you must stay above until 96 kills. If you climbed the middle ladder at 60 kills, you must stay above until 106 kills. If you drop before 46 kills have passed, you risk leaving behind Majini. In the video, I climb at 65 kills and I drop from the ladder at 112. I could have dropped at 111.

Fall below the ladder on the bridge near the platform. Hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS near the explosive barrel. Be sure to keep the combo by melee killing enemies on the way to the time bonus. Now you need to run along either walkway then hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS in the middle area.

The remainder of region D's enemies will start to spawn the moment a player falls from the ladder. Keep in mind that there are only 30 enemies in that region. You need to quickly get to region C as shown in the spawning region map. Region C's north boundary is passed after stepping past the stairs in front of the platform with the 60 second timer. You need to get to region C as quickly as possible since this region take a while to activate at times and sometimes enemies will slowly spawn above!

NOTE: There is a strip of Region C in the area with the 30 second timer near the explosive barrel. If you look at the spawning region map, notice that the strip of floor behind the stack of crates near the 30 second timer is just barely in region C. You can literally stand in that area make enemies from region C spawn. This can help to save the combo for you if you are late at times!

NOTE: While in Region C, a cocktail scripted Cephalo Majini will drop from the ceiling spawn point above the 30 second timer near the missiles and a scripted Cephalo Majini with a machete will spawn from the ceiling spawn point above the walkway where the 30 second timer was positioned above. Both of them can be picked out pretty well. There are only two machete Majini that will drop from above and the first cocktail Majini that spawns from the middle is always the scripted Cephalo.

While in Region C fight off the remainder of the enemies and try to hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the platform while fighting. The enemies will run out before 150 since you had to kill at least about one or two before the main combo kill chaining. It's best to stop the combo then run and hit the last 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in front of the south conveyor belt furnace directly after 145 kills. You might actually want to play it safe and hit the timer before then. It's VERY risky to run for the timer after 145 kills. All it takes is one dynamite explosion to kill the final few enemies to end the run before you hit the timer!

-- Missile Area SOLO Strategy 2 (140+ combo) [alternate - mainly for Wesker]

Player: JohnnyBigK

-- Missile Area SOLO Strategy 3 (120+ combo)

Player: Jorez0

These are the most popular strategies for Missile Area SOLO.

Specific Stage Details for Missile Area:

NOTE: Take a look at the spawning regions for Missile Area by clicking on the map below.

Here is a breakdown of all the regions:

Region A = 20 enemies (most of the top floor)
Region B = 20 enemies (middle portion of the top floor)
Region C = 20 enemies (south bottom floor)
Region D = 30 enemies (middle south bottom floor)
Region E = 25 enemies (middle north bottom floor)
Region F = 20 enemies (north bottom floor)

NOTE: Keep in mind that Region A and B are on the top floor. You can stand on just about any portion of the top floor and be in Region A. Region B is smaller. You can't stand in Region B without standing in Region A - Region A constantly overlaps Region B. Both the Region A and Region B spawn points can be activated by standing on either of the two walkways in Missile Area. Enemies will spawn from certain spawn points while standing on the walkways. You literally have to stand on the walkways to make enemies spawn below and throughout the Missile Area for at least 40 kills (more like 46 kills actually)!

All other enemies are the 3 Gatling Gun Majini boss enemies and the 12 enemies that start in the stage (including the chicken).

20 + 20 + 20 + 30 + 25 + 20 + 3 Gatling Gun Majini enemies + 12 beginning enemies = 150 enemies total!

Learn the spawning region boundaries!


Anonymous said...

i'm amazed how you still play re5 after freakin' 3 years!!!
you should stop playing re5 coz re6 will be released this november.

Berserker said...

I'll probably continue to do stuff for RE5 for a little while longer. There are still new people playing the game every day. I play RE5 because friends still play it and I write info for RE5 for those that are new to it and so I can say that I covered everything I wanted to for the game.

With RE6, I'll be fully dedicated to it when it releases. I'll probably be the same way with Revelations for a while also. Don't know about Operation Raccoon City yet.

Tomserker said...

Eh, people still play the older COD games and such. I don't think still playing after three years is all that big a deal. Now, playing every single day for hours on end, and treating the game like it's your job after three years, well...

On to the topic at hand. Thanks for writing this info, Kevo. This stage is so complex and finicky in terms of where you have to stand and where you have to move & at what time. I remember I've only got all the enemies to spawn twice and both times I considered it a minor miracle :P. But yeah, MA's really emblematic of just how cantakerous and disagreeable RE5 mercs can be as a whole. I still <3 it though.

It took me a while to get a good feel for the strategy you came up with for the stage, but after I got comfortable with it, I definitely feel it's superior to the old strat and I don't think I would have been able to get my HS on there without it.

I still learned things about this stage from you just wrote, though. For instance, I had no idea the scriped head critical axe majini toward the beginning could also be a random cephalo o_o.

Berserker said...


That's why I love MA so much! It has so many things to explore in it. I still believe many more strategies could be made for this stage, in both solo and duo. I'm just lacking the motivation to try them much at the moment. xD