Friday, February 15, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 - Berial Move List

Boss AttackDescriptionAvoidance
Horizontal Slash 1Berial leans his sword to his right with both hands then swings to the left.Jump to avoid this move or you can dodge it with a well-timed roll.
Horizontal Slash 2Berial moves his sword upward then behind him and then swings to his right. There is a slight delay right before this swing.Jump to avoid this move or you can dodge it with a well-timed roll.
Horizontal Slash 3Berial swings his sword to his right then pauses and swings it back to his left.For both swings, jump to avoid them or you can dodge it with a well-timed roll for each swing. He usually starts performing this toward the end of the battle.
One Hand Horizontal SlashBerial quickly slashes starting from his left. This is his quickest slash.Jump to avoid this move or you can dodge it with a well-timed roll.
Turning SlashWhile on either side of Berial, he begins to turn then slashes horizontally shortly before moving his blade upward while turning his lower half then stomps the ground making flames rise below him on all sides.Perform a well-timed roll as he slashes or jump to avoid (only while close to the side he starts from). Stay away from his lower body also since he stomps the ground and flames appear around his feet.
Flame SummonBerial growls then surrounds his body with flames once again. He will do this after his flames have been extinguished and sometimes when his flames have been weakened.Stay away from him. His flames surrounding his body can hit for a few brief seconds when he ignites.
Flame EruptionBerial's midsection begins to glow as he charges then unleashes a fire explosion everywhere around him.Run away from him and keep your distance.
Lava PillarsBerial charges his right hand and sends fire into the ground then four lava pillars rise in sequence below your character.Run and maybe roll or jump from the last one or two to escape any move he may perform during this attack.
Beast UppercutBerial uppercuts with his right hand.Don't jump near his right side (your left) toward the end of the battle. He only performs this attack when your character jumps toward his right side.
Jumping OverheadBerial crouches and leans his sword to his right for a second then lunges forward with an overhead strike.Roll to the side. It is possible to escape this by running but make sure that you are not directly in front of him, otherwise roll. This is a long/mid-distance attack.
Burning RamBerial's horns light up as he surrounds his body with flames. Berial quickly lunges in his burning state.Perform a well-timed roll as he lunges or run to the side. This move can be dodged by jumping and air hiking as well. This is a long distance attack.
Back Leg StompBerial lifts his back legs into the air then stomps the ground beneath him. He will only do this while your characters is behind him and standing.Jump away. This is an extremely quick attack.

As with any action game, I feel that learning each boss' move set is the most important part of any boss battle. Once you know a boss' moves and the animations that go along with them then the battle becomes much easier since you can watch for certain animations and react quickly to dodge them. With that said, I'll be listing up the rest of the bosses soon.


sephirosuy said...

ahha, nice analysis format. good job! :p

Berserker said...


In all honesty, I add a bit too much info for tables. Notice how some of the info is squeezed together quite a bit.

I had to take some description out but it really didn't help. ;p

Brian said...

Haha, still pretty good if I say so myself Berserker. I have one move that you didn't add though. Berial also has a move where he kicks out with his hind legs. Obviously this only happens if you stay behind him AND on the ground for a time (e.g. when you're DT-Stingering him). The move is fairly quick, about the same as the turning slash, but it's nowhere near as damaging. Just a shake-off move really.

Berserker said...

Yeah, I actually meant to add that move but I couldn't get Berial to perform that attack again the last time I fought him, so I thought I might have just accidentally Bustered his back end and he kicked out to escape.

Thanks for the confirmation on that attack though. I'd like to see it again before I add it. Maybe he'll eventually perform it again on a higher difficulty.

Bael has another attack also that I didn't list. I've seen him stand up on two side legs then try to smash the ground beneath him on one side. He's only done that to me once.

Berserker said...

I finally added the kick-type move. It's seems like it's a ground pound from his back legs. He doesn't really perform it enough for me and I'm usually not ready when he does it. I know the ground pound hits but I'm not entirely sure about the actual kick.

I can get him to do it a bit more on Son of Sparda mode while playing with Dante. Still haven't finished SOS, so I haven't tried DMD mode yet - I'm sure he'll perform it plenty during DMD mode.

I'm actually typing out most of the my guide from SOS mode, that's why it's taking me so long to get through SOS - up to Mission 17 so far.

Gus said...

Just want to say thank you for the The Umbrella Chronicles Guide

Berserker said...

No problem.

Thanks for the response!