Friday, February 22, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 - Echidna Move List


This is a list of the appropriate times that a Buster can be performed to Echidna.

Buster = Nero's Devil Bringer grab (O [PS3] or B [X360]).

Boss AttackDescription
ImpaleGrab Echidna with a Buster after stunning her with enough attacks. She will lean over and stagger.
Egg-Sac PummelGrab Echidna's egg sac with a Buster after she opens up her snake body to reveal the egg sac. Jump and grab.
Riding ImpaleWhile Echidna dashes in from the background while glowing, perform a Buster a few moments before she dashes at Nero to make Nero plunge the Red Queen into her and ride her while damaging her.


Boss AttackDescriptionAvoidance
Tail SlapEchidna quickly slaps her tail across the area in front of her starting from her right. Watch for her tail to move in the back of her as she whips her tail around to her front.Roll toward her tail (to the left) or jump.
Hair SlapEchidna starts from her left then slaps her hair tentacles to the right then to the left while looking down.Roll toward each appendage slap (right then left), Air Hike above her and fire Blue Rose or Air Hike backwards then fire Blue Rose.


Boss AttackDescriptionAvoidance
BurrowEchidna stands straight up on her tail and burrows into the ground then opens her snake mouth to reveal her body. The petal-like side of the viper mouth can hit your character when she falls into the ground from above.Back up and stay away from her snake body.
Ground TentaclesWhile burrowed, Echidna sends tentacles through the ground and makes them surface and smash whatever is front of them.Roll or run.
Tentacle StabEchidna waves her arms and tentacles shoot out of the ground below your character. Watch for the holes to appear below your character.Roll or run.
Force BlastEchidna holds up both arms and sends out a small force blast all around her. This doesn't damage but it will stun your character if it hits.Jump.
Hair SlapEchidna leans her head back then slaps to her right then to her left with her hair appendages.Roll toward each appendage slap (right then left) or jump and fire Blue Rose.
Burrow EscapeEchidna's petal-like appendages (viper head) begin to shake as she quickly unearths her entire body. The petal pieces will hit if your character is anywhere near them.Target her when her petal-like appendages shake then jump directly backwards.


Boss AttackDescriptionAvoidance
Egg Laying StanceEchidna opens her snake body up around the area to stand on her appendages. She begins to lay Chimera Eggs from her egg sac below the bottom section of her body. The eggs will hatch into Chimera Seeds.Roll to avoid the appendages or move in between them.
Biting LungeEchidna quickly lunges toward your character and tries to bite him with her viper head.Perform a well-timed roll to either side as the viper head approaches. A level 3 charge blast will canel this move.
RamWhile retreating from her propped up position, her snake body coils to the side and the viper head closes and remains still for a brief second then suddenly darts straight ahead. While she is glowing, she locks on to your character's current location.Move away from her viper head or roll as she begins to move. While she is glowing, your character will have to roll.
Seed ShotsWhile her body glows, seeds form on her snake body throughout the rest of the battle. Echidna shoots these seeds in waves whenever she attacks or moves by your character. Watch for her body to glow then watch for the seeds on her snake body then prepare to dodge as the seeds shoot toward your character.Move, roll, or jump away from the seed shots.
Punching LungeWhile her body is glowing, Echidna lunges at your character with both her arms outstretched. She will not use the viper head anymore while flying around and glowing. She actually targets your character more often while glowing instead of moving by him.Perform a well-timed roll to either side as she approaches. Perform a Buster to her mouth before she hits Nero. A level 3 charge blast will also cancel this move.


Brian said...

o_O I didn't know Echidna had so many buster openings! That's a bit of a surprise... although she was my first SSS-ranked boss, interestingly enough. Some of her attacks I actually haven't seen yet before either.

BTW I'm also going through SOS mode... are you also finding the rankings in this game a bit more lenient?

Berserker said...

It seems that the ranking is a bit more easy on the player, I must admit. Especially with time, well most of the time - Mission 1 and the final mission have some hard time ranks to meet. The overall style rank is usually easy to meet without even having to worry about begin stylish on a boss.

With Echidna, you can also rev up the blade while performing some of those busters. Any of them where Nero stabs her with the Red Queen, you can tap the Exceed button to rev up the blade during the grab animation. It's hilarious - only boss I have found that on so far.

There's a few other hidden buster moments on other bosses also:

Credo -> Buster a javelin as he tosses one.
Sanctus -> Buster the Savior's hand before it punches.
Sanctus (final) -> Buster the Sparda sword as he dashes toward Nero.

I haven't confirmed the Savior hand Buster yet, but the other two work fine. The timing is tricky. The button must be pressed as each attack is about mid-distance from Nero.

I haven't found any special ones for Bael or Berial.

Berserker said...

Well, when I say special ones, I mean buster openings where you can counter. I know about the common buster grabs, just haven't added them yet.