Monday, May 26, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 Guide Updates Continued

UPDATE (5/27) - Added some info to the Savior battle (see the extra paragraph underneath the ways to stun him during the actual boss fight; there is also plenty more here and there) and added some information for the third Berial fight (see the last option under Mission 19). There is a note about turning off the tutorial for the first Dante fight (right before the actual boss fight). The Blitz strategy for Dante under the enemies section has been updated with a rather interesting strategy of hitting a Blitz physically while electricity is still around him and blocking the shock with a royal block. An extra combination was added to the Rebellion High Time move section under comments - definitely worth a check if you enjoy juggles and like to show off. Added control descriptions for viewing the game clear bonus art under the extras section.

And last but not least, the main walkthrough breakable objects were redone to match the_blood_wolf's red orb guide.

2 things that I want to note in this update:

1) The Aerial Rave and Aerial Rave V mixture that a reader emailed me about is really sweet. Knock an enemy up into the air with a High Time then follow up with the first three hits of Aerial Rave. Quickly change to Dark Slayer then perform the first slash of Aerial Rave V then switch back to Swordmaster and perform another Aerial Rave with Rebellion. You can end the cominbation with Slash Dimension once Dante hits the ground or quickly switch to Trickster while still in the air and perform a Air Trick followed by a Helmet Breaker.

2) Another useful tip that I got was for the Blitzs while fighting them with Dante. Equip Gilgamesh and Royal Guard then run up to a Blitz and hit it with the first punch of Gilgamesh then Royal Block the electric shock that the Blitz would normally hit you with after a physical attack. This will build up your royal gauge and take the yellow electricity off of the Blitz pretty quickly.

There is also plenty more. I am especially pleased with the Berial strategy that a reader emailed me with - Exinguish, air Devil Buster w/Summoned Swords, Showdown, ground Devil Buster, level 3 charge blast from far. I actually added a bit more to his recommenedation.

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