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Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries - Village DUO strategy

This is a post for archive information for strategies of Village DUO in Resident Evil 5 - The Mercenaries.

Bottom Spawn strategy

Player: CabesuObama

This is the most popular strategy for the Bottom spawn on Village DUO. Even though it shows a Chris player, this is the Wesker strategy basically.

The top player should immediately run down the hill from the beginning then grab the combo bonus from the combo chest at the very bottom of the hill. The other player will kill off the chicken right at the beginning in most runs, so the first enemy you kill will be the second enemy in the combo. There is a group of five Wetland Majini that will crowd around the bottom player once that player reaches the bottom of the hill.

NOTE: Any of the Wetland Majini without shields that start out in Village have 900 HP unlike the rest of the Wetland Majini that have 700 HP. Keep in mind that the Majini with 900 HP actually BEGIN in the stage - they do not spawn from spawn points.

Obviously, Wesker will be able to kill off the first group of Wetland Majini faster than the Chris player in the video. Wesker players will often run into the building off to the left of the altar in the middle of the Village and collect the combo bonus since they can kill off the beginning group quicker.

Non-Wesker players often skip the building combo chest and kill the enemies further ahead near the bridge. Skip all time bonuses from the beginning - they are hit later by the other player. Move toward the shield Majini near the bridge and the spear Majini near the spike trap and kill them.

NOTE: The Wetland Majini with the spear that stands on the spike trap in front of the area with the chicken is a scripted Cephalo. The Chris player neck breaks him in the video to cancel the Cephalo.

Grab the egg from the chicken in the chicken area or kill the chicken then grab its egg if it is still there. Collect the combo bonus from the combo chest in the back of the chicken area. Wetland Majini will most likely follow your character into the chicken area. Run toward the building structure on the east side of the Village after leaving the chicken area.

The FIRST GIANT MAJINI SPAWNS AT 20 COMBO from the wall spawn point behind the building structure. The bottom player will almost always run into him before climbing the hill. He can go to the top player if the bottom player doesn't reach his spawn point soon enough. In the video, the bottom player is crowded by Wetland Majini shortly after killing the first Giant Majini. This is not always the case though. Wetland Majini spawns will be random.

The Giant Majini's attack takes 250 damage off of normal Majini, so a Chris player can kill off the Explosive Arrow Majini with a stomp (600 + 250 > Wetland Majini HP [700 HP])

The bottom player needs to move toward the path that leads to the hill then climb up to the hill. Collect the combo bonus from the combo chest on the hill if the combo is still around 30 combo, if not, you can really just leave it like the player in the video. The player in the video arrives at the top a bit later than normal.

Stay on the hill and fight enemies or kick through the doors and help out the other player. Go where the enemies are at this point. If you enter the area with the other player, stay out of his way - do not melee kill his enemies. The SECOND GIANT MAJINI SPAWNS AT 40 COMBO from the gate spawn point at the beginning of the Village area (southeast). The top player should be the one to kill him, but really, either player can kill him - he will move up the hill.

NOTE: After 50 combo, any Wetland Majini with Spears that move up the stairs in the back of the building and most Explosive Arrow Majini that hop over the wall spawn point on the hill will be scripted Cephalo Wetland Majini. The Wetland Majini with spears have a high chance to be Cephalos, but the Explosive Arrow Majini that hop over the wall spawn point on the hill WILL be Scripted Cephalos.

It's really a good idea for the bottom player to remain on the hill as much as possible, but, no matter what, it's best for that player has to go where the enemies are. All Giant Majini will come up from the hill side most of the time. The THIRD GIANT MAJINI SPAWNS AT 60 COMBO from the wall spawn point on the hill. The FOURTH GIANT MAJINI SPAWNS AT 70 COMBO from the high ledge spawn point beside the west bottom building (in between the building and the chicken area).

The player on the hill neck breaks an Explosive Arrow Majini then leaves behind the falling Explosive arrow Majini and waits for it to get up while looking for other Majini to kill - he neck breaks the fallen Explosive Arrow Majini once it gets back up (he knew it was a scripted Cephalo!). All Explosive Arrow Majini that spawn from the wall spawn point on the hill between 50-100 combo in duo will be scripted Cephalos.

The other player drops to the bottom area at around 90 combo. This will trigger the enemies in the bottom area once again. At that time, scripted Cephalo Explosive Arrow and Spear Majini will still spawn for the player on the hill. Spear Majini that hop over the wall spawn point and any Spear Majini that come from the behind the doorway that leads to the hill have the possibility to be scripted Cephalo Wetland Majini. Wetland Majini with spears that hop up the hill from the trail below the hill can also be scripted Cephalos as well. The player in the video attempts neck breaks on just about every Wetland Majini with a spear at that point.

The bottom player kicks through the door and moves down the stairs then hits the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS below the stairs before going to meet up with the other player. If a Wetland Majini with a spear spawns from the wall spawn point near the 30 second timer below the stairs, that Wetland Majini is most likely a scripted Cephalo.

Once the two players meet up in the middle, the bottom player takes over with keeping the combo while the other hits all the time bonuses in the bottom area. It's really up to you who takes over keeping the combo and who hits the time bonuses at that point. The other player needs to attempt to help out at times in keeping the combo as well if it ever starts to blink even while hitting the time bonuses.

NOTE: Any Wetland Majini with a spear that move across the bridge or comes from the trail that leads to the hill will have a high chance of being a scripted Cephalo. Be sure to keep this in mind.

Top Spawn strategy

Player: combattmagnum

This is the most popular strategy for the Top spawn on Village DUO. Even though it shows a Chris player, this is the Wesker strategy basically.

From the start of this run, the player uses his grenade launcher with electric rounds to shoot the CHICKEN in the fenced area below the bridge. With most other characters, a player will have to toss a hand grenade at the chicken or possibly pinpoint aim at it with a gun. If you can't shoot it easily, the bottom player can kill it, but keep in mind that the chicken on the bottom can get away from the bottom player very easily and run out into the Village.

The top player does not hit any time bonuses from the beginning. The player focuses on melee killing the Wetland Majini around the building area. All of the Wetland Majini without shields that start in the stage have a higher HP amount (900 HP), so be sure to keep this in mind while fighting them.

NOTE: While fighting in the top area, stay away from the double doors. If your character moves toward them, this will cause the explosive arrow Majini that spawn on the other side to come toward your character. It's really best if they move toward the other player.

The player shoots an explosive arrow Majini from long range to stagger the Majini so it stops firing arrows as he prepares to make his approach toward it. Shooting them from long range can help with any character just to keep them from firing while your character approaches them.

NOTE: The shield Majini come in great numbers at times. Try to avoid fighting the shield Majini from close range and DO NOT fight them on the bridge unless your character is downhill and the shield Majini are uphill - turn around and run up the bridge if they are below your character. Fighting them while they are downhill can be complete fail.

At around 20 combo, the player on top needs to run up toward the cave. The Wetland Majini will usually spawn from the cave at that point and the bottom player will be working his way up. The bottom player will also have enemies to fight along the way if the top player heads toward the cave.

NOTE: A weaponless Wetland Majini Scripted Cephalo will spawn from the top cave eventually - he's easy to notice since he is the only weaponless Majini. There is also a scripted Cephalo Wetland Majini with a spear that spawns from the cave also. You'll have to sort of guess as to which one is him. Both of them arrive before 50 combo usually.

Break the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the top cave while fighting up above. Only move back down the bridge if there are no more enemies to fight at the top. Try not to fight any shield Majini on the bridge on the way down. The other player might join you sometimes after 30 combo. Try to stay away from the other player and do not interrupt his melee kills.

Allow the other player to fight the Giant Majini unless the Giant Majini starts to get the best of that player - only then should you help out. The Giant Majini will spawn at 20 combo, 40 combo, 60 combo and 70 combo. You're likely to see the Giant Majini at 40 combo and 60 combo at times. The other player should leave your area soon if enemies are on the other side of the door (on the hill). Keep in mind that any Wetland Majini with spears that move up the stairs in the back of the building can be scripted Cephalos and any Explosive Arrow Majini that bust through the double doors after 50 combo WILL be scripted Cephalos.

The player realizes that the Majini that came from the cave behind him has no weapon so he quickly leg stuns and neck breaks the weaponless scripted Cephalo Wetland Majini.

Fighting Wetland Majini with shields on the bridge is complete fail and so is fighting them from close range. The player turns to a shield Majini that is up in his face and downhill from him a bit. Very bad situation. If combatt's Chris hadn't healed by then, he would have probably exploded like Mega Man after the next hit.

The player takes advantage of the spike trap below to save the combo. An Explosive Arrow Majini will almost always stand on the trap and shoot explosive arrows at the players up above. The trap can be used to save the combo at times like in the video.

Be sure to hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in front of the building sometimes before 90 combo. At around 90 combo, the top player needs to leave the top area. Run up the bridge and hop over the gap then hit the 90 SECOND TIME BONUS under the rooftop then fall to the chicken area on the bottom - this will make enemies spawn from the bottom spawning region again. The bottom spawning region starts once a player gets near the gap up above, so they will already be spawning by the time the player lands.

NOTE: Don't use the zipline to swing from the 90 second area - drop below to keep the combo while the other player remains on the hill. The combo is more important than a shortcut to the 30 second time bonuses for that moment.

Fight in the bottom area until the other player arrives. Keep in mind that any spear Wetland Majini that move across the bridge or move down the trail from the hill are likely scripted Cephalos. You might also have a spear Wetland Majini scripted Cephalo from south area also - there are two of them and one spawns later into the combo.

Once the other player comes down from the top area, allow him to fight the Wetland Majini and keep the combo. The top spawn player should run and hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the building, the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS behind the hut and the two 30 SECOND TIME BONUSES around the wooden walkway on the east side of the bottom area. Fight enemies along the way, but don't get too involved in fights while doing so. Attempt to save the combo with a melee kill or powered weapon if needed.

Both players will fight on the bottom until the combo ends at 150.

NOTE: Village has more than 150 enemies, so enemies will still be in the area once the run ends at 150 combo. It's possible to get over a 150 combo by tossing a hand grenade at 149 combo, but in normal Mercenaries, melee killing is more more important than extending the combo unlike in Mercenaries Reunion.

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Berserker said...

I used a Chris run to showcase the main strat this time since I couldn't find a Wesker run that I really liked. Kirin doesn't seem to play Wetland stages that often at all.

Combatt and Cabesu need more attention for their runs anyway though. =P