Monday, June 2, 2008

Biohazard 5 site now open

The Resident Evil 5 Japanese site is now open, or should I say, the Biohazard 5 site is now open.

It has up an HD version of both trailers for RE5 and it also has a few different images that the North American site doesn't have, like this picture of Chris:

I don't think ^that pic of Chris was taken from the latest trailer. Anyone recognize it from the trailer?

The Biohazard site also has up those two wallpapers with error notes on them that were posted on the North American site, only this time the writing on them is in Japanese, so I suppose they are indeed official wallpapers for RE5...?

UPDATE (6/3)

Just a few extra bits of info for RE5:

Biohazard 5 HD Trailer is now up on GameTrailers.
Gametrailers Video Interview with Jun Takeuchi
Gamespot Video Interview with Jun Takeuchi

So much info to absorb there. Game will be released before March 31 2009 according to Jun Takeuchi! More info will be available at E3!

There is even more info posted up at THIA.

UPDATE (6/5)

IGN video interview with Jun Takeuchi

UPDATE (6/6)

RE5 Pop-Up Block on Gametrailers - Very interesting details on the new trailer.

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