Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fatal Frame/Project Zero for Wii!

Tecmo + Nintendo + Suda 51 = Fatal Frame 4.

First details on the game were unveiled earlier today, and while sparse, they paint a great story for Wii owners and survival horror fans. Fatal Frame 4: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (tentative translation) has been announced exclusively for Nintendo's console with such key players as Shibata Makoto as director, Keisuke Kikuchi (longtime series producer), and even Suda 51 – best known for Killer 7 and No More Heroes – serving as a second director for the game. In addition, the game is a full-on partnership between Tecmo and Nintendo, and will be published with the Nintendo name headlining the product. As an interesting note, rumors have stated that the Big N has purchased the Fatal Frame name, and it looks like one of the industry's top horror franchises could now be a Nintendo exclusive from now on. This is exactly the kind of announcement hardcore gamers have been waiting for on Wii.

--> Full Article

Most interesting for Nintendo fans, especially Nintendo survival horror fans. Quite a shocking move by Tecmo to bring the series to a Nintendo console.

Hopefully this can help the series grab a bigger fanbase. I've constantly felt that the Fatal Frame/Project Zero series has never gotten the attention that it deserves.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Poll #6 - Did you preorder Devil May Cry 4? Collector's Edition or normal version?

I decided to preorder the PS3 Collector's Edition at Best Buy and I preordered the normal Xbox 360 version from since they are giving a free artbook along with a purchase.

I might break that preorder at Best Buy if one of the other stores offers some kind of bonus item. I'm such a sucker for anything free along with a game.

I actually preordered Resident Evil 4 three times in order to get more extras when it was first released for GC - got a T-shirt, miniartbook (actually a mini-strategy guide), a "Making of RE4" DVD, and of course the Gamestop Collector's Edition.

Poll #5 - Results

I'm going to end this poll a bit early since I'm not really content with this poll. I forgot to add the PC version. ;p

How do you intend to play your Devil May Cry 4?

Playstation 3
15 (22%)

Xbox 360
29 (42%)

1 (1%)

I'll rent it.
0 (0%)

None of the above for now, but I'll buy it later.
2 (2%)

I have no interest.
21 (30%)

Total Votes: 68
Seems like more of you own a Xbox 360.

So no one else is crazy enough to buy both version besides me? Haha.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Silent Hill Ørigins coming to PS2!

Earlier this week, Konami confirmed rumors that Silent Hill Ørigins is being ported to the Playstation 2.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - January 22, 2008 - Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today confirmed speculation that Silent Hill® Origins, released last year for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system is in fact currently in development for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Now PlayStation 2 system owners will have the opportunity to experience this frightening and popular survival horror game, complete with signature sound and music from renowned Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka.

"Console gamers can now expect the same chilling, suspenseful and fear-filled experience that handheld gamers encountered when we released Silent Hill Origins on the PSP system," said Anthony Crouts, Vice President of Marketing for Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. "This is their chance to learn more of the mystery and mythos surrounding Silent Hill that's been hinted at in earlier games and made the series such a success."

Players take on the role of Travis Grady, a lone truck driver making a routine delivery when he makes an unfortunate detour to the mysterious town of Silent Hill. Players must help Travis escape the city's horrific inhabitants and unravel the mystery of the strange hallucinations from Travis' past, visions that have plagued him since childhood.

Updated controls maximize combat, allowing Travis to use his fists, his wits and an array of weapons including a meat cleaver, pool cue and sledgehammer to fight his way through the nightmarish world of Silent Hill and face multiple endings based on his actions.

For more information, please visit


This should be some good news to those that haven't experienced Silent Hill Ørigins yet on PSP. If you surf on over to, then you can see that the PS2 version of Silent Hill Ørigins has a US release date of March 4th, though the official release date has yet to be confirmed.

In other news, I finally got around to updating my guide to contain the dialogue for the good ending. I made a few other changes here and there. The updated version can be viewed here or by scrolling down and looking up under the RE:UC guide links.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

To anybody that has emailed me and not received a reply...

You're most likely not going to get it unless you check your spam folder if you're using Gmail or Outlook Express.

For some reason, emails with blogger links inside are going straight to spam folders or bouncing directly away from the receiver whenever I send them.

I posted up a thread on the blogger help page right here, just to see if anything can be done about it.

I had my blog address as a sig for my Yahoo account, so my prior emails could have been received as spam depending on your email provider. Needless to say, I removed it.

It's not only my blog address either. I tried someone else's between my yahoo and gmail account. Nish, you're blog is spam too at the moment. ;p

Interview with the DMC4 Official Strategy Guide Author

I've actually been meaning to post this up for quite a while now but am just now getting around to it...

A little over a month ago, the popular strategy guide writer, Dan Birlew, sat down and talked with Capcom about his latest work (well, he was still working on it at that time).

Interview with Devil May Cry 4 Official Strategy Guide Author: Dan Birlew

Nice interview, Dan!

It's good to hear that DMC4 still has the hidden red orb locations. I enjoyed finding those in DMC3:SE. The one in the Tranquil Souls Room was probably the most memorable since I spent quite a bit of time scanning that room over for its possible location.

Anyway, if you're not familiar with Dan Birlew then you might want to visit his site. He has wrote plenty of Resident Evil guides that I have for safe keeping and he also wrote guides for GameFAQs at one point under the username President Evil.

In all honesty, I would pick up the guide for collection purposes, but I'll probably be really pressed for cash by the time DMC4 releases since I'll be buying both versions and I'm going to try to squeeze in Turok around that time as well.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Current Gaming

Red Steel

I actually had a lot of fun with Far Cry Vengeance despite the gameplay and controls being the only saving factors of the game. I was expecting this game to be much better in comparison, but it's not. The controls in the game just don't feel right to me. Even though I use the Wii-mote to aim, I stll have problems hitting enemies. The swordplay is pretty clunky too.

It is kind of cool how you can turn the Wii-mote to turn the on-screen hand but overall this game just doesn't amuse me and has caused me to go back to...

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

Did I shock you there? I am finally starting to see that I have completely overplayed this game. I have overplayed RE2 in the past to the point where it's just not really as much fun anymore and I think I am starting to the do the same with this one. I'm actually relying on the Hand Cannon now to get me through boss fights quicker - completely taking the fun out of the game.

Besides getting bored with Red Steel, the other reason why I returned to this was to confirm some extra info that readers have emailed me with for my RE4: Wii Edition guide. I confirmed everything that I set out to, so at least I got that taken care of. The updated version went up today and you can view it right here.


I haven't really played this game enough to judge it, but from I have played so far it is very enjoyable from a gameplay perspective. The story seems rather shallow to the point of almost being nonexistent, but the overall sandbox gameplay is great. One really nice thing about this game is that the collectibles don't blend into the environment like they do in other games (Assassins' Creed), so it might actually be enjoyable to try to find them all.

In a way though, I kind of want to move on to Condemned. I have heard a lot of good things about it and really want to play it - it's sitting right next to me still factory sealed.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More on the Devil May Cry 4 CE

Click here for the full high quality cover.

First of all, I have to admit, that is one sweet looking tin case design.


"For what I believe is truly a first in our industry, DMC4 producer Kobayashi-san (also producer of Resident Evil 4, nuff said) has personally signed 100 copies of the PS3 and Xbox 360 Collector’s Edition tin by hand. We are now going to reintegrate these signed tins into the game manufacturing line and randomly distribute them across the US to a number of retailers and distributors. It might not be the keys to the candy factory, but it will be a rewarding, personal touch for a few lucky DMC fans."

--> Article 1
--> Article 2

That is really awesome to hear. I wonder if they'll have something similar in store for Resident Evil 5?

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Review

Player(s): 1
Memory: 2.56MB
HDTV options: 720p

Developer Naughty Dog, best known for their Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter series, takes a plunge into the action/adventure setting with this exploration entitled Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Naughty Dog has been known for their well-polished games ever since their early days with Crash and this one comes as no exception. I'll go ahead and tell you this: it's much more than just a Dude Raider.

The player takes on the role of Nathan Drake, while on his journey to discover the treasure of El Dorado. Nate isn't alone in this journey however. Often times he'll have a female companion with him that will help in shootouts. She is quite smart too and helpful for some of the enemies that Nate encounters.

This game was looked upon as a Tomb Raider clone when it was in its development stages, but it clearly distances itself from Tomb Raider with the heavy focus on action that is spread throughout the game. Firefights happen often and the creators at Naughty Dog really put some slick moves on Nate while he engages in these shootouts. Sure, you have your standard leaning against a wall and ducking behind objects, but Nate performs all of these moves with some unique style mimicking that of an action hero. He has his own unique way of handling each weapon as well.

Shootouts can get quite intense and cover must be taken or you will simply get shot to death. The controls allow for some easy shooting while taking cover - simply lean up against a wall with the circle button then swing out by holding the L1 button. Let go of L1 and Nate will swing back behind the wall. Each gun handles much the way that you would expect it to. Whenever a shotgun is in a game, I expect it to provide a heavy blast with sound effects that will blow me away since the shotgun is usually one of my favorite weapons in an action game. With Drake's Fortune, I am happy to say that the shotgun does just that. Each blast provides a roaring thunder that will knock back any unfortunate mercenary that gets in close proximity with Nate. Way to go for shotgun fanatics, Naughty Dog!

There are a fair variety of weapons available. Not too many and not too few is the best way to put it. You'll find grenade guns, shotguns, varieties of handguns, magnums, desert eagles, and assault rifles among many other types of weaponry present along Nate's adventure.

Nate also has some physical attacks that can be performed on an enemy that gets too close. Nate can perform a few combos that will punch or throw the enemy to the ground. The actual button combination timing doesn't always match up with the moves that Nate will perform, sometimes causing me to miss a combination and allowing the enemy to counter. This isn't too bad once you get the hang of it though - it's only a minor issue.

Not all is well with shootouts however. They are found quite often and they do start to get repetitive in some areas throughout the game. Throwing grenades in the middle of a fight felt much harder than it should be thanks to the Sixaxis motion controls that must be used to judge the distant. You have to rotate the controller toward the screen or away from the screen to throw a grenade further or closer respectively. I often chose to just shoot from a distance instead of relying on grenades.

Not all firefights take place on foot. There are a few jet ski portions and one part where you shoot at enemy vehicles while on a truck turret that speeds away from approaching mercenaries that chase the characters down. Jet ski portions are not as fast moving as one might expect. You have to slow down quite a bit in order to shoot explosive barrels and enemies that try to halt your progress. While on the jet ski, control of the firearm is actually handed over to Nate's female companion, so whenever you aim, she will point the gun. It's basically the same as aiming with Nate, but it's a cool little feature that I found amusing.

Most of the time, Nate will face off against mercenaries but toward the end of the game the enemies change a bit. The change in enemies allows for some much needed variety in combat also. No longer will you duck behind cover to fire back at the enemy - oh no, you will be looking for any safe haven that you can find to reload as you outrun the newer more aggressive enemies. It can get quite intense later in the game!

The game has a few platform areas spread across its levels that mainly resemble Prince of Persia. The movements of Nate are very similar to the Prince. Platform is very easy and enjoyable thanks to the wonderful camera that will follow Nate as he performs each jump. I did have a few problems where the camera would not allow me to zoom in and see a nearby rope thereby having to guess that a rope or vine was there and jump anyway, but this doesn't happen too often.

Puzzles are found in a few places around the game. I can't help but feel that they could have implemented more puzzles here and there however. View Nate's trusty handbook and it will help you to solve just about every puzzle in the game with the hints that it gives you - well, basically just a drawing or set of symbols that will give clues as to how to solve the puzzles.

The graphics in this game are some of the best I have seen in quite a while. They look fantastic! Actual gameplay rivals the FMV's on presentation. The character's hair is the only portion of them with the slightest bit of noticeable jagged edges. Environments are filled with plenty of grass and shrubbery and every tomb area looks dark and creepy with plenty of objects lying around. All environments are rendered in 3-D and provide quite an eye-pleasing experience while journeying through the variety of levels. None of the areas look the same!

Lighting effects are done extremely well also. There are periods of time where Nate turns on his flashlight and that light shines across areas very realistically. Whenever Nate steps into the water he will get slightly wet or become drenched from total submersion in the water - his clothes dry in time. When he first arrives at the island his clothes are bright and clean, but as he continues to fight through the many tasks that lie ahead of him he begins to get dirty.

The overall sound completely matches this game. Guns fire off with believable sound effects and even the menu selection screen has some ear-pleasing sound effects when a choice is made. The music gives the thrill of an epic exploration with plenty of solo instrument pieces and provides much needed quiet pieces while exploring a tomb.

Character voices really draw you into each character's personality. Each voice completely fits the chosen character and makes the game feel much like a movie at times, even during gameplay. The main character has an instantly likeable personality and minor phrases during actual combat really help to boost an action sequence and kept me in tune with the character. The sound stands out very well in this game and fits quite well.

Controls are fairly solid. Nate moves extremely easy with the slightest touch of the directional pad. This lead to a few deaths in some areas for me since the character was a little too easy to move - he doesn't always safety grab from all ledges and sometimes plummets to his doom with the slightest accidental tap in the wrong direction. Platforming is made very easy thanks to the simple controls that allow a player to move and jump across each ledge with ease. Simply lean in the direction of a ledge and jump freely then Nate will grab on.

My only major gripe with the controls are the sixaxis motion controls. There is one part early on in the game where the controller must be leaned to the sides to keep Nate steady while he moves across some logs. They are also used to expand the distance that grenades are thrown by rotating the control pad forward or backward. There is one portion where you must shake the controller to get an enemy off of Nate - you have to respond very quickly in that instance too. All of the sixaxis motion controls have a real "added on" type feel as they though they were thrown in just to say that the game uses them. They're not all the way bad, they're just annoying since I feel as if the analog would work much better in areas where they are used. Thankfully, they are rarely needed.

The game lasted me for about 8 - 10 hours and even then I was still missing out on a multitude of unlockables. There are quite a few achievement-like objectives that must be met to unlock everything in the game. Meet the objective and you'll gain a certain amount of points that will eventually unlock outfits, bonus videos, artwork, etc. As already mentioned, the objectives highly resemble Xbox 360 achievements and like those achievements, they add quite a bit of replay value to the game.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a very solid game and Naughty Dog has really worked a bunch on this one during its development. It's pretty obvious while playing it. Even with my minor gripes, this game is most certainly one of the better games that I have played this year. I'd easily recommend a buy for any fan of action and adventure. Don't get this game mixed up with being a Tomb Raider clone. The action is heavy at some points, which really helps to distance Nate's adventures from that of Ms. Croft's.

The Good

+ Graphics are quite a sight to behold
+ All the characters are well voiced with loads of personality
+ Fitting overall soundtrack and sound effects
+ Nate's movements and actions help to draw the player into firefights

The Bad

- Too many gunfights at times
- Sixaxis controls are forgettable for the most part

Graphics: 9.5
Controls: 9.0
Sound: 10.0
Gameplay: 9.0

This is a great gem and one that is definitely worth the search - go out and buy it now and be proud of your discovery.

And therefore, Berserker dubs thee: 9.4

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Guide

If, by any chance, you want the pic of ^that full JPN cover then click here.

Silent Hill Ørigins didn't satisfy my horror writing mood enough, so I decided to move on to another horror game.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles FAQ/Walkthrough

Yeah, it's still lacking about half of the game and I'm not a big fan of releasing my work early, but I won't have a problem sticking with this guide - I mean, it's Resident Evil! This game is extremely fun to write for at the moment and I hope it continues that way.

I plan to update it every two days or possibly day with a new chapter up until it is finished. I'll update this post along with each update.

UPDATE - 12/20
Added Raccoon's Destruction Chapters 1 & 2. Formatted "Chapter Info" before each chapter.

UPDATE - 12/21
Added walkthrough for Raccoon's Destruction 3. Files and Items will be on the next update.

UPDATE - 12/22
Files and Items were added to Raccoon's Destruction 3. Walkthrough portion for Death's Door is now included. Files and items now added to Death's Door. Click here for the update.

UPDATE - 12/23
Umbrella's End Chapter 1 is now completed. The update can be viewed here since I doubt GameFAQs will post up updates on Sunday. edit: Arg! Forgot to put the new chapter in the TOC. Oh, well. I'm too tired now to reupload it with the fix - next update. That's what happens when you rush. :\

UPDATE - 12/24
Umbrella's End Chapter 2 is now alive and kickin' right here.

UPDATE - 12/25
Merry Christmas! Umbrella's End Chapter 3 is now complete and it can be viewed right here! A little extra bit was added to the Plant 42 boss fight based on my random playings and some more enemy locations that I missed earlier were added to Rebirth 1.
By the way, don't think that I spent that much time on Christmas with this guide - I actually have more of a life than you might think outside of video games. Most of this was done yesterday. ;)

UPDATE - 12/26
Dark Legacy Chapter 1 is now included. So close to beging finished with the walkthrough portion, only two more chapters to go! Click here for the update. Also, if anyone is interested here are the weapon stats for all the weapons in the game. I'd like to add a bit more to that before it's inclusion in my guide so it is not just bare bones stats.

UPDATE - 12/27
Another day, another update. Dark Legacy Chapter 2 is now up and the updated version of the guide can be found right here. Only Fourth Survivor is left now.

I received a bit of feedback from IGN about this guide yesterday that I'd like to share:

"Man you really love this one."

Why, yes. Yes, I do. :)

UPDATE - 12/28
Fourth Survivor is now completed and the walkthrough portion of the guide is now completely finished! The full walkthrough can now be found right here.

This one may actually rival my RE4 guide in length once I'm completely done with it. And to think, it is only a rail shooter! I'll probably eventually add an Enemies sections and maybe a Characters section.

UPDATE - 12/29
Ok, so I haven't really updated that much today, but I just wanted to mention that you can find the current updates to the side - should be to the right of this message and up a little ways below good ole' Chris.

I'm currently working on listing Easy Mode Green Herbs, identifying Secondary Weapon pickups, and making notes on Green Herbs that are missing from Hard Mode per chapter. Even though it requires little typing, I have to go through each chapter an extra two times, so it's still a bit time consuming. ;)

EDIT: Updated main guide with what I've done so far with the new additions mentioned above. Look under the updates to the right to see.

UPDATE - 12/30
Added the same updates to Nightmare 1, Nightmare 2, Rebirth 1, and Rebirth 2. Nightmare 2 was a complete mess, so I had to edit a bunch of areas. Curious? Well then, feast your eyes on this. I find it odd that I had that much stuff mislabeled...

UPDATE - 12/31
Updated Raccoon's Destruction 1, 2, 3, Death's Door, and Fourth Survivor with Secondary Weapon locations, Easy Mode Herbs, and Herbs missing on Hard Mode. Nightmare 2 actually had some Secondary Weapon locations that I neglected to mention including one very hidden weapon pickup. File 9 location was added to the walkthrough portion of Mansion Incident 1 - forgot to display that in the walkthrough all this time and just noticed it.

UPDATE - 1/1
Happy New Year RE fans and visitors! All Secondary Weapon locations, Easy Mode Herbs, and Herbs missing on Hard Mode are now included in the Walkthrough and Items and Files section. Items from the Archives were added to the Extras section also. Check the link to the right for the update.

I think I might just leave it at that today. I've actually been spending spare time with this guide while my new PS3 with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune that I got for Christmas has been sitting to the side. :\ Not that I haven't been having the time of my life with this guide though. :D

UPDATE - 1/2
An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is now up. I actually just made the questions up myself based on what I think readers might like to know. Also, an Enemies section is included now as well. Instead of simply repeating the in-game file descriptions of each enemy, I typed up my own description based on a sort of a summary of the in-game files, but still with my own words. I think it came out pretty well myself. Both sections still lacking a few things that I'll add tomorrow.

UPDATE - 1/3
The FAQ and Enemies section were both proofread and I added a description below each of the headings. Oh, and also, Ivy and Licker were added to the Enemies section. Now that I think about it, I'm forgetting Leech Man also, but I'll have to add him next update.

UPDATE - 1/4
Wasn't going to update today since I've been busy but I found the time to correct some of the errors in the Weapon stats guide to the side. I actually have descriptions of the weapons in the Word file before saving as a .txt file, but those descriptions are pretty half-assed at the moment, so I continue to take them out until I get a bit more time to finish them properly.

Yeah, that's right. I'm working on a characters section at the moment and just finally decided how I'm going to write it out. At first, I was planning on taking the descriptions directly from the RE: UC Reviewer's Guide that Capcom posted on their blog since I didn't want to just repost the same profile descriptions that you can read in the game, but I don't really like the idea of typing out someone else's writing for my own guide, so I'm going to do all my own biographies for each character - paraphrase details in my own words and spice it up a bit with my own play experience from past games. The bad part about this is that I have already spent about an hour of my time today, typing out the info from the Reviewer's Guide... Oh well.

Resident Evil Reviewer's Guide

If anyone is interested in viewing the RE: UC Reviewer's Guide then click the ^link above. It's got some very descriptive biographies of each character and some interesting facts about the game. I believe these are scans of the Wesker's Report extra book that was included with the Japanese UC, but they have been translated into English - either way, it's worth a read.

UPDATE - 1/6
Well, I really meant to add this yesterday, but completely forgot. Anyway, to the point of this edit, for the people that visit my blog, there is now a printable File List to the side so you don't have to dig through a big guide to find them. I went through and numbered them all for your viewing pleasure.

Click here or find the File List to the right of this post.

UPDATE - 1/7
Early update today since most of this was done yesterday. A Characters section is now included. The facts displayed in each character's description are a blend of my own progress through RE games, the Reviewer's Guide description, the in-game profiles, and the Resident Evil Archives book. The Basics section and FAQ section have some added areas and I managed to add Mimicry Marcus/Leech Man to the enemies section this time. Oh, and I finally got around to typing out a good intro this time as well, and I'm now pleased with it.

All that's really left now is a Weapons section and the inevitable proofreading of the walkthrough portion.

UPDATE - 1/8
Weapons are now included in the main guide - this is a list of secondary weapons only since there is not much real difference in the Handguns. Now all I have left is proofreading and there is one more minor section that I'd like to add that I've been thinking of for a while now - something that only I would find amusement in most likely.

UPDATE - 1/9
Alright. I think I have now reached a new low with this addition.

A Breakable Doors List is now included in the guide. I also posted up the Breakable Doors List by itself to the right or click here, whichever. Might try to make a mini guide out of it and post it up on GameFAQs, if they will accept it.

All that's left now is just proofreading unless I think up anything else that needs to be added that there isn't a guide for on GameFAQs yet. I would write out a full game script, but my VCR is not working at the moment. :\ Might try for one if I get the extra time after plugging up my newer VCR, whenever I get around to plugging that up.

UPDATE - 1/10
Proofread up to Nightmare 1. Eight chapters altogether and fourteen more to go!

I really hate proofreading. Even though I don't do it with every guide that I write, ironically, I do feel that is one of the more essential aspects of writing them. It's just so damn boring to read back through your own work though. :)

UPDATE - 1/11
Proofread up to Death's Door. Making quite a few edits here and there, so it's a good idea that I'm doing this. I need to make myself do this more often really.

Oh, and a new "Extra Information" section was added. While messing around yesterday on the net, I thought some links to other RE information might be helpful to readers. I'll try to add a bit more to it later. Also, a seperate item list will be posted up soon on this blog much like the file list.

UPDATE - 1/12
Again with the proofreading - up to Umbrella's End 3 now. Only 3 more chapters to go! Got to read over the Basics section as well.

There is now an Item List to the right. The item descriptions are taken directly from the main guide, so some of them aren't entirely clear. Refer to the main guide for any questions, since I placed them in the walkthrough near the area where they are found. All items are in order the same order that you'll find them while progressing through a chapter.

UPDATE - 1/13
Entire document has now been edited. I'll be adding some formatting to the boss descriptions for tomorrow's update then everything will be finished!

UPDATE - 1/14
Added formatting for the boss fight, more questions were added to the F.A.Q. section, and Ada's chapter now has a quote. Only extra thing I can think of is maybe some sort of section for the Special Stage - in all honesty I'm not that great at that stage, but I might try to add something at a later date. Still, I now declare this guide...


Now this post can finally die. If I make any more updates then I'll still update this post, but it won't remain at the top from now on.

UPDATE - 1/27

Not an update to the guide mind you. I added a "Other Resident Evil Resources" link list up under the main guide link list. The Reviewers Guide and the Wesker's Report pdf are not typed up by me - I think the WRII file was posted up on the Capcom site a while back.

I'm planning to have some sort of section up for the Special Stage of UC in a few days. to finish it before Devil May Cry 4 is released.

UPDATE - 1/28

I finally conquered my main nemesis for UC last night. I finally beat the Special Stage! A section for the Special Stage is now in the main guide for UC along with a few other additions.

UPDATE - 2/4

Added some extra info to the File List and submitted it to IGN FAQs and Cheat Happens.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Poll #5 - How do you intend to play your Devil May Cry 4?

So starting next month Devil May Cry 4 will be released for the PS3 and Xbox 360, which one will you buy, if any?

For myself, I can't decide between the two, so I'm going to get both of them most likely. I'll probably get the Collector's Edition for PS3 then get the normal Xbox 360 release. I want the PS3 release because I'm more familiar with that controller when it comes to Devil May Cry and I would like to have the 360 release for the extra achievements that will be included with it. I guess I'm just greedy and want it all - story of my life actually.

Poll #4 - Results

Yee-haw! 102 votes in a month! Very unexpected.

Well, it is now 2008, so I think it's time to stop this particular poll.

Game of the Year?

Assassin's Creed
12 (11%)

8 (7%)

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
10 (9%)

Halo 3
13 (12%)

God of War II
22 (21%)

Mass Effect
3 (2%)

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
4 (3%)

Super Mario Galaxy
19 (18%)

The Orange Box
3 (2%)

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
2 (1%)

Virtua Fighter 5
0 (0%)

Other (respond in Poll #4 post)
6 (5%)

Total Votes: 102

Totally agree with you on GoW II. I haven't tried Mario Galaxy yet myself - not really that much a Nintendo fan when it comes to Mario. I prefer Fox McCloud and Samus myself, though I'll give Mario a try later in the year.