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Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries - Scoring System

The following tables list all point amounts for Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries. The only point amount not in a table is the point amount for leftover time. Each leftover second at the end of a run is worth 1000 points in The Mercenaries (1 second = 1000 points).


RE5 Mercenaries Normal Enemy Point Amounts

Enemy TypePoint Amount
Majini (Town)300
Majini (Wetland)400
Majini (Base)400
Bui Kichwa400
Licker Beta900
Big Man Majini1000

RE5 Mercenaries Boss Enemy Point Amounts

Enemy TypePoint Amount
Executioner Majini5000
Giant Majini5000
Chainsaw Majini (Red and Blue)7000
Gatling Gun Majini10000
Executioner Majini (Red)15000

The tables above show the point amount per normal enemy and boss enemy in Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries. Once an enemy is killed, the full point amount that the enemy is worth will be received the moment that all of its HP total has been consumed - some enemies (such as the Blue Chainsaw Majini) do not even have to be performing a death animation for the player to receive the points for their kill. Keep in mind that the Blue Chainsaw Majini is not truly defeated until all of his HP is taken while he is in his berserk mode state.


RE5 Mercenaries Combo System (Standard Combo)

KillsNormal BonusBoss Bonus
10 - 19+500+4500
20 - 29+600+5000
30 - 39+700+5500
40 - 49+850+6000

The table above shows the standard combo system for Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries. Starting from kill 2, a player will receive bonus points per enemy that is killed so long as the combo chain is kept going through enemy kills. The current combo will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Each kill must be chained within 10 seconds of the next in order to continue the combo chain. Normal enemies and boss enemies both give a player a specific amount of bonus points depending on the current kills that have been chained.

The bonus received from chaining kills gives a player a fixed rate of 1000 points per normal enemy and 7000 points per boss enemy starting at 50 combo all the way until 150 combo. The bonus points for the combo are not added up until the combo is broken or until the run ends at 150 combo.


RE5 Mercenaries Combo System (with Combo Chests included)

KillsNormal BonusBonus w/Combo ChestActual Bonus received
10 - 19+500+1000+500
20 - 29+600+1000+400
30 - 39+700+1000+300
40 - 49+850+1000+150

This second table deals with the bonus received once a combo chest is activated. It needs to be explained thoroughly to understand it, so let's start with kill 2 and explain it:
Starting at kill 2, a player normally receives a bonus of 20 points. When a combo chest is activated, starting at kill 2, a player receives 1000 points in place of the 20 points that would be given for kill 2. So, a player is actually receiving 980 points extra by activating the combo chest at kill 2 (1000 points - 20 points = 980 points).

As you can see, the bonus received is much higher between kills 2-9. Kills 2-9 are the most vital kills for activating a combo chest. Kills after 10, up to 19, award a fixed rate of 500 points per kill. Kills 20-29 give 400 points. From 30 kills to 39 kills, the combo chests are only giving a fixed rate of 300 bonus points extra per kill, so a player might start to question if they are really needed by then. At 40 kills up to 49 kills a player is only receiving 150 bonus points, which is practically worthless. After 50 kills, combo chests become absolutely pointless since you are already receiving 1000 bonus points per enemy kill.

Obviously, ALL of these points can add up, but after 30 combo, if you have enemies to kill in the area, taking the time to grab a combo chest is not really in your best interest. Think about it, you could have quickly killed the enemies in the area faster to get more enemies to spawn and have a higher time instead of running to the nearest combo chest and allowing the current enemies to stay in the stage longer, reducing time, for a measly 300 points extra per kill. That doesn't sound good when each leftover second is worth 1000 points and you could have possibly finished the stage faster with not grabbing the combo chest after 30 kills.

Long story short, after 30 combo, only grab a combo bonus from a combo chest if there are no nearby enemies in the area to kill. Don't go running toward a chest at 30 combo while a crowd of 5 enemies follow behind and wait for your character to grab the combo bonus - in the end, you're losing by doing stuff such as this.

Overall, how you collect combo chests, is all based on your opinion really since Mercs runs can be so random. The current enemy spawns on the screen are the main deciding factor after 30 combo. Just... don't grab a combo bonus after 50 combo - there is no point to that.

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