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Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries - The Mines SOLO strategy

This is a post for archive information for strategies of The Mines SOLO in Resident Evil 5 - The Mercenaries.

Player: tomii90FI

This is the most popular strategy for The Mines SOLO.

It's best to choose the platform start point for The Mines solo. The player can easily break the two top time bonuses and kill the chicken at the top after falling off the platform. Keep in mind that The Mines has two chicken enemies!

NOTE: Cocktail, bowgun and dynamite Majini all have 700 HP unlike all the other Majini that have 800 HP in The Mines. This change is exclusive to the Mines stage! Keep in mind that cocktail, bowgun and dynamite Majini are weaker!

Start off by dropping off the right side of the platform. Enter the top tunnel off to the side (north upper tunnel). The player in the video dashes right by the Big Man Majini in the cave. Some players will kill him along the way into the top cave just so he won't hit them - and also a Big Man Majini in the opening crowd of Majini without Wesker can be very annoying once you start fighting.

Be sure to kill the CHICKEN enemy in the top tunnel while moving through it. The player in the video kills the chicken with a dash which registers as a melee kill for Wesker. Hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS in the middle of the top cave. Kill or quickly shoot (to stagger) the long pipe Majini near the red barrel along the way and run to the other end of the tunnel. Kill the dynamite Majini that stands outside the other end of the tunnel.

NOTE: Why do players melee kill the dynamite Majini early? Because he would he would blow up and possibly ruin other melee kills if you don't kill him early. Also, he wouldn't give a +5 second bonus if he blew up naturally.

Drop from the ledge outside the tunnel after exiting the tunnel then climb up to the platform with the 90 second timer and hit the 90 SECOND TIME BONUS at the top. Turn around and drop from the high platform - drop back down the ladder. Move along the wooden bridge then drop from the ladder at the south end of the bridge. Ignore the 30 second time bonus for right now. You'll return to this area later and stand around that time bonus, which is the best place to fight for the last few remaining enemies. Ignore the 60 second timer in the dead end tunnel at the bottom of the current area as well - it will be hit later.

NOTE: If your character hits any Majini while falling off the ladder and they fall a great distance from the top, that means you just took off 350 damage from that one Majini. The fall has to make them land on their back and they must make a long fall. It's very hard to judge whether or not you actually damage Majini while falling unless they are in about the middle of the ladder when your character hits them.

The player falls from the ladder and knocks down a Majini that was nearly at the very top. The Majini that fell from the top likely sustained 350 damage from the fall. Again, there is no REAL way to tell, but be sure to keep stuff like this in mind. When a Majini is suddenly killed off early without melee from two gunshots, remember my words.

Enter the bottom tunnel. There is a camping red wrench Majini at the end of the long tunnel. You'll need to run by him and avoid getting hit - if you run to his left side, you'll have a far greater chance of not getting hit when he swings at your character. The second CHICKEN enemy should be in the middle of the tunnel. Quickly kill the chicken.

It's really up to the player whether you hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS to the side or leave it for when you actually start to fight. It really doesn't matter if you hit it before you fight or not. Hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS in the dead end cave then rush to the end of the cave. Open the chest and pick up the combo bonus from inside the chest then start to kill the Majini behind your character.

While inside the tunnel, you have a great chance of setting up multiple melee kills with the narrow corridor that the Majini will be lined up in. None of the starting Majini will likely be scripted Cephalos unless some of the scripted Cephalo green bottle Majini have spawned from the front portion of the long tunnel. Hit the 60 second time bonus outside of the dead end cave on the way out of the tunnel if you haven't hit it yet.

The player immediately notices the scripted Cephalo green bottle Majini and activates its Cephalo to melee kill it with Wesker. There are three of these green bottle Majini that spawn from the right ledge spawn point at the other end of the tunnel (north) and they all carry their green bottles in their right hand.

Make your way out of the dead end tunnel while fighting. Do not stand still for long and do not hide in the tunnel and wait for the enemies to come to you. You need to make your way toward the back of the tunnel (south end). Hit the 60 second time bonus near the chest in the back if you want to now, or wait until you exit the back area - it's really optional and depends on the situation (how close it is to 30 combo when the first Reaper spawns).

OPTIONAL: When much of the beginning crowd is killed run toward the back of the tunnel then open the chest near the 60 second time bonus and grab the combo bonus then continue to kill Majini. Picking up the combo bonus is optional. The combo bonus points received after 20 combo sometimes aren't really worth the trouble much of the time in solo, I feel. It's up to you really. Some players pick it up when not many enemies are around and receive about 500 points extra per kill after 20 kills - not much though.

Run to the back of the tunnel and pick up the flash grenade off the crates to the right. Prepare to kill the FIRST REAPER THAT SPAWNS AT 30 KILLS from the ledge spawn point by the back fence spawn point. The Reapers in The Mines will ALWAYS spawn a few kills before the actual combo number because you'll need to make kills from the beginning to kill the chickens and camping Majini in the usual Mines strategy (you'll be about 4 kills behind the actual number of remaining enemies).

NOTE: A camping dynamite Majini and a camping Big Man Majini will spawn in the back cave and stand in place if your character is not around. This is not shown in the video since the player stays back there long enough to kill them. These camping Majini usually spawn around 20-30 combo, so just stay in the back until about 35 combo and you'll likely kill them.

The player camps around the first Reaper spawn point and kills Majini then waits for the Reaper to drop. It will drop almost immediately after its spawning time. Right when the Reaper drops, it will take a few seconds to turn and it will ALWAYS expose its chest weak point when it turns. The player in the video aims for the Reaper's mid-section as it turns then gives its chest weak point a very intense blast of Hydra pellets the moment it tries to move toward him.

The player notices a bow gun Majini then makes a quick headshot and activate its Cephalo then quickly starts to attack another Majini. The first bowgun Majini that spawns from the ledge spawn point above the 60 second timer near the combo chest in the back cave is always a scripted Cephalo. The player doesn't know for sure if the bowgun is the scripted, but he quickly moves onto another Majini after he realizes it was the scripted Cephalo bowgun Majini.

Basically, by moving on to the next enemy after activating the Cephalo, the player was saving the Cephalo to melee kill it after he killed another Majini, but he got scraped with the tentacle of the Cephalo while trying to shoot the bowgun Majini near the explosive barrel so the player said "fuck it" and tossed his flash grenade to kill the Cephalo and keep the fading combo and set all surrounding Majini up for a Cobra Strike melee kill.

Kev saw what you did there, Tomii.

You need to eventually move over to the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS in the back of the cave and hit the time bonus. Like the player does in the video, you might not want to immediately just run over to it. The player in the video actually moves out into the cave and kills enemies then allows Majini to spawn behind him so he has enemies to kill on the way to the time bonus when he returns. Very smart move! You might want to instantly hit the time bonus at times though - it's really up to you.

The player activates one of the two scripted Cephalo shovel Majini that start to spawn during the last few remaining kills in the back (south) spawn point region. These shovel Majini spawn from the ledge spawn point above the 60 second timer in the middle portion of the back tunnel.

If you haven't hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS near the chest then go ahead and hit that time bonus on the way out of the back area. You need to start working your way out of the back area at 60 kills then return to the long tunnel to make more enemies spawn.

NOTE:Players needs to start making their way out of the back area at 60 combo. You have until about 70 combo before you completely run out of enemies if you don't reach the long tunnel quickly. Do not allow the enemies to surround your character. Try to move out of the back cave and move to the front of the cave then keep the combo off killing the Majini that spawns at the front of the tunnel (north end). There is often a camping red wrench Majini that stands in the middle of the long tunnel - you can keep the combo off of him most of the time.

This is the perfect example of why you can't gain everything from viewing a video. The player quickly kills while dashing to the south end of the long tunnel in the cave then he camps in that portion of the cave. Why does he stay in the long tunnel?

He's standing in between spawning regions and allowing the enemies in the north region to spawn while standing in between them both! The north spawning region's south boundary starts at the south end of the long tunnel, so as long as a player makes it to the south end of the tunnel and stands there, enemies will spawn outside of the tunnel as the remaining on-screen enemies (12 enemies on screen at once) are killed.

See the map at the very end of this post to see the spawning region boundaries for mines - VERY important!

The SECOND REAPER SPAWNS AT 70 KILLS from the right ledge spawn point at the north end of the long tunnel. The player in the video prepares for this and runs toward the Reaper as it hits the ground. The Reaper will always show its chest weak point after turning, so the player aims and shoots its chest weak point - he kind of misses a bit.

The player in the video stays inside of the long tunnel until about 90 kills. It really doesn't matter where you move to once you're inside the long tunnel - you'll stay in the north spawning region from then on. Allow Majini to come to you if they start moving into the tunnel. The THIRD REAPER SPAWNS AT 90 COMBO from the ledge spawn point above the tall platform on the right side of the upper level. Some players will actually run toward the ledges in the north and point their gun at his chest weak point when he falls then wait for it to open as the Reaper starts to move then shoot him in the chest weak point. If not, prepare to aim toward his weak point and shoot it as the Reaper moves toward your character.

Move out into the open area outside of the tunnel if Majini ever stop grouping in front of your character. Cocktail Majini will toss cocktails at your character and bowgun Majini will stand at a distance and fire bolts your character. Try to watch for them and avoid their attacks. Pick up the flash grenade off the mine cart below the ledge in the north eventually - you'll likely need it!

NOTE: Never run directly toward a bowgun Majini. Always run sideways while running toward one to avoid its bowgun bolts.

Work your way toward the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the dead end tunnel on the west side of the north open area and hit it. It can be good to wait for an enemy to drop from the ceiling spawn point inside of the dead end tunnel then kill it along the way to the time bonus - this is optional though.

Constantly run and kill enemies. DO NOT stand still at all. If you stand still, you are going to get a cocktail tossed at your character from a cocktail Majini on the upper bridge or ledges most likely. Stay moving constantly and do not ever stay in one place for too long.

The player successfully works his way back to the tunnel entrance while fighting through all the Majini. While standing in front of tunnel your character is MUCH safer from cocktails. This will make fighting the surrounding Majini easier.

NOTE: While a player is in the north spawning region, four scripted Cephalos will spawn toward the end of that region's last few remaining enemies. Two of them have sickles and two of them have mining picks. Both of them are left-handed! The sickle Majini spawn from the ledge spawn point above the 90 seconds and the pickaxe Majini spawn from the fence spawn point in the upper cave.

Also, keep in mind that red wrench Majini and any Majini with mining picks can be random Cephalos if you hit them in the head in any way. There is also one random Cephalo dynamite Majini that spawns from the upper cave.

As the combo reaches 140 kills, you need to climb a ladder (either in the back of the area [the ledge ladder] or the ladder on the wooden platform) then kill off the remaining enemies as they slowly spawn from above. Be sure to hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS on the wooden bridge in the middle of the area before killing off the remainder of the enemies. You might have to keep the combo by bullet killing distant enemies at times. Sometimes players will climb at 120 combo in order to fight enemies and ensure that they can hit the 30 second timer. When you climb is really up to you.

NOTE: The last few enemies might require you to climb to the top level and enter the top cave in order to kill them. This a flaw with the slow spawning in The Mines stage and it can screw up an ending for a player often. It doesn't in this video, but it most definitely can!

Specific Stage Details for The Mines:

Scripted Cephalo/Critical list <- Click for all scripted Cephalos and Criticals
EF has 10 scripted Cephalos and 3 scripted criticals total.

NOTE: Take a look at the spawning regions for The Mines by clicking on the map below. The north region has 75 enemies and the south region has 60 enemies. All other enemies are the 3 Reaper bosses and the 12 enemies that start in the stage (including the 2 chickens).

75 + 60 + 3 bosses + 12 beginning enemies = 150 enemies total!

Learn the spawning region boundaries!

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