Saturday, May 24, 2008

Poll #9 - When playing an Xbox 360 game, how important are each game's Achievements to you?

I've always found the Achievement system for the Xbox 360 to be quite addicting but I really only try for the Achievements in a game that I truly love. I really like it when a game has some fun Achievements to accomplish, such as Dead Rising's achievements or Condemned's achievements. Many people might look on my gamer profile and think that I played Bee Movie just for achievements, but really *looks cautiously* I enjoyed that game.

Anyway, what do you think of the Xbox 360's Achievement system? Will you play a game to simply boost your gamer score, are they fun but not all that important to accomplish, or do you even care about them?


Brian said...

I initially dismissed any value to the gamerscore and achievement system when I first got my 360, but recently I've found myself enjoying the push for achievements a lot more. There's just something about being rewarded for the effort, no matter how trivial the reward is, that keeps pushing me.

Then again, I'm the one who forged my way through Megaman Zero's Hard Mode for an S rank, when it was deemed the hardest game ever by too many people :)

Berserker said...

Wow. Completing Megaman Zero? On hard mode? :o I couldn't even handle the default difficulty for too long.

I actually sold that game because of the difficulty, then I bought it back later. Right now it is resting in my cabinet, still factory sealed, forever taunting me.

I find that whenever I perform some hard task in a game that leads to some sort of unlockable, I usually don't even check out the unlockable - performing the hard task with success was the major reward. Kind of like beating DMC1 on DMD mode. Going through that mode was so frustrating at times... and I think I tried Super Dante out one time after unlocking him.

I think that's why I like going for some of the harder achievements on X360 games - like 7 Day Survivor on Dead Rising or Extreme Soldier on Lost Planet.

Brian said...

Well, MMZ I think is what brought me to enjoy challenging games, and more importantly challenging myself at what I do. I think the satisfaction that you finally kick ass is definitely a bigger reward than the unlockable. The same thing went for completing Hard on MMZ as well. You got "Ultimate Mode" which let you input commands to do free charge shots, but it was just icing on the cake. MMZ is really a good example of where, once you get a rhythm to the gameplay, you can coast through the levels and bosses. (and in my opinion, the Zero series is the best of all the games. It has a sensible, continuous storyline and some of the best character development in games I've played. Zero is one of my heroes :P)

In a way, I guess Achievements are better than some unlockables, because while it's nice to get something for completing a mode or level of a game, sometimes when you get rewarded for being creative, or pulling off something difficult in the middle of a playthrough, it shows where the developers connected with the players and recognize that awards are in order.