Saturday, November 22, 2008

PS3 and Xbox 360 Friend Requests

I've been wanting to make this post for a while but I keep forgetting about it.

I've been getting a lot of random friend requests lately on both PSN and Xbox LIVE. Most people simply send a friend request without any sort of message or anything. A pet peeve of mine on Yahoo messenger is when a person adds me without any sort of message of introduction and I feel the same way with PSN and Xbox LIVE, so I'd like to say right now...

If you add me to your PSN or Xbox LIVE friends list then please send me a message along with the add or I'll decline you.

I like to have an idea of who I am adding. It wouldn't hurt to ask either. Some of my best friends on Xbox LIVE asked before I added them or either I knew them before they added me. If you're someone that I know, then remind me of who you are; usernames don't always show your identity. It wouldn't hurt if we had the same interests also besides just one game.

I just got through deleting my gamertags from all my guides yesterday and adding a note under my gamertags to the side, so there is really no excuse not to read this message.

I'm not trying to rant here at all, I just don't want my friends list filling up too fast with people that I don't know. I'm not trying to scare people off from adding me here either, just trying to share my preferences.

Thanks for understanding.


Brian said...

What's really odd is when people do message and add, and then you never really end up playing together (or are even on at the same time!); this happened to me for a few people on 8WR.

BTW, I take back what I said about Mirror's Edge's Achievements being relatively easy to get. Those time trials times require some split-second execution that drives me nuts. Luckily, it doesn't seem like you need to be perfect in order to get the 50-star achievement... Though I'm worried at how many 3-stars I will need, because getting 2 stars already takes me hours :/

Berserker said...

I get people that add me and never play with me all the time. About 80% of my friends list is filled with people that I only message every now and then. I don't mind it though. I'm sort of a lone wolf anyway. :)

There is one person from 8WR that added me on PSN. He wanted to fight against my Starkiller. We both had some good matches but we only fought that once. I was actually shocked that someone from 8WR added me with my two posts total on there (I think that was all).

I'd continue with Mirror's Edge if the achievements are enjoyable and not frustrating - enjoying the requirements is what counts. It seems like there is always one that escapes my grasp for a while when trying for a perfect score... such as beating the hardest difficulty in Dead Space.

Brian said...

Haha, yeah, I'm worried about how Mirror's Edge's Hard difficulty will be as well. You learn eventually that it can be more economic to melee someone as opposed to go for a straight disarm, but that's for the sake of speed and safety. If the enemies take more hits to fall, it could get ugly very fast. I've gotten a little more relaxed with my Time Trial goals though, which has upped the fun for me a bit. I tend to hate how much I obsessively jump into games where I miss the target by *just that much*--I spent hours already on just trying to clear .44 seconds off my time to hit the #2 rank qualifying time :/ At some point I think it's just masochism.

Berserker said...

Yeah, getting more relaxed while attempting a time trial is always the best way to approach them. Sometimes simply exploring a time trial stage in depth before attempting the actual timed run will help out a bunch.

You might want to start going through hard mode also. I noticed that Mirror's Edge had an achievement for that. I usually put off achievements like that to the very end out of dread then I struggle to complete them for that last achievement after getting all the rest. :p

Brian said...

Oh yeah, definitely. I still have to go through the game 2 more times (1 time hard, the other on speed run) so at this point I'm debating which to do first; I think I will go with Hard Mode, because it'll be more frustrating, so once it's out of the way I can just rush through the speed runs and whatnot.

By the way, HD Remix is out this week. I'll definitely be downloading it day-of... You planning on getting it for both systems as usual?

Berserker said...

Am I that obvious? :D

It's supposed to be $15, which is a steal if you ask me, so I'll definitely be buying both. In all honesty, I was preparing to pay $20 or possibly $30 after picking up an extra point card yesterday.

I'm a little worried about controller issues with both versions. The PS3 d-pad doesn't work flawlessly with 2-D fighters and on Xbox 360 I can't get the arcade stick to work well with certain games, and the beta version of HD was one of them. Strangely, the stick works amazingly well with Samurai Shodown II and MK vs DC. I guess it's just my personal way of playing... anyway, maybe I can adapt before too long. Shouldn't be hard to perform Sonic Booms and flash kicks anyway... or 360's.

Brian said...

Thankfully 360s will be easier to do in HD remix, so I don't anticipate struggle there. Are you planning on picking up Hawk or the Gief?

BTW, here's a fairly impressive Yun-seong player: LINK
He plays really safe but it works for him. His guard-crush game and use of Crane defensively are pretty neat too.

Berserker said...

Mainly Zangief, though I did play with T. Hawk at one point. I also choose Vega from time to time, mainly for his personality, especially when it comes to Alpha 3.

Thanks for the Yun link. He seems to take advantage of crane much more than other expert Yun players that I've seen. He mixes up his crane attacks quite a bit.

I haven't even touched SCIV in about a month now - need to boot it back and up and play a little, since I'm sure I'm rusty as hell now.

The Big Pickel said...
still needs an achievement guide for the site. I was going to write one but then saw yours and I think that you did an awesome job on it. Maybe you can submit yours to them .

Anonymous said...

Hi Kev, id love to play, and i will actually play! LOL
I used to play often with Seitengrate_Sin, but hes always on CRAP-BOX now, whereas im on PS3.
lemme know
im trying to organize a petition for CAPCOM - requesting WESKER b e included in REUNION. Since this is probably the last time wesker will be in a RE game, so they should fully utlize him.
Also petitioning for a PATCH removing bugs in the game. Like forced to pickup up ammo b4 climing or jumping. And insisting that 100% of headshot stun the manjini, not 60%.
And others...
also TRIOs in MERCs....
imagine the time gains...
3 players illiminated any room for weakness, bc we can choose varierty of players...
and new maps...
a PETITION of names/emails posted on, then sent to capcom will be more likely to get a RESULT.
Uno... the ppl on list agreeing to pay a small fee for NEW downloadable content - Wesker Ressurected, and RE5 MERCS PATCH FIXES
My PSN is qweedow.... holla wen ur free...
Thanks Kev.

BTW: ur guides are the best. And I enjoy ur vids too.... ur a badass with Chris... I suck with Chris. But Im deadly with Wesker, Barry, Rebecca, ShevaB, and others...
Oh i hav mic too, so it will be more fun. And im not the kind of amatuer who needs to be babysit constantly during mercs... LOL
If any scores im proud to mention its...
REUN_RUINS 930K duo w Seitengrate
1.13million x156 Village REU w DOHCVETEC (a few months ago i ranked higher on the LBs, back then x157 was rank #1)
765k x150 Prison Solo Barry

hopefully above scores indicate im a reasonable player. I fink Im 3rd best in AUSTRALIA on PSN. DOHVETEC is the best in AUS. Maybe Im best girl RE5 gamer in AUS??? I dunno?