Sunday, May 18, 2008

Poll #8 - Results

How far have you made it in the Bloody Palace survival mode in DMC4?

Stages 1-10
9 (5%)

Stages 11-20
35 (20%)

Stages 21-30
15 (8%)

Stages 31-40
6 (3%)

Stages 41-50
4 (2%)

Stages 51-60
1 (0%)

Stages 61-70
1 (0%)

Stages 71-80
3 (1%)

Stages 81-90
6 (3%)

Stages 91-100
5 (2%)

Stages 101 (died at Dante)
14 (8%)

Completed Bloody Palace
53 (30%)

21 (12%)

Seems as if many of you have completed Bloody Palace. In all honesty, the BP mode in DMC4 seems much easier than the way it was implemented in DMC3 mainly because we now have Nero with his overpowered level 3 charge shot.

I recently tried to go through all of Bloody Palace on the X360 version and stopped around stage 70 for lack of sanity. I really hope that they put some sort of one time save option in the next DMC for those of us that want to take a break for a while and pick up where we left off earlier. It's frustrating to get up really far then have to turn off the game because you have other things to do. For those of you that haven't been all the way through it, it takes about a good 2 and a half hours of gaming to finish all levels.

I'll have up a new poll in a few days, just can't think of anything at the moment.

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