Friday, February 29, 2008

Devi May Cry 4 - Angelo Credo Move List


This is a list of the appropriate times that a Buster can be performed to Credo. Buster = Nero's Devil Bringer grab (O [PS3] or B [X360]).

Boss AttackDescription
Normal GrabGrab Credo with a Buster after dodging one of his series of attacks.
BeatdownGrab Credo with a Buster after stunning him from continuous hits that break his shield. He will stagger.
Javelin CounterWhile Credo tosses javelins at Nero, grab a javelin with a Buster by pressing the O button while it flies at Nero (not the instant before it hits, but a bit before that time) then aim at Credo before Nero tosses it back to impale Credo.


Boss AttackDescriptionAvoidance
Javelin TossCredo dashes backwards then takes out a glowing javelin and tosses it with his right hand. He tosses two more javelins with his left hand followed by his right hand again. He will stop if any of them hit your character.Jump or roll the right before they reach your character. You can also run to the side from a far distance. Use a Buster as it flies toward your character to counter this and throw it back.
Sword Combo 1While walking toward Nero, Credo readies his sword then performs a normal slash, upward slash, downward slash, then ends the combination with an overhead slash.Dodge the first two slashes with a roll then roll from the overhead slash. You can also jump away from him or use a DB snatch to vault over him before he starts slashing. This move can also be interrupted with a well-timed slash to counter his first slash.
Sword Combo 2EWhile walking toward Nero, Credo leans back then performs two quick flashes followed by an overhead slash.DB snatch him to vault over him or jump away from him. This move can be interrupted with a well-timed slash to counter his first slash.
Counter 1After blocking an attack, Credo unleashes a rising slash into the air then performs a falling overhead slash.Roll to the side to avoid each slash - one roll for the rising slash then another for the falling overhead slash.
Counter 2After blocking an attack, Credo hovers slightly above the floor then slashes, sending an energy wave to the ground in front of him.Roll right as Credo slashes or jump before he slashes.


Boss AttackDescriptionAvoidance
Sword SpiralSwords appear all around your character. The swords turn inward and fly toward your character in groups of two at a time.Slash them all by turning different ways while performing a combo or jump, Air Hike, then roll when your character hits the ground.
Light SwordsWhile hovering, Credo forms a vertical row of swords and shoots them toward your character then he forms a horizontal row of the swords and then shoots those.Run and jump to the side.
Custom Combo 1Credo flies forward while in the air and slashes as an energy wave hits the ground. He speeds toward your characters and performs an uppercut slash followed by a downward slash.Jump then roll from the uppercut slash and the downward slash.
Custom Combo 2Credo dashes forward and performs three slashes, an uppercut slash that sends him into the air, an energy wave in the air, then flies downward and points his sword and dashes at your character with a thrust.Roll from the first slash and keep moving to the side you roll from, jump to avoid the energy wave, then roll or jump to avoid the thrust.
Energy Wave ComboCredo flies toward your character and slashes to make an energy wave. He quickly flies into the air and performs another energy wave slash then flies back to the ground to perform one more energy wave slash.It is possible to roll from all three slashes with good timing but it is easier to jump to avoid them individually.

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