Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Resident Evil 5 - Mercenaries Reunion Guide

Hey, you know I always keep my promises.

Who said the line up above? Fail, if you don't know! >=(

Chris Redfield mentioned that phrase to Claire in the closing cutscene to Resident Evil: Code Veronica. It sort of has meaning to this post too.

The Mercenaries Reunion minigame isn't exactly what hardcore RE5 Mercs players were hoping for. It completely reversed the main concept of RE5 Mercs. Instead of the focus being on building time while trying to maintain a full kill combo, the focus is now on keeping a full kill combo while trying to build time. The kill combo takes priority over EVERYTHING in a run on Mercenaries Reunion. Losing the combo is like dying basically to a player that wants to achieve the highest score.

I was very pumped to write a guide for Reunion when it was first announced. A few weeks after playing it, I noticed that there was very little interest in Mercenaries Reunion in the minds of hardcore players. Many of them were simply returning to normal Mercs. I have to admit that I thought there was going to be little demand for info for Mercs Reunion because of the little interest in it among hardcore players, but many RE5 fans are still playing it.

I said I was going to write a guide for Mercs Reunion and I stuck with my word, so here it is:

I basically opened up the original Mercs guide on my laptop and started editing it for Reunion (I use previous guides as templates a bunch). It's FAR from just a cut and paste job though.

Pretty much every little detail of Mercenaries Reunion was all figured by myself with the help of other Mercs players. There is no official guide to give us weapon stats or the full combo bonus system so all that had to figured from scratch. Some of it is off but a good majority of it should be close to the actual info.

If you haven't yet, bet sure to check out the Biohazard Mercenaries site. You'll find a bunch more info about RE5 Mercs and RE5 Mercenaries Reunion. I like to recommend the site to all of my readers since it really is the best source of English information that a player will find for both modes. Make sure you tell them Berserker sent you! :)

I'm most likely going to spend the rest of this year updating the Mercs Reunion guide and redoing some of my old RE5 Mercs guide. Writing for the game is really more fun than playing it to me at this point. Ever since the end of last year, I've basically been playing it to write anyway.

This may very well be a good stopping point in FAQ writing for me. I don't like to mention the term "Retiring" or "Quitting" or whatever so I wouldn't ever say that because I wouldn't stick with it most likely. Once we get a new Resident Evil game, that will probably change my current mood, but as for now, I don't really have the motivation to write outside of Resident Evil 5. If I ever do stop though, I can look back on Resident Evil 5 and say to myself:

That's the best time I ever had writing for a game!