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Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries - Missile Area DUO strategy

This is a post for archive information for strategies of Missile Area DUO in Resident Evil 5 - The Mercenaries.

Top (Office) Spawn strategy

Player: Kirin

This is the most popular strategy for the Top (Office) spawn on Missile Area DUO.

What you do in the office is all based on personal preference really, but Kirin has a great overall start in the video. Hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS then collect the combo bonus from the combo chest and kill the Majini with the green bottle that rushes through the left door. Pick up the flash grenade on the controls to the side. Wesker players will want to grab the green herb on the counter before exiting - he needs all the health he can get for dashing. If you time everything just right, you can kick open the door and knock down the dynamite Majini outside then rush over to his head and critical head stomp him with any character.

Wesker players often use the flash grenade to kill the CHICKEN in the area below. In the video, Kirin tosses the flash grenade down the at the chicken. Some players will pick up the hand grenade and flash grenade in the office then toss the hand grenade down at the chicken. He's obviously much harder to hit with the hand grenade though. Circle to the left along the walkway outside the office then kill enemies along the way. Drop from the dropoff at the far end of the walkway. The 30 second time bonus on the walkway will be hit toward the end of the run - the main focus at the moment is on agitating the camping Majini around the area to increase overall enemy spawn.

Rush toward the middle of the bottom area. This will be your main fighting area. The camping red wrench Majini and the camping megaphone Majini below the stairs off to the right will be alerted, so be ready to melee kill them. The 30 SECOND TIME BONUS in the middle is hit when there are no enemies around. Don't hit it right at the beginning unless there is nothing else to do - some players actually leave this until the very end. It can be used to hit a weakened Majini with the time bonus hit if you can lure one near it. The 60 second time bonus on the platform is best hit later in the run so you can focus on keeping the combo and melee killing.

NOTE: While playing as STARS Wesker, leg shots are better to use than head shots. Missile Area has several random Cephalos that will spawn randomly from a critical head shot. Dynamite Majini are the most notorious for this.

The office player should remain above the stairs for the most part - fight in the area near the 60 second time bonus on the platform or in the area near the missiles. Look below the stairs for spawning enemies if needed. The middle ceiling spawn point is a good place to get a quick kill on Majini that fall from the ceiling spawn point - listen for Majini to spawn from the ceiling.

Fight around the area until 60 combo. The SECOND GATLING GUN MAJINI SPAWNS AT 60 COMBO from the doorway near the ceiling of the central shaft. Be ready for him when he spawns and run over to him then melee kill him. It's not good to fight in the central shaft. Majini can toss dynamite into the shaft and ruin several melee kills as well as damage your character. It's best to fight your way out of the central shaft as much as possible. Kirin spends little time in the central shaft in the video. Work your way back toward the middle near the missiles.

The player watches the combo change to 60 then immediately runs toward the central shaft to kill the second Gatling Gun Majini as he drops. You should get in this habit. Sometimes your path can be blocked though and you might have to stun the Gatling Gun Majini from a distance with a high powered weapon or explosive.

The partner request ammo to let the office player know that he is climbing the tall ladder on the 90 second side. If the partner does not climb before a little after 90 kills, the office player will run out of enemies.

NOTE: There is a way to avoid running out of enemies if the furnace player climbs too late. After killing the second Gatling Gun Majini, work your way toward the 60 second platform and stand near it - this will make enemies from the chicken area spawning region if the other player is too late in climbing. Be forewarned that the scripted Cephalo cocktail Majini is often the first Majini to fall from the ceiling spawn point near the missiles. So basically, if a cocktail Majini falls from the ceiling and the combo is at risk, magnum his ass one, two, three times to kill him and his Cephalo.

At around 85-90 kills, the combo hangs by a thread. The other player's timing in climbing the ladder between that kill number holds great significance over the rest of the run - the enemy spawning on your side. If the player climbs in time and enemies start to spawn then the combo is kept, the run is in good hands.

NOTE: There might be a dry period around 90 combo since the other player might have literally run from enemies in order to climb the ladder at around 90 kills. This means that the other player has enemies nearby and there are most likely some enemies on the walkway above your character.

The scripted Cephalo weaponless Majini falls from above and the player activates it. It can be hard to anticipate the scripted Cephalos from the office side. They will often drop from the overhead walkway and two of them, for sure, will appear after the other player has climbed - Long pipe and weaponless. A machete will drop while the bottom player stands near the 60 second platform as well. They ALL spawn from the ceiling spawn point above the 30 seconds on the high walkway above the office player.

The THIRD GATLING GUN MAJINI SPAWNS AT 90 KILLS from the office above the office spawn player. He will move down the top walkway and then drop to attack the office player. The office player needs to be ready as he drops at around 96-98 combo. It's very important that you're ready to stun him when he drops. Other Majini can easily get in the way, but if he is shot shortly after he drops, this will help out greatly.

The player knocks down a dynamite Majini and faces it's chest then performs a ground melee. He aims Wesker's melee away from the head so as not to activate a potential random Cephalo. Dynamite Majini are the most notorious random Cephalos.

In this strategy, the office player climbs back up to the top walkway on his side at 120 combo. He requests ammo from the other player to let the other player know that he is climbing. One player has to climb a little after 120 combo in order to keep the enemies spawning. If both players are on the bottom, Majini will stop appearing.

The bottom player will hit the 60 second time bonus on the platform below toward the end of the run. As you're climbing the ladder, prepare to keep the combo with a powered weapon if needed. The office player needs to work his way toward the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS on the other side of the walkway and hit it. Try not to leave enemies behind, but run from them if you must in order to hit it. Majini that leave the office and those that spawn from the ceiling above the 30 seconds will pass up your character very often and fall down to the other player if you do not stand in their path.

The dynamite Majini is hit in the head with a knee cannon and spawns a random Cephalo. It's best to avoid hitting a dynamite Majini in the head as much as possible.

This part turns into a mess, but Kirin handles it very well. He knee cannons a dynamite and sets off a random Cephalo from the dynamite. He sets a crowd of Majini and a Cephalo up for a dash melee multiple and gets the scripted machete Majini caught in the middle. He kills one Cephalo and creates another. This doesn't really affect him though since he manages to melee kill all the enemies. Nicely done!

Kirin rushes toward the 30 seconds and sets up a dash melee kill while dashing. He hits a Majini with the dash (200 damage) near the time bonus then shoots it in the legs with the samurai edge handgun (360 damage) and then hits it with Wesker's panther fang from the time bonus hit (300 damage).

200 + 360 + 300 > Majini 800 HP!

And that's how you do it!

The top player hits the 30 second time bonus while above then falls down at around 142 combo - make sure that you stay up at the top until that number or you risk leaving Majini behind when you fall. In this strategy, Kirin drops from the dropoff near the 60 second platform, which is really best. This makes any Majini that trails behind him drop along with him. After dropping, race to the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS near the furnace on the south conveyor belt then hit it before 150 combo.

NOTE: Make sure both players delay the final kill until after the 60 seconds near the furnace is hit, especially if the combo was broken. It's very easy to accidentally kill the final Majini and ruin the run. If the final Majini is a dynamite Majini, it can explode and end the run right then and there, which is part of the evil stuff that can happen on MA. It has happened to me before.

NOTE: If the final Majini does not appear in the area, check the middle conveyor belt. There will be several times where a dynamite Majini walks the middle conveyor belt - just bullet kill the Majini from a distance. Last but certainly not least, check all spawn points for Majini that get stuck in spawn points - this can happen often. The ceiling spawn point above the 30 seconds on the high walkway outside the office and ceiling spawn point in the storage room on the high walkway in the middle are the most notorious for having stuck Majini in them. If this happens to you on a good run, Missile Area just bullshitted you hard and you are yet another victim of the famed stuck Majini glitch.

Bottom (Furnace) Spawn strategy

Player: gaotian13

This is the most popular strategy for the Bottom (Furnace) spawn on Missile Area DUO.

Step off onto the conveyor belt from the start. It's best to shoot the explosive canisters on the conveyor belt to avoid ruining melee kills. The player in the video shoots the canisters on the top conveyor belt as well - you got to be careful when shooting the top canisters since you can easily hit the Majini that run along the conveyor belt. I usually wait until I get to the top - preference.

Kill the Majini on the way to the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the distance then hit the time bonus. Kill all the Majini that attack on the conveyor belt. Step up onto the walkway at the end then move up the stairs. A camping Majini with a long pipe will always be near the door at the top, so prepare to kill him. It's important to get to the next combo chest as soon as possible - it will often expire before 10 kills.

Kick through the door at the top of the stairs then pick up the combo bonus in the combo chest and the 2 flash grenades near it - do it in that order since the points for combo 2-20 are the most vital. Be on the watch for Majini that will sneak up behind your character and Majini that will toss dynamite and cocktails at your character from the conveyor belt. Step off the platform and step onto the conveyor belt.

Shoot the two gas canisters if you haven't yet. If you'll ruin melee kills by doing so, then leave them and shoot them when no Majini are around. Fight while on the conveyor belt then, as the second combo bonus period fades, run over to the combo chest on the table below the steps then take the combo bonus. If you have tons of Majini around your character, I wouldn't even worry about the third combo bonus though. Try to stay in the area below the platform while fighting.

NOTE: Any axe Majini that drop from the walkway outside of the top storage room will be scripted Cephalos. There are two of them. If an axe Majini moves toward you from the steps below the conveyor belt, it is most likely the scripted critical axe Majini that spawns from the middle shaft area.

The player takes the combo bonus from the third combo chest before the second bonus period expires. This is really a good idea since this particular combo chest can sometimes be a problem to get to. The combo period starts over once he takes it. The beginning combo numbers are the most important.

The FIRST GATLING GUN MAJINI SPAWNS AT 20 COMBO. He spawns from the doorway above the walkway that extends over the conveyor belt and the two gas canisters. He is likely to shoot at your character from above. Try to run to the side or run under the platform that he is on while he shoots. While he is shooting is sometimes a good time to go and take the third combo bonus - you have to keep moving while he shoots anyway, for the most part!

The first gatling gun Majini starts to fire at the player from the walkway above. This particular attack (his first spray of shots) often cannot be dodged by getting under the platform. The gatling gun Majini is firing from the other side of the gap in the platform, so if the player gets under the platform, he will still get hit. The player runs and kills Majini instead of taking cover. The closer the gatling gun Majini gets, the harder it is to simply run from him though.

The moment the Gatling Gun Majini drops is always a very random moment that a player may not be prepared for. The first Gatling Gun Majini is really the hardest out of all of them with the way a player can't always prepare for his arrival. In the video, the gatling gun Majini fires at the player but hits another Majini allowing the player to quickly shoot the Gatling Gun Majini while being shielded and avoid ruining melee kills in the process! It's best to focus on the Gatling Gun Majini once he drops and try to work other Majini into melees done on him if possible.

After killing the first Gatling Gun Majini and clearing out most of the remaining enemies, the furnace player will dash toward the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS on the conveyor belt and hit it. Only a Wesker should really do this though. Non-Weskers might want to save it for later - it's all in preference though. Move back to the area below the platform after hitting the time bonus.

The furnace player should be sure to try to keep the combo going as much as possible at around 60 kills since the office player will be fighting the second Gatling Gun Majini as it spawns from the middle shaft at that time. At 70 combo, the furnace player needs to drop down the ladder on the conveyor belt and rush to break the 90 SECOND TIME BONUS on the bottom floor. Climb the ladder below and move over the bottom conveyor belt then run and hit it. Don't get in too many fights. If a crowd follows, try to kill some of them, but don't get too involved in fights.

The player tries to leg stun a scripted critical axe Majini. Notice that the head of the Majini explodes after the panther fang melee. There are two scripted critical axe Majini on Missile Area. One of them spawns from the doors above the 90 seconds and one of them spawns from the the doorway above the central shaft. Do not shoot them in head or you'll always get a critical head shot on them.

The player goes back the way he came to reach the other side of the bottom conveyor belt - this is so he can kill the enemies that follow him. If you're pressed for time (around 85-90 combo) climb the other ladder and hurry to the tall ladder.

The player discards his spare magnum ammo to give his partner more of a chance at a magnum ammo drop on the other side. The office player will be dealing with more Cephalos later in the run compared to the furnace player.

The scripted Cephalo megaphone Majini drops from the conveyor belt platform. He spawns from the doors above the 90 seconds. He is the only megaphone Majini that spawns in the 90 second area, so he is easy to see coming. The player sets off the Cephalo with a headshot and then melee kills the Cephalo. Non-Wesker's should instant kill melee the megaphone Majini.

The furnace player needs to climb back to the other side of the bottom conveyor belt after breaking the 90 second timer. The player should climb the tall ladder in between 80 and 90 kills. The player MUST climb in between those number. Climb too early, and you'll leave enemies behind in the 90 second area (they will not spawn), climb too late and you will not activate the enemy spawns for the office player and that player will run out of enemies.

The player requests ammo so his partner knows that he is climbing.

The player shoots a dynamite Majini that stands by a ledge on top of the platform. The shot makes the Majini drop to the floor below. The samurai edge shot (480 damage) and the ledge drop (350 damage) means that that dynamite Majini (800 HP) is dead after it hits the floor below. The only way the player could have saved the melee kill after the Majini fell is by falling with it to land on it. That would have wasted more time than it is worth though.

NOTE: While a player stands on the walkway above the tall ladder, the player is still in the 90 second spawning region - basically enemies will still spawn below if you stand on that portion of the walkway. If you think you might have climbed too early, return to this area later or stand in it for a few seconds and kill off the Majini that follow behind your character. If you climbed right at 80 kills, I would recommend standing above the ladder until about 85 kills. The moment a player enters the corridor to the side, that player exits the 90 second spawning region.

The furnace spawn player should rush straight to the storage room and break the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS inside the room. Fight enemies along the way. Rush back outside the storage room and break the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS on the suspended platform. The furnace spawn player should fight off any enemies that climb up the ladder and any enemies that move down the corridor that the furnace player came from earlier.

Drop from the ladder beside the 30 second platform. Enemies should be spawning below. Pick up the first aid spray if needed then break the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS near the explosive barrel. The other player should climb at around 120 kills, so be sure to keep finding and killing enemies to keep the combo chain going.

Move up to the middle area near the missiles and continue to fight enemies there. Break the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS if the player left it in the middle. Fight in this area and the area around the 60 second platform until the end of the run. When no enemies or only a few enemies are around, climb up on the platform and break the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the platform. The other player will hit the furnace timer. Be sure to allow him enough time to hit the furnace time at the end if the kills are around 145 - 149!

The player shoots the spiked club Majini in the leg with a samurai edge shot (360 damage) and the Majini falls from the platform ledge (350 damage). The player doesn't fall in time to ground melee kill the Majini since it recovers as he steps near it, so he dash kills the low health Majini. The Majini only has 90 HP left (800 HP - 360 damage - 350 damage), so Wesker's dash easily kills it (200 damage).

Top (Office) Spawn strategy (Non-Wesker)

Player: Berserker Kev

This run showcases an alternate beginning for the office like I mention in the other video. I first noticed this type of beginning from trout-zero/masuo0 a long time back when he used STARS Chris. Basically, I grab the flash grenade, hit the 60 second time bonus then kill the Majini with the green bottle that runs through the door before I grab the combo bonus from the combo chest. This beginning takes more time, but it will slow a player down long enough to where the dynamite Majini outside will likely be in front of the door when you kick it open.

A non-Wesker is better off using the hand grenade in the office to kill the chicken below. In this run, I throw down a hand grenade at the chicken (watch for the point total to tell you hit it - 2000 points). I drop from the ladder on the left side of the outside walkway in order to keep the combo better. When you drop from the ladder on the left side, a Majini with a machete will always be to your right when you fall. He will be alerted while your character moves above the ladder, so if you quickly fall, he will be moving around the railing of the stairs as your character hits the ground.

NOTE: If you ever see a long pipe Majini spawn from the office ceiling and then run out the right door (while facing the office from the outside) and he does not attack you and completely ignores your character, he is the scripted Cephalo long pipe Majini. If I would have seen him in this run, I would have ran after him and leg stunned him then broke his neck.

I collect the hand grenades in the video, but only a BSAA Chris player would really need these for the Gatling Gun Majini bosses. Move up the stairs then run toward the middle. After you make it to the middle, the strategy goes the same as in the Wesker strat for the most part.

I knew one of the cocktail Majini in the center was the scripted Cephalo cocktail Majini but couldn't get a leg stun on both - notice how I equip the flash grenade to prepare for its spawning. Using this strat, the cocktail Majini from the chicken spawning region has a high potential to spawn as a player reaches the middle area. Once you reach the middle area, he will be spawning or will have shortly fallen if he is there. It's possible that the machete scripted Cephalo Majini can fall from the high walkway above at the beginning as well - this is rare though.

I slowly start to work my way back to the 60 second platform after killing the second Gatling Gun Majini. This part can be difficult at times and your overall movement can depend on the enemy spawning. Always try to make sure that an enemy is in the area that you move to. In this run, I get to move all the way back to the 60 second platform area. I remain around that area (the chicken spawning region) just in case my partner does not climb in between 80-90 combo. This can be self assurance that you will not run out of enemies.

It does not always work though. The chicken spawning region is sometimes slow at making enemies spawn and sometimes, they will take too long to spawn if the other player doesn't climb in time.

It's right at 90 kills and my partner has not requested ammo yet - he hasn't climbed yet. My BSAA Chris hauls ass to the 60 second platform to make sure that enemies spawn. Luckily, there were still many Majini left behind and everything goes well. If my partner had taken longer to climb though, I would have had to stand near the 60 second platform with shotgun in hand and hope that one of the chicken spawn enemies appears in view.

All Majini with machetes and Majini that do not have a weapon are instant kill melee'd if a leg stun is gained on them at this point of the run. After 90 combo, the machete scripted Cephalo Majini will fall from the high walkway and the scripted Cephalo weaponless Majini will fall from above also.

In this run, my partner is the one that climbs the tall ladder at the office end. This is optional. I could have climbed, but as you can see in the video, I always had enemies, so I let my partner climb. The enemy spawn was running very dry by the time he passed by so my character not climbing did impact the overall run a bit in terms of enemy spawning.

Notice the stupidity of the long pipe Majini scripted Cephalo. He doesn't even try to attack right when he first shows up. This particular Majini is highly determined to reach the middle area after he falls - he will not attack until he reaches the middle. I couldn't get a leg stun on him, so I just threw a flash grenade. There is also a red wrench Majini that spawns from above that has this same type of behavior - he is just a normal Majini though.

The ending and everything else is done the same as in the Wesker strat on my side.

Bottom (Furnace) Spawn strategy (Non-Wesker)

Player: Berserker Kev

This strategy really only changes at one key point since the one who climbs the tall ladder back to the office at the end of the run is optional in both Wesker and Non-Wesker strategies. In this strategy, the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS in the middle of the conveyor belt is hit after 110 combo. A player falls from the dropoff on the high walkway in the middle then hits it while on the way to hitting the 30 second time bonus near the first aid spray and explosive barrel.

The discarding of the grenade launcher is for preference really. Some STARS Chris players choose to do it to eliminate grenade round drops in stages where they don't help that much. In Missile Area, nitro and flash rounds are a double edge sword - they can set off cocktail and dynamite Majini and ruin melee kills often if one of those Majini types is hit in a crowd. Some STARS Chris players discard the grenade launcher just to free up inventory and gain more machine gun drops. Some STARS Chris players might even discard since they're so comfortable with playing the character that they don't need the grenade launcher. In this run, I'm a bit of all three.

One of the scripted Cephalo axe Majini that dropped from the high walkway outside the storage room refuses a leg stun and falls, so I ignore him and move on to the next Majini. It's best to save the melee kill on a scripted Cephalo if you have other enemies to kill once they drop with a non-Wesker character. After the Gatling Gun Majini is stunned for the first time, the scripted Cephalo Axe Majini feels the sweet embrace of a Redfield Backhand, which instantly cancels scripted Cephalos. Oh my.

Majini can be worked into the deathblow melee against the Gatling Gun Majini for any character. With Chris, I literally circle the Gatling Gun Majini at times and allow Majini to gather around him before performing the melee. It's an easy way to gain multiple melees off Chris' wide range Backhand deathblow melee with practice.

The stomp done to the dynamite Majini is actually timed to some extent. Chris has the quickest ground melee which gives him less invincibility animation. When I stomp the dynamite Majini, I wait a split second before activating the stomp to make sure that Chris is invincible when the dynamite goes off. It's all about timing and luck really. Keep in mind that if you wait too long, the dynamite can kill off the Majini before Chris' foot hits it - it ruins the melee kill.

The scripted Cephalo Megaphone Majini will sometimes drop from the overhead walkway. He spawns in the 90 second area. It's pretty easy to pick him out since he will either drop from the overhead walkway, move up the side ladder on the conveyor belt or be walking around in the 90 second area when you go to break the 90 second time bonus.

This is really a bad situation right here. I couldn't keep track of where the axe Majini came from, so I neck break some that aren't scripted Cephalos and ruin melee kills on others. You just have to watch where they come from. The axe Majini that climb the ladders can only be scripted criticals (one of them). The axe Majini that fall from the walkway outside the storage room are the only scripted Cephalo axe Majini (two of them). In this run, I thought there were three scripted Cephalo axe Majini at the time, but there are only two.

In this run, I climb once I make it to my partner after 110 combo. It's very important that you try to arrive at your partner's destination in between 110-120 combo. That way, the third Gatling Gun Majini has been defeated and one of you will climb up to the high walkway to make enemies spawn in the stage.

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