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Resident Evil 5 Wallpapers

Gamespot Resident Evil 5 screenshot list

Seriously, if I were to post up some of the best images for Resident Evil 5, then the majority of them would all be screenshots directly from the game. Gamespot does not display any watermarks on their images and they are all pretty big and most of them are rather high quality. Try to display them as the background on your PS3 while viewing it on an HDTV and you'll see what I mean.

If you're looking for concept art like in the first pic then you can find all of it at the Gamespot link or you find smaller pics of the concept art at Neoseeker. The first concept art that is linked to above is the only one that is not available on Gamespot, hence the linkage.

If you are seeking higher quality pics or some more pics then visit The Horror is Alive's (THIA's) news forum.

Pic Assortment (10/9/08)
Pic Assortment (8/20/08)
Pic Assorment (6/3/08)

Some of you might also be interested in the Resident Evil artwork that I have faved on my deviantART page. Quite a bit of it is Resident Evil 5 related and there are quite a few excellent pics by many artist on there. There's also plenty of other Capcom goodness therein - I'm a really big Dead Rising fan as well. Be sure to click on the "Everything" link beside "Favorites" to see all pics after you "Browse Favorites".

These are not really wallpaper related, but you can find a few pics from the next "They are In Kijuju" viral video at this Flickr photostream page.

North American and Europe Resident Evil 5 Cover Art

Biohazard 5 Console Collector Bundles

Wallpapers at HolyFragger.com

HolyFragger.com Wallpapers page 1
HolyFragger.com Wallpapers page 2

^ These are quite good and available in many different resolutions, so be sure to give them a look.

Wallpapers at 360style.net

Wallpapers at 360style.net

^ kind of old, yet decent.

Wallpapers at Cheat Happens

Three wallpapers total

Wallpapers at DeviantART

Chris and Sheva
Sheva 1
Sheva 2
Bird Lady
^Wallpapers by F-1

Chris and Sheva (800x600)
^ wallpaper by EpitaphOfTwighlightCe

Chris Redfield
^wallpaper by neoanimegirl

Wallpapers at The Horror is Alive

The Horror is Alive (THIA) Wallpapers
Check out their BSAA Wallpapers

Miscellaneous RE5 Wallpapers

^ found this while surfing the GameFAQs boards, credit to ElusionM_08

^ wallpaper by jevangood from Capcom-Unity
(Click on his name and visit his photos section on his Capcom Unity page for some interesting pics that he made up for alternate RE5 covers)

^wallpaper by SirKaiDoumeki from GameFAQs

^wallpaper by SirKaiDoumeki from GameFAQs

^wallpaper by ResidentEvil421 from GameFAQs

I'm not sure who made the rest of these wallpapers but if you see one that you made then let me know.

PlayStation Store Wallpaper

Pic at full resolution.

PlayStation Home Wallpaper

The above pic is taken from The Horror

Official RE5 Site Wallpapers

This section is really only for users that don't have a good enough internet connection to get on the Resident Evil 5 site official site. The first four wallpapers on the official RE site (Chris, Sheva, Developer Scribble 1, Developer Scribble 2) are listed on HolyFragger.com, so I'll only list the one's not listed there - the Excella and Wesker wallpapers.

Excella Gionne Wallpaper

Albert Wesker Wallpaper

They Are In Kijuju Site Wallpapers

These wallpapers are taken directly from the "They Are In Kijuju" site, which you can find right here. Please visit the link to contribute to the amount of views that will eventually unlock more exclusive RE5 content! The following wallpapers require you to share your link of the Kijuju site 5 times, but with the power of imageshack, here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Crow Wallpaper

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Chris Wallpaper

Sheva Wallpaper

Co-op Wallpaper

Ocean Wallpaper

Metal Wallpaper

Tunnel Wallpaper

Chris and Sheva Wallpaper

Desert Wallpaper

El Gigante Wallpaper

Uroboros Wallpaper

Chris and Sheva Wallpaper 2

They Are in Kijuju Screensavers

These are screensavers taken from the They Are In Kijuju site.

> Screensaver 1

> Screensaver 2

> Screensaver 3

> Screensaver 4

Premium Xbox 360 Theme

This is a screen capture of the exclusive downloadable theme that can be downloaded with the code that comes with the RE5 limited edition Xbox 360.

Thanks to Haoran for emailing me the pic and Dot50Cal from The Horror for the screen capture.

If you know of any interesting Resident Evil 5 wallpapers that you would like me to link to here then email me at berserker_kev(at)yahoo(dot)com

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