Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obscure: The Aftermath Guide

Obscure: The Aftermath FAQ/Walkthrough

I'm a complete survival horror junkie, so whenever I get a hold of a new survival horror I always find some enjoyment in it. Even with the survival horrors that are rather mediocre. Obscure has plenty of good qualities that kept me playing it though and even inspired me to write a little something for it.

I didn't spend near as much time with this guide as my last one, but hopefully some gamers will get some use out of it.

Update (5/19):
Added a bit of formatting to the Characters section.

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Anonymous said...

im having trouble with the game i cant get past the part with the combination door at the brotherhood

on the plate with the triangle the red dot is on the middle bottom but on the middle bottom colum theres no number so i need help