Monday, October 17, 2011

Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries - Public Assembly DUO strategy

This is a post for archive information for strategies of Public Assembly DUO in Resident Evil 5 - The Mercenaries.

Combo Chest Spawn strategy

Player: Kirin

This is the most popular strategy for the Combo Chest spawn on Public Assembly DUO.

NOTE: The players in both videos discard their Hydra shotguns in order to have a greater chance at receiving handgun and magnum ammo through enemy item drops.

The combo bonus does not start until combo 2, but it's really best to go ahead and pick up the combo chest near your character from the start of a run. A player can pinpoint aim through the fence to the left of the starting point and shoot the red barrel to most likely hit the chicken below. When playing as Wesker, he can melee kill the chicken with a dash though, so it's best to save it for later.

The chest spawn player needs to hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS in the waterway and the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS in the shack all while maintaining the combo by melee killing surrounding enemies.

It's important for the chest spawn player to reach the alley side before or a little bit after 20 combo to make sure that no camping Majini are standing around and keeping other enemies from spawning - there is always one that will spawn and stand near a column across from the ramp, so be sure to check that area often before 50 combo. The FIRST EXECUTIONER SPAWNS AT 20 COMBO from the fence spawn point on the hill. Either player can kill him, but its usually best if the chest spawn player kills the first Executioner.


The player uses the random green herb drop so one might become available to his partner from a random drop. His partner is in orange health, so, if there is not already a green herb drop in the area AND in the inventory of either player, a green herb will be dropped from the next killed Majini on either side. Fixed drops like the First Aid Spray from the Executioners do not count. Red Herb drops and eggs do not count either - that's why he stocks up on eggs at the beginning.

Don't worry about any of the surrounding time bonuses until around 120 combo. It's best to save them and hit them when you have the time! The player needs to move back and forth between the area with the chest and the area near the ramp. A female Majini and a long pipe Majini will spawn then camp near the starting combo chest eventually, and it's best to be ready for them - kill them or at least shoot them to get their attention once they appear. You'll know its them since they will both just stand there. They often appear around 60 combo.

At 50 combo, the second Executioner will spawn and attack the platform spawn player. You need to keep this in mind and try to keep the combo as best as you can since the platform player might be under major stress at that point. The THIRD EXECUTIONER SPAWNS AT 70 COMBO from the gate spawn point near the combo chest. The chest player needs to be sure to keep this in mind. Either meet him at the spawn point and kill him there or just know that he is in the area so he doesn't sneak up on your character and give your character the overhead of doom.


The player makes what appears to be a random magnum shot at 2:48. This was to get rid of some of his spare magnum ammo so the partner might receive a magnum ammo drop most likely. The only problem is that the player had more than one shot left. Either way, when you only have 1 extra bullet, firing off that extra shot and inventory reloading is much faster than discarding.

The less amount of ammo in the area or in a player's inventory, the greater the chance of its drop - it WON'T be instant like a green herb though. It just increases the chances.

Around 100 - 130 combo, Majini will start to spawn in great numbers for the chest spawn player. It's a good idea to get in a narrow area such as the shadowed corridor near the oil barrels or the back alley around the backside of the nearest building. Fight around either of those two areas. At about 130 combo, start to hit the timers around the alley area. Hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the alley and the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS near the ramp if you haven't already by then.

The chest spawn player needs to climb the ramp then hit the TWO 60 SECOND TIME BONUSES along the rooftop sometimes after 135-140 combo. Around that time, the Majini on your side should be limited, so you will be able to move a lot more than the other player. The platform player is usually the combo keeper toward the end. The final few kills of the combo don't matter as much as melee killing, but it's still best to try to keep the combo as much as possible on distant enemies especially.

In the video above, the chest spawn player is the one that hits the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the building. This is not always the case though. Basically whichever character is free to hit the timer is the one that will usually hit it while the other maintains the combo. Sometimes the 60 second time bonus up the ladder is also kept until the end. The platform spawn player is often the one that will hit that time bonus at the end, since that player will be the closest to it most likely.

NOTE: Like in the video, if a Majini is seen in the distance toward the end of a run and he can't be quickly melee killed, bullet kill him.

Platform Spawn strategy (Wesker player)

Player: gab3624

This is the most popular strategy for the Combo Chest spawn on Public Assembly DUO. The starting is for Wesker only.

The strategy above (the starting) only works well for a Wesker player. He can shoot the oil barrels to damage the starting Majini then dash through them all and kill them in a few dashes. Wesker remains invincible during his dash, so he cannot be harmed while doing so. Be sure to keep in mind that the Agitator has more health than other Majini, so he can be more of a problem with any character.

The platform player needs to shoot the Majini on the hill in the background or he will stay there until the chest spawn player moves toward him - this is VERY IMPORTANT to do in order to increase enemy spawn. The platform player needs to drop from the platform and move toward the area in between the bus and building beside the platform in order to make the Female Majini in the side buildings (green dress and red dress) move out and attack the player. If you don't move there, they will remain inside and both players will get fewer enemies.

The platform spawn player's killing from the beginning will speed up the Majini spawning for the other player, so try to melee kill as fast as possible. The player in the video above does not pick up the combo bonus from the combo chest in the bus - it's really optional based on the situation (number of Majini attacking you). Time is really worth more points, so fast melee killing will really award more points than a combo chest combo bonus, but on the other hand, combo bonuses that are picked up before 20 combo are worth the most - all of this can be arguable amongst Mercs players.

Don't worry about hitting either of the two time bonuses around the area until much later into the combo. The chest spawn player will sometimes deal with the first Executioner but the platform player needs to also be aware that the FIRST EXECUTIONER SPAWNS AT 20 COMBO from the fence spawn point on the hill. If the platform player stays near the building on the left side of the area, the Executioner will move down the hill and break through the wall of the building. If the platform player stays out in the middle or near the bus, the first Executioner will move across the rooftops then drop and attack.

The SECOND EXECUTIONER SPAWNS AT 50 COMBO from the left side of the fence spawn point behind the Execution platform. He will usually not hop over the fence until about 52 combo. The platform player needs to keep this mind and be ready for him!

Around 60-100 combo, the Majini will not spawn as much for the platform spawn player. This is your best time to climb the ladder of the building near the car and hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the rooftop. The combo chest spawn player will have to deal with the third Executioner at 70 combo, so be sure to keep this in mind while fighting. Sometimes the third Executioner will come with a crowd of Majini and place the chest spawn player under major stress.


The player requests ammo to let the other player know that he is climbing a ladder and cannot keep the combo. Players in duo often do things such as this when running to collect a time bonus.

In the video, the player leaves the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the building until the end of the run, but the platform spawn player can hit it early when no enemies (or few enemies) are in the area if possible and this will save time at the end of the run. Majini spawns will not be that great in number again until about 110 combo. From then onwards, a player needs to find a good fighting place and fight off the remaining Majini. The corridors behind the Executioner platform serve as a good fighting place for just about any character around that time.

Be sure to keep the combo as much as possible around 130 combo since that is when the combo chest spawn player will start to hit the time bonuses on the other side. It's really best that the platform player keeps a watch on the rooftops to know where the other player is. If you haven't hit either of the time bonuses in the area, the other player or both of you will have to hit the remaining time bonuses sometimes after 140 combo.

Platform Spawn strategy (non-Wesker player)

Player: Berserker Kev

This is the most popular non-Wesker strategy for the Platform spawn on Public Assembly DUO. Once again, the starting is for a non-Wesker player only.

A non-Wesker player cannot take advantage of the flames from the oil barrels, nor can they kill the starting enemies as fast. Shoot the Majini on the hill to make him move while up on the platform then fall from the top portion of the platform. Melee kill the Majini to the right then turn around and kill the Majini that will climb the ladder behind your character. After that fall and kill the Majini around the area.

This shows how the Majini in the buildings can be agitated by simply moving toward the bus. Notice how at 11 combo, I move toward the bus - this is to make the females move out of the buildings. In this video, I step into the bus and collect the combo bonus from the combo chests. It's an option if you're running low on enemies.

NOTE: Non-Wesker's can have a big problem with Cephalos and each female Majini can spawn one easily from any hit to the head with any weapon or melee, so it's good idea to limit head attacks with a non-Wesker. In the video, I neck break female Majini a bunch, but still risk uppercuts. You'll always have to take some chances since you can't exactly instant kill melee all females.

The rest of the strategy basically plays out like the Wesker strategy above. In the video, I hit the time bonus up the ladder after 100 combo. You just basically hit it when you can do so around 60-110 combo.


Berserker said...

This is the start of several posts that will explain in-depth strategies for Resident Evil 5 Mercs stages. I'm not just going to give you a simple video to watch, I'll explain everything to you in text.

If any of you that read this have any questions then comment or email me and I'll help you with whatever I can.

These posts will be updated with new info if I feel the need.

Time to pwn.

Anonymous said...

When the Chris mercs guide will be released?

Berserker said...

The Chris guide will be up soon. If not this week then the next week for sure.

It won't be complete when it first goes up, but it will be labeled as such. In order to get an in-depth guide up on GameFAQs, it has to look as if it is complete - you can't have sections labeled as "Coming Soon" or anything like that. Some of the info will be sort of "place-holder" info for the moment - just brief info basically, like stage strategy info for each Chris type.

I'll add to it throughout the rest of this year as I play RE5 Mercs more once again. I'm skipping out on writing for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record to make sure I finish up everything that I want to for RE5 Mercs - Chris guide and other stuff.


I've all of a sudden gotten this sudden rush of energy to work on Mercs once again. I'm sure a few friends will read that sentence and laugh a bit because they know why.

MetalArkanus said...

Very well detailed :D
I have some questions :3

1) First vid, 1:53
He grabbed and used the random green herb so another random green herb would spawn for his partner (in orange health), right?

2) First vid, 2:48
Why'd he shoot?

3) Second vid, 3:07
He requested ammo in order to say that he's busy climbing the ladder and grabbing the time bonus?

4) Third vid
It's always better to insta-kill female Majinis, right?

As usual, very nice guide, Kev ;)

Berserker said...

Ah, good stuff! I need you around when I type out info like this. That's why I liked having a forum around before - so I could get responses. Works just as well on a blog though!

1) Yeah. I try to do that myself during my own duo runs with a Wesker partner, but often, I'll use the green herb then kill another Majini seconds later and get another green herb! To me, it starts to become a waste of time when you keep using green herbs. It was done well in the video though.

2) He was trying to get rid of access magnum ammo instead of discarding it. I bet he thinked that he only had 1 extra magnum bullet there. His shot didn't help out any.

3) Yes. Would be good to point that out!

4) With STARS Chris, I risk normal uppercuts more often, but I still neck break if not many other Majini are around. I neck break a lot more with Safari and BSAA Chris. They seem to get Cephalos more than STARS Chris. I think that goes back to the way they hit with their melees compared to STARS.

Kind of like you mentioned with STARS Chris' straight compared to BSAA and Safari's straight.

I'll go back and mention all of this info in the post above. Good stuff!

Tom Guycot said...

This is definitely a good idea. Just watching a video alone often isn't enough for a newer player. They won't know right away why an experienced player does certain things during the course of a game...but now they will!

Everything looks good so far & I agree with your idea to show as many Wesker runs as possible. He's the default character for sure. I can't remember off-hand now if it's already in your FAQ, but have you considered putting in a section explaining the in-game "language" of mercs? By that I mean why people request ammo, why they say "wait!" and so on & so forth?

But this is a great idea Kev, and good luck on getting it all worked out :).

Berserker said...

Thanks Tomserker!

And yeah, I did type out Mercs phrases once when I was on biomercs. I think I still have them saved somewhere. I'll have to post those up eventually.

At this point, I know most players don't really care about this info that much, but I'd just like to archive it all somewhere for players that might have an interest later. It's wrong for all of this info to be forgotten once all of the experienced players move on. Like you said, you can't pick out everything in just a video. There is a lot of hidden meaning in each video that only an experienced player will take note of.

Anonymous said...

Nice Chris Guide Kev :) I really enjoyed it, will defo try to get some Chris Newcomers to watch it.

Berserker said...

I appreciate the comment. Thanks a lot!

Denoku said...

Great guides all around. I've checked out most of them and they've been quite helpful. I seem to have a lot of trouble when playing S.T.A.R.S. Wesker though. I seem to get overwhelmed too easy, especially on PA. Everything seems to go for the worst every time I play. Seems like I constantly get grabbed at times. I'm wondering how you get out of the grabs so quick. I'm hitting the left stick back and forth and it seems like the harder I do it, the longer it goes and most times it leads to me getting bit.

Really great guides though, again. Glad someone took the time to do this!