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Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries - Village SOLO strategy

This is a post for archive information for strategies of Village SOLO in Resident Evil 5 - The Mercenaries.

Player: tomii90FI

This is the most popular strategy for Village SOLO.

In Village solo, most players start at the top. Leave behind the 60 second time bonus directly ahead then run to the right and move across the bridge. Ignore the 60 second time bonus in the back of the cave - it will be hit toward the end of the run. Hop across the gap in the bridge in front of the cave entrance then hit the 90 SECOND TIME BONUS under the rooftop.

NOTE: Most players that don't use Wesker will want to kill the chicken in the fenced area below the 90 seconds before hopping down. In the video, the player dash kills the chicken on the way to the ladder in the bottom area. If you have a grenade or electric rounds, you can use that explosive to hit the chicken from near the side of the bridge - just aim down and toss/fire. A player can always grab one of the hand grenades on the table to the right and toss it at the chicken or the player can wait until falling below then kill the chicken at that time.

It's really up to you whether you fall below or use the zipline to swing across to the walkway with the 30 seconds on the east side of the village. The player in the video activates the scripted Cephalo spear Majini that stands in front of the fenced area so he can easily kill it once he starts to fight. He dash kills chicken on his way to the ladder below the 30 seconds after he falls. This is really all up to you how you handle it - the scripted Cephalo and the chicken kill.

The spear Majini that stands at the entrance to the fenced area is always a scripted Cephalo. It's really best to activate him from the start to keep him from being a surprise in the opening crowd later. Sometimes players bullet kill him from the walkway with the 90 seconds. In the video, the player kill the Cephalo with a flash grenade toss once he starts to fight.

Either way, once you're on the other side of the zipline hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS that is on the left side of the walkway. Fall below and hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS below the walkway area. There is a green herb near that timer. It's up to you whether you take it or not. Move around the side of the building structure then pick up the 3 flash grenades on the altar in the middle of the bottom area. Move up the stairs and hop through the window of the building across from your character and hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS inside the building.

Hop back through the window of the building then head toward the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS behind the southwest hut and hit it. Pick up the three flash grenades before hitting the time bonus. Pick up the green herb along the way if needed.

The player kills the first Wetland Majini then picks up the combo bonus in the nearby combo chest. Why does he kill one enemy before grabbing it? The actual bonus received does not start until 2 combo. The first kill does not give a bonus.

NOTE: This cannot be seen in the video because the player is using Wesker, but the opening set of Wetland Majini in Village (the ones without shields that start in the stage and do not have to spawn) all have 900 HP. All other Wetland Majini usually have 700 HP. A Wesker player does not have to worry about this since his Cobra Strike takes 1200 damage, but a non-Wesker will have to learn melee kill setups especially for the opening set of Wetland Majini with 900 HP.

Pick up the combo bonus from the combo chest then start to melee kill the opening crowd of Wetland Majini. They are very aggressive, so be sure to watch them carefully as they attack. Wetland Majini have one major flaw. Read the note below...

NOTE: Wetland Majini will only attack one at time when they are grouped. They will never attack all at once. In other words, if you watch closely, only one will attack, so you can choose to shoot that one that attacks. They attack very quickly though, so you can't really just stand back and wait, but be sure to keep this in mind while fighting them. The best way to fight them is kill them off quickly one right after the other and do not let them group much.

NOTE: Always try to kill the Majini with wooden shields first! They are the most aggressive Wetland Majini. They can also literally combo attack your character. They will perform a shield ram followed by a spear thrust. Both attacks have potential to hit your character very easily as your character recovers from another attack or right out of a melee animation. Wooden Shield Majini are the most cruel out of all Wetland Majini with their grace periods for hitting your character - aka. they ignore grace periods.

All scripted Cephalos in the bottom spawning region carry spears. Here is a list of them along with their spawn points and when they appear:

BEGINNING (before 20 combo)
Spear Wetland - spawns from wall behind south of west building.

Video times: 2:04

MIDDLE (around 30 combo)
Spear Wetland - spawns from wall on the northeast hill.
Spear Wetland - spawns from wall behind south of west building.
Spear Wetland - spawns from wall below north building (near 30 seconds)

Video times: 3:10, 3:39, 4:55

END (around 60 combo)
Spear Wetland - spawns from wall on the northeast hill.
Spear Wetland - spawns from wall on the northeast hill.
Spear Wetland - spawns from wall below north building (near 30 seconds)

Video times: 5:05, 5:43, 6:02, 6:19, 6:41, 6:56

(NOTE: I'm not completely sure where all the spear scripted appear at this time.)

All of the Cephalos listed above can be seen throughout the video. You can't see where they spawn from, but just keep in mind their spawning place. Basically, if you see a spear Wetland Majini come from an area such as across the north bridge after 30 combo or see one walk down the narrow corridor near the northeast hill, that can be a scripted Cephalo!

NOTE: You're going to get a BUNCH of scripted Cephalos after 60 combo at times in solo mode. Sometimes it is best to allow a Cephalo to stay in the area then melee kill until you activate another scripted Cephalo then toss a flash grenade to kill both of them in order to save flash grenades.

Move toward the middle area after killing off many of the first few Wetland Majini. Sometimes players actually lose the combo after the opening crowd is killed because of the slow spawning in the bottom area. Try to search them out as much as possible. The FIRST GIANT MAJINI SPAWNS AT 20 COMBO from the wall behind the walkway structure in the east. Prepare to deal with him as soon as he spawns!

Some good fighting places for the bottom spawn are in the alley to the north of the west building, in the chicken area (arguable) and in the narrow area in between the path that leads to the northeast hill and the walkway structure. The player in the video mainly stays in the middle area since Wesker kills off enemies so quickly, but be sure to keep the fighting areas mentioned above in mind.

The SECOND GIANT MAJINI SPAWNS AT 40 COMBO from the gate spawn point in the south portion of the Village. The THIRD GIANT MAJINI SPAWNS AT 60 COMBO from the wall spawn point on the northeast hill. The FOURTH GIANT MAJINI SPAWNS AT 70 COMBO from the high wooden ledge above the west building (above the north alcove outside the building).

The bottom spawn region has 80 enemies in it. You will have killed the 12 enemies in the opening crowd and the 4 Giant Majini, so it will have total of 96 enemies altogether. You need to move across the bridge at about 90 kills in order to make the Majini from the north spawning region begin to spawn. If you're unsure of when to move, you can always stand where the spawning regions overlap by standing on the north bridge while killing off the enemies around 90 combo or you could also stand near the gap once you move above - both of those areas are where the spawning regions intersect.

NOTE: If you're still below and still getting enemies well after 95 combo, it's because you have either stepped on the bridge or gott too close to the top spawning region boundary. You'll still need to move up top eventually.

Either way, start to move across the bridge at 90 combo. Moving across the bridge is a portion of the run where the combo can really be at risk. Be ready to equip a powered weapon and bullet kill or melee kill the first Majini that you come across while stepping around the wall under the building. Wetland Majini should spawn from the alcove with the 30 seconds, which will help you in keeping the combo while moving toward it. Hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS then move up the stairs while fighting the Wetland Majini.

While on top, you can really fight just about anywhere, but STAY OFF THE BRIDGE as much as possible. NEVER, EVER fight a shield Majini on the bridge. Good places to fight are the narrow outside areas beside the building walls at the top. It's really up to you when you hit the remaining time bonuses at the top. In the video, the player hits the 60 second timer in the cave at around 125 combo, but most players save that timer until the end. Either way be sure to hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the middle walkway and the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the top cave before you reach about 146 enemies.

The run will end early since you likely killed before the main combo started. There are also more than 150 enemies in Village! You can't rely on the number of enemies on the screen to tell you when the run will end - it will end with enemies still in the stage because Village has more than 150 enemies!

NOTE: In the top area, several shield Majini will spawn all at once. Try to kill them as quick as possible. Do not allow them to group. Stand at a distance from them and shoot them in the their legs to set them up for melee. The shield Majini around 100 - 110 combo will always be in great number.

The player notices the scripted Cephalo weaponless Wetland Majini as it exits from the tunnel. This is the most obvious scripted Cephalo on Village if you stand near the cave when it spawns. This weaponless scripted Cephalo is the only weaponless Wetland Majini that will exit from the tunnel.

Take note of the following scripted Cephalos. All of these have the potential to spawn starting at about 120 combo. The bowgun Majini scripted will be the final set of scripted Cephalos on the top. Like the player in the video, you might not even have to fight them all:

Weaponless Wetland - spawns from the back of the top cave.
Spear Wetland - spawns from the back of the top cave.
Bowgun Wetland - spawns from the wall on the northeast hill.
Bowgun Wetland - spawns from the wall on the northeast hill.
Bowgun Wetland - spawns from the wall on the northeast hill.
Spear Wetland - spawns from the wall below north building (near 30 seconds)

NOTE: The player in the video, begins to run by some Wetland Majini toward the end of the run. He does this because he knows that the bowgun Majini that step through the doors at the bottom of the walkway are scripted Cephalos. Instead of activating their Cephalos, he moves right by them and kills other Wetland Majini for a quicker +5 second bonus.

NOTE: Take a look at the spawning regions for Village by clicking on the map below. The north region has 60 enemies and the south region has 80 enemies. All other enemies are the 4 Giant Majini bosses and the 12 enemies that start in the stage (including the chicken). There are also several Wetland Majini that will spawn Kipepeos - both the Majini that spawns them and the Kipepeo are a kill each.

80 + 60 + 4 bosses + 12 beginning enemies + random Kipepeos = 156+ enemies total!

Learn the spawning region boundaries!

NOTE: I'm still trying to find all scripted Cephalos in Village at this time.

- BK


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