Sunday, March 8, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Community and Berserker +1

Taking a chance...

You know, back on February 6th, when I first posted up my gamertag and PSN ID in my RE5 demo guide along with the "ok" to add me (as long as you sent me a message), I was really biting my tongue then because I didn't know what to expect based on the attitudes of some gamers that I have witnessed during online play. Not knowing what to expect and being fearful of it is the story of my life actually and is the reason why I haven't done some of the things that I want (or actually need) to do today, so i went ahead and took a chance rather than sit back and wonder what would have happened if I did but didn't.


With that in mind, you guys and gals have been SIMPLY FANTASTIC! Oh man, I have met some of the greatest people online because of my RE5 demo guide - a fun person from the Netherlands that likes to set off explosive barrels near me, a very talkative British gal that got me hooked on critical headshot responses, two very excellent young partners on both consoles (one for each, haha), an RE fan that rivals me in obsession with the series (he knows that I win though :p) and several other awesome gamers.

There is one person that I played alongside and talked him through how to take down the Executioner during gameplay - I showed him how to deal with him based on my usual run. The experience was great. I've also had numerous gamers that have wanted to see the tag team melees. Needless to say, our games were full of Chris' yell before a Haymaker or Back Hand. Those Majini didn't stand a chance, I'm afraid.

It's also been fun to make friends just based off chance meetings through the demo search engine - you know who you are. Without a certain Boss, I wouldn't be opening up the inventory to reload. There are about 8 friends that can't speak English that well, yet through the power of partner action commands, we still get things done! There is one Korean gamer that doesn't know any English at all basically, yet we bounce around just about every Majini in Shanty Town with ease.

I'll be removing my gamertag and PSN ID and the offer of playing online with me most likely tomorrow since the full release is just around the corner. Don't use my gamertag as a raincheck for the full release please unless you intend on playing the demo with me.

Looking ahead...

I'm definitely going to play alongside readers online for the full guide. I might just make Resident Evil 5 a full half year worth of dedication (or maybe longer)since there is nothing else on the horizon that I really care for (besides Bionic Commando). Let me get through with the majority of everything that I want to record for single player and then it's all online from then on, on both systems. Based on the demo, online play is the most important part to learning different tactics.

Considering I'll just be getting started sometimes after this coming Friday, I wouldn't expect anything from me until about late March or sometimes in April. I've been avoiding everything for this game outside of demo because I don't want anything ruined for me more than it already is, so the majority of the game will be new. The only portion that I have started on for the full guide up till this point is the achievements/trophies.

Tearing Through RE5...

I hate to make promises, but to be simply direct to anyone reading this, this RE5 guide is going to blow everything else that I've done up until now out of the water... with the limit of text of course. It's going to be like a dropkick to the face, I assure you. As you may have read before, I'm the type of person that is really never pleased with anything that I do. I feel that I can always do better, but I plan to do the best I can here as always. As a Greek friend on Xbox LIVE has said before in his gaming profile, that I very much agree with, "Strive for perfection".

"In my point of view you should strive for improvement through every day to become the best you can. It's the way to perfection and to the feeling that you are actually accomplishing something."

- FiOth

Berserker +1...

Also, as of today, March 8th, I am a year older. 29 years old and even more of a hardcore gamer than I was in my earlier years!

My day has been great so far. Along with the anticipation of things to come, it's been super!

The best Friday the 13th ever...

With all of that explosive joy and ranting out of the way... ONWARD TO FRIDAY! :D:D:D

...and back to the RE5 demo he goes.