Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BC Rearmed and Vampire Rain:AS reviews

Bionic Commando Rearmed (Xbox 360) review

There is a copy of the review for the PS3 version on Gamers' Temple as well since the review compares them. They were scored the same since they both have their ups and down and come out about equal in my eyes.

I still play BCR all the time no matter how many times I grind my teeth at the difficulty. The overall polished gameplay keeps me coming back to it so very often no matter how much trial and error I go through. I really hope that the same level of commitment that went into this game is displayed in Bionic Commando for the next-gen systems. I'm really looking forward to that future title.

Has anyone finished all the challenge rooms? Mentally, I can only take about 2-4 per night with how difficult they get as I advance. I've finished up to around 25 so far last time I tried them. As indigo said in my last BCR post, they're quite addicting. Even though I am now up to the point where simply completing them is a major task, the thought to go back and try for a five-star ranking still lingers after each completion.

Vampire Rain: Altered Species review

Now this game surprised me. Based on all the reviews I had read, I was expecting one craptacular experience here, but I was pleasantly surprised to find an alright stealth game hidden within. The main flaw that I found to the game is the absurd violent reaction of the enemies. Once they spot your character, if you can't defeat them before they reach you then the game is over. Period. Nearly no redemption.

The game was overall mediocre, but I still think its worth a try if you're curious. The first few stages seemed the worst to me. Once I actually got some better weapons that helped me to actually defeat enemies the game got a bit better.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Resident Evil Fanart and Fan Videos

You might remember that, quite a while back, a long-time artist friend of mine, by the name of Spike, drew up some RE fanart as a request for my RE: Umbrella Chronicles guide. If you don't, well then humor me and pretend to remember.

Anyway, Spike now has up some colored pics of the panels for the poster on his deviant page.

Panel 1 - Chris, Jill and Rebecca VS Tyrant
Panel 2 - Billy and Rebecca VS Leeches
Panel 3 - HUNK's Escape
Panel 4 - Ada's Escape
Panel 5 - Jill and Carlos VS Nemesis
Panel 6 - Wesker VS Sergei

Also, if you want a sneak peak of the main story for Resident Evil 5 then view the video below by ShadowLeggy. I think it tosses in some good theories myself and the background music totally matches. :D

Be sure to check out the brilliance of this user's Resident Evil Excited REmake! also, as well as this person's other videos!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Soul Calbur IV review and a few updates

I don't want the review stretching the page tremendously, so I'm not going to post it here.

Soul Calibur IV review (Xbox 360)

Soul Calibur IV review (PS3)

They both read the exact same since it's a comparison review but the scores are slightly different. I felt that the Xbox 360 version was a bit better because of the less network errors and less overall lag while playing online. Both versions can be just as faulty while being played online however.

I forgot to mention in the review that the PS3 version has an extra install option that helps to reduce load times very slightly. When compared to each other, the PS3 loads just a bit faster. The install option for the PS3 is completely optional unlike some other games that I have played.

And last but not least, besides the SW: The Force Unleashed demo guide update, as mentioned below, I have also updated the following guides of mine: (the updates should appear on the linked sites later today)

Obscure: The Aftermath - New hacking puzzle added to chapter 2 (right after the first puzzle)
Soul Calibur Achievement Guide - New Voldo tactic for the Conqueror achievement.
Dead Rising Infinity Mode FAQ - this one's been needing an update for a LONG time, got tons of backed up email on it. More psychopath and survivor locations were added along with an extra shoutout to a person that typed out the .xls documents on IGN FAQs - be sure to check them out if you're interested.