Monday, November 29, 2010

Dead Rising 2 Guide

Chuck Greene is the man! Thanks to him and his fantastic game, I am now back into FAQ writing once again and I am absolutely having a blast with it.

Thank you, Chuck.

And I did a little something for Case Zero also:

Case West will be released sometimes down the line and I'll be sure to do something for that also!

By now, I definitely know my way around a zombie or two.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Most Amusing Email of the Week #1

I just got through checking through my email, which I only spend time doing about once every month lately, and came across this email. I love humorous emails and this one stood out to me, so I though I might share:

I just finished whupping up on Zues' treacherous ass thanks to you. I initially ended up on IGN because I had gotten stuck somewhere in the middle of the game, (it is my first time playing the God of War series, I never got around to it on the original PS2) and I came across the fantastic guide that you had put on there (written July 4, 2007). I can honestly say that I would have thrown my controller through my tv and lit the bluray of GOW collection on fire and laughed maniacally as i watched it burn.....if, I wouldn't have had this guide. But alas Berserker was there and he saved me a controller, a tv, a game disc and my sanity. Sony should really just pack your guide in with the gamedisc, forget the stupid manual, (c'mon, who doesn't know what the start button does?), or at least give a link to it.

- excerpt from email by Gordy

Thanks a lot, Gordy!

I'll post up other good emails if I get anymore.