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Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries - Experimental Facility DUO strategy

This is a post for archive information for strategies of Experimental Facility DUO in Resident Evil 5 - The Mercenaries.

Wesker with Wesker

Bottom Spawn strategy (Wesker with Wesker)

Player: Spades408

Hit the 90 SECOND TIME BONUS beside your character on the bottom floor right from the start when the run begins. The player at the top will pick up the top combo bonus in the combo chest. The main goal from the beginning is to collect healing items while the player makes his way to the floor above. Kill Base Majini along the way to the green herb in the corner above the stairs. Pick up the green herb then kill the Base Majini in the area. Pick up the combo bonus from the combo chest once the first combo bonus expires then kill off the remaining enemies and climb the ladder in the corridor.

NOTE: Base Majini can be waiting at the top of the ladder and they can hit a player right after you finish climbing. There isn't much you can do to avoid this besides checking the upper floor before climbing.

While on the next floor, move through the tunnel to the right and kill any Base Majini along the way. Hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the cage trap then collect the red herb from the corner of the trap. Get on the ramp to the side of the cage. Pick up the combo bonus from the combo chest off to the left while on the middle of the ramp.

NOTE: Base Majini pile up in the corridor that leads to the third floor. This can often cause combo breaks when both players are moving. Be prepared to deal with a whole crowd of Base Majini while moving to the top of the ramp as they rush out of the corridor. You might have to use a powered weapon to bullet kill one in order to keep the combo at times. This is a factor for all strategies on Experimental Facility.

Fight in the corridor or on the ramp or on the middle platform of the top level. It will differ per run. You want to basically seek out all Base Majini as they spawn and kill them. The other player will arrive to help out the bottom player around the time of about 50 combo. At 55 combo, the Licker Betas start to spawn - this is when both Wesker players are needed on the bottom level.

The bottom spawn player needs to melee kill Lickers and keep an eye on his partner - keep him healed mainly. One of the players will be the main melee killer of the Lickers. That player will stay on the ramp and melee kill the Lickers on the ramp as they spawn. Ones of the players needs to melee kill Lickers on the top level and kill any rocket launcher Majini that move down the top corridor. You've REALLY got to keep an eye out for the rocket launcher Majini.

Rocket Launcher Majini spawn times:

Rocket Launcher Majini A = 10 combo
Rocket Launcher Majini B = 30 combo
Rocket Launcher Majini C = 40 combo
Rocket Launcher Majini D, E = 60 combo
Rocket Launcher Majini F, G = 70 combo
Rocket Launcher Majini H, I = 80 combo

At 100 combo, one of the players should enter the top corridor then climb to the top floor. The enemies will stop appearing on the bottom floor at around 110 combo, so it's very important that one player climb to the top floor. While on the top floor, the bottom spawn player needs to keep the combo as much as possible by seeking out Base Majini that spawn then melee kill them. Lickers wills start to spawn on the top floors eventually. It's really up to you when you hit the remaining 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the stairs. Some players don't hit it until near the end of the run - just hit it when you have time.

NOTE: It doesn't matter which player climbs the second floor ladder at 100 combo. One player climbs and the other stays below and melee kills the Lickers until 110 combo then hits the 60 second time bonus on the second floor and climbs to the third floor to join the other player.

The player accidentally hits a Licker with Wesker's dash then shoots it twice afterwards and accidentally kills the Licker as the dash animation starts. Remember that Wesker's dash takes 200 damage and each shot from STARS Wesker's handgun takes 400 damage. Lickers have 900 health.

At about 110 combo or sometimes after that, the top spawn player will move up the ladder and join the bottom spawn player. Both players need to stay on the stairs and melee kill the Lickers. It's important that each player take one portion of the stairs and melee kill the Lickers from that end. DO NOT try to help your partner with shooting Lickers unless you must make a quick shot to save the combo. It's best for both players to stay separate and melee kill the Lickers away from each other. The run will end at the top once all Lickers have been defeated.

The bottom spawn player gets pounced by a Licker - the melee prompt for countering the Licker pounce did not appear. When this happens, the partner must save the pounced player. The partner assist option is NOT always the best choice. Keep in mind that Wesker's partner assist melee takes 500 damage and a Licker has 900 health, so one partner assist melee is not going to knock the Licker off unless the Licker has been damaged by about 400 hit points prior to the melee. In the video, the partner blasts the Licker off the pounced player with a Hydra blast. A powered weapon is the least risky option. The partner assist melee is very risky even with prior damage at times since there is usually delay in the knocking off of the Licker.

NOTE: A Licker MUST be killed with the final knockoff hit when trying to hit a Licker off a pounced partner.

Top Spawn strategy (Wesker with Wesker)

Player: Spades408

Turn around and take the combo bonus from the combo chest on the very top floor. the bottom player will most likely start the combo with the first kill. Drop down the ladder directly ahead. The chicken starts right outside the elevator, so it will be walking around the area behind the railing to the right as your character drops. Kill the CHICKEN and melee kill any Base Majini on the top floor. Stay in the area with the railings.

The player stands on the other side of the railing and waits for the armored scripted Duvalia to climb over the railing. If the scripted Duvalia Majini is killed while performing any type of action such as hopping over a railing, its head will explode and the Duvalia will be cancelled. If the player has hopped over the railing and knocked the scripted Duvalia Base Majini to the ground, he could have ground melee killed it and cancelled the Duvalia as well - the combo was at risk in the video though.

Ignore the time bonuses from the beginning. The main focus is on killing the enemies in the area. The FIRST ROCKET LAUNCHER MAJINI WILL SPAWN AT 10 COMBO from the upstairs spawn point, so be ready to kill him when he leaps down. The player in the video starts to leave at 40 combo, but really you leave when you're out of enemies. Hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the corridor then go back and hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS in front of the elevator when you're starting to leave the top floor. Get in the elevator and ride down to the second floor. The other player will keep the combo while you ride down.

NOTE: You might want to request an item from your partner while in the elevator to let the other player know that you can't keep the combo at that moment.

The scripted Duvalia with the HUNK mask/iron helmet attacks the player. The player backs up and shoots the scripted Duvalia Base Majini in the helmet to knock it down then he ground melees the enemy to cancel the Duvalia spawn and gain a melee kill.

Scripted Duvalias

Base Majini with body armor - begins in the stage
Base Majini w/HUNK mask and brown sleeveless shirt and green pants - spawns from the spawn point near the flower bed on the third floor.
Random Base Majini - spawns from the second floor spawn point near the two railings.
Random Base Majini - spawns from the bottom floor spawn point near the oil barrels.

Hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS after stepping out of the elevator. The top player fights on either the top portion of the second floor or on the ramp. The Lickers will start to arrive after 55 combo. In this video, the top player goes to the third floor and leaves the other player behind at 100 combo. It really doesn't matter which player goes up.

The player that doesn't go up needs to stay on the ramp below and melee kill the Lickers. The enemies will stop spawning on the bottom floor at 110 combo, so the player needs to hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the platform at that time then climb and join the other player.

One player must climb the ladder in the second floor corridor then keep the combo by killing the spawning Base Majini on the top floor. The other player will meet up with top player sometimes after 110 combo. One of the players hits the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the third floor then both players melee kill the remaining Lickers until the end of the run.

Wesker with Non-Wesker

Bottom Spawn strategy (Wesker with Non-Wesker)

Player: Spades408

The Wesker player starts at the bottom in a Wesker/Non-Wesker duo game on Experimental Facility. He hits the 90 SECOND TIME BONUS then fights to keep the combo while he collects healing items and combo bonuses from combo chest while heading to the second floor. Make sure you hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the cage trap since it's very hard to hit later. The non-Wesker player will hit the 60 second time bonus near the elevator, so don't worry about it.

The Wesker player tries to stay on the ramp for the most part since he can easily dash kill Base Majini as they group along the ramp. The Jill player meets up with the Wesker player shortly after she moves down the elevator. She gives the Wesker player all of her healing items so he can fully maximize his dash. The non-Wesker player needs to move down the top corridor and climb the ladder to go to the third floor at 55 combo.

Spades completely maximizes on his health at this part. While still in orange, he doesn't heal since Wesker can still dash one time while in full orange health. Risky... but he needs all the dashes he can get in a duo Wesker/non-Wesker game since he is the only one that can easily melee kill Lickers.

At 55 combo, Licker Betas will start to spawn on the second floor. The Wesker player should remain near the top of the ramp at that point and shoot then dash the Licker Betas. Spades does a really good job at keeping the combo while melee killing each Licker in the video. He spreads damage among them very well and waste little melee kills while killing them.

Spades prepares to start melee killing Lickers so he moves back up the ramp. Shoot, shoot, shoot, dash, dash, dash, knee cannon an uphill Licker.

Spades positions himself over an item so he can use the invincible pickup animation when a Licker attacks. He makes use of it at 4:00.

The Wesker player dash kills Lickers on the bottom until around 110 combo then sometimes hits the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the platform (if the other player hasn't hit it) and then he heads to the third floor via the top tunnel ladder. The Wesker player picks up any green herbs near the ladder above. There will always be green herbs (fixed green herb drops from rocket launcher Majini) near the ladder unless the other player has them.

Spades picks up the combo bonus from the combo chest since the combo was broken earlier. This will add a few extra points per kill to the overall score while it remains in effect.

While both players are on top, they both usually stand around the middle of the stairs. They both shoot Lickers and the Wesker player dashes the Lickers. Spades shoots the Lickers that he faces and the Jill player (Okita) shoots the Lickers that he faces all so the Wesker player can dash right through all of them. This strategy continues until the end.

"Okita, get your fine-ass Jill down to the center of the stairs!" The Wesker player uses the "Come on" command to tell his partner to come to the center of the stairs.

Top Spawn strategy (Non-Wesker with Wesker)

Player: Berserker Kev

The non-Wesker player starts out at the top just like the Wesker in the Wesker/Wesker strategy. Grab the combo bonus from the combo chest then fall to the floor below and start killing. Kill the CHICKEN when you have time then start killing the Base Majini. Hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the corridor and the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS near the elevator once all enemies nearly stop appearing then get in the elevator and ride it to the second floor. You should leave around 20-30 combo most of the time.

The Base Majini with body armor is always a scripted Duvalia. I kill him off with a hand grenade to help keep the combo since I couldn't get a leg stun on him and he was the only Majini around. He can also be tricked into hopping over the railing - stand on the other side and knock him down by hopping over the railing with your character then ground melee him to cancel the Duvalia and earn a melee kill.

NOTE: Be sure to grab the gold egg from the dead chicken and the green herb drop from the first rocket launcher Majini.

Take a look at the Base Majini with the metal mask and keep his overall look drilled into your head. He is a scripted Duvalia and he will always look the same. He spawns from the third floor spawn point near the flower bed. In the video, I did not know about this scripted Duvalia at the time of this run, so you can see my surprised reaction when he changes. He can be killed by luring him over the railing just like the scripted Duvalia with the body armor.

Picking up any type of item when a grenade or other explosive goes off will keep your character from harm and your character will also not perform a flinch animation from the explosion.

Step out of the elevator and hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the second floor. Make your way up the ramp while fighting Base Majini. The non-Wesker player should fight on the top platform for the most part. It's up to you whether you hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the platform or not. I didn't do it in the video since there were always enemies to fight usually. If you don't hit it then the Wesker player can hit it on his way up to the third floor after 110 combo - Base Majini will start appearing up there at first first anyway, so the Wesker player isn't needed until about 120 combo really.

NOTE: Be sure to give the Wesker partner most of your healing items - especially the gold egg.

The rocket launcher Majini that move down the corridor can be very dangerous, so be sure to watch out for them and kill them as they appear. They will stand on the top platform and fire rockets at both players if they move out of the corridor.

Make sure to leave the leave the second floor at 55 combo - this is when the Licker Betas start to appear. A non-Wesker cannot help out on the second floor at that time.

NOTE: Be sure to leave behind any green herbs. DO NOT CARRY ANY GREEN HERBS in your inventory. The green herbs that are dropped by the rocket launcher Majini are fixed drops and will not count against a random green herb appearing if your Wesker partner is in low health while they remain on the floor - if you carry one in the inventory, it will count against a random green herb drop.

While the non-Wesker is on the third floor, fight any Base Majini that appear. The rocket launcher Majini will attack the non-Wesker player. Defeat them as they spawn to help keep the combo. There is not much a non-Wesker can do while at the top if the combo is at risk when there are no enemies. A good bit of faith has to be placed in the Wesker partner to keep the combo up until about 100 combo - when the Base Majini start to spawn more often. At around 100-110 combo the non-Wesker player is in charge of keeping the combo on the third floor Base Majini while the Wesker rushes to the third floor.

NOTE: If the Wesker player is pounced below and you have a flash grenade or flash round with the grenade launcher characters, lock onto the Wesker partner and fire or toss the flash explosive and this will knock off the Licker. It's a longshot, but it can work.

NOTE: Do not pick up any green herbs unless you need them to heal. They need to be used immediately after picking them up to give the Wesker player a chance at a random green herb drop if he gets in orange health. At around 110 combo, start collecting the green herbs in the area to have them ready for the Wesker partner when he comes up to melee kill the Lickers.

While fighting with the Wesker partner on the stairs at the end, stay in the middle of the stairs and shoot the Lickers on the side that the Wesker has his back to in order to damage them and set them up for a one hit dash kill! The shots will vary per character obviously. Be sure to aim for different parts of the Licker depending on your weapons strength. Handguns work the best overall.

This is the perfect example of bad luck in a Mercs run. There was absolutely no handgun ammo appearing from enemy drops for quite a while! When I went down to break the crates on the platform below, both were shotgun ammo drops. Sometimes, Mercs luck is not so kind even when a run can seem to be going so well...

Non-Wesker with Non-Wesker

Top Spawn strategy (Non-Wesker with Non-Wesker)

Player: Berserker Kev

The player that starts on the top level takes the combo bonus from the combo chest from the start then falls below. Kill the CHICKEN then melee kill all the Base Majini around the area. They should stop appearing at around 20-30 combo. At that time, hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS in front of the elevator and the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the corridor then drop to the third floor.

The third floor is where the top player will spend the majority of his time. It's a good idea to fight around the top area or along the stairs during the Base Majini waves. The 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the stairs is hit whenever you have the time - there is no real special time to hit it.

The bottom player shouts "Go" since he is about to hit the 60 second time bonus on the platform on the second floor - basically, he can't keep the combo well at that time.

The Lickers start to spawn at 70 kills. Once they start to appear, it's best to fight on the stairs for the most part. A non-Wesker character without a grenade launcher will only be able to melee kill a Licker with the counter move (button command) for when the Licker is about to pounce for the most part. Shotguns can flip them if the player aims at a specific portion of the Licker - shooting them in the back leg works pretty well with shotguns. You can also shoot them in their heart area on the bottom side if you are standing downhill from them (mainly with BSAA Jill's handgun) and the shot might flip them.

NOTE: With a grenade launcher, explosive rounds and acid rounds can knock Lickers over and set them up for melee if the grenade round hits them in their front legs - it has to hit them from the front to knock them on their backs.

NOTE: With nitrogen rounds, you can find any sort of surface where your character will drop or jump then freeze the Licker near that obstacle then hop onto the frozen Licker to shatter them for a melee kill. This can be done from dropoffs, railings, raised platforms and hopping platforms (like the ones near the spike trap on the bottom floor). Basically, you have to hop into them to shatter them.

I discarded my machine gun at this point for better luck at getting grenade round drops from enemy item drops. Even though the bottom player did not discard his machine gun, discarding one weapon will limit the drops for the discarded weapon and increase other ammo drops.

When it nears 140 combo and the Lickers stop appearing for the top player, rush down to the second floor by dropping from the ladders. Be careful since Lickers may be in the corridor. Help the partner defeat the remaining Lickers on the bottom floor. The bottom floor will always have the remaining set of Lickers in a non-Wesker duo run.

NOTE: Do not leave the top too early or you might leave Lickers behind (they will not have time to spawn from you standing in the top spawning region). It's really best to leave no earlier than 138 combo. There can only be 12 enemies on the stage at once, so if there are any more Lickers left on the top to spawn by then, they should have already done so.

Bottom Spawn strategy (Non-Wesker with Non-Wesker)

Player: Berserker Kev

The bottom spawn strategy for a non-Wesker/non-Wesker run is much the same as a Wesker run except the bottom player stays on the second floor the majority of the time. Start out by hitting the 90 SECOND TIME BONUS then run up the stairs and kill the Base Majini then grab the green herb. Pick up the combo bonus from the combo chest around the time that the first bonus period expires. You need to climb the ladder between 10-20 combo in order to keep the combo better from the second floor.

NOTE: Go ahead and grab the combo bonus early if needed. Don't just wait around. The beginning combo period is the most vital area (2-20 kills). Grabbing a combo bonus while one is already active restarts the 30 second period. All bonuses are still received.

While on the second floor, grab the green herb and hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the spike trap. Move up the ramp. Base Majini will gather in the corridor above the ramp. You might have to make a magnum shot or long distance shots with a weaker weapon to save the combo with how much the Base Majini pile up in the corridor and limit the enemy spawns for the other player. Grab the combo bonus from the combo chest on the middle of the ramp. Spend the majority of the time fighting on the ramp. Try to let the Base Majini come to you.

Hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the top platform around 70 combo or whenever no enemies are around. The Lickers start to spawn at around 70 combo. Hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in front of elevator at around 120 combo or whenever you can fight Lickers along the way to it. Try to make sure that a Licker is moving up the ramp on the way to the timer so you can shoot it and keep the combo better. At around 120 combo, the top player is usually swamped with Lickers.

The bottom player stays on the second floor until the end of the run. The Lickers are greater in number on the bottom floor, but there will be several dry periods where Lickers will not appear that often. Always look to the bottom floor and on the surrounding platforms to search for them. The top player will come and help to clear out the remaining Lickers at around 140 combo. The Lickers appear in great number at around 135 combo for the bottom player.

NOTE: The bottom player can have a problem with ammo at times. It's best to kind of horde ammo from the beginning. There will be several long distance kills on Lickers and you won't be able to get ammo pickups as often as the top player since the drops will spawn away from your character as the long distance enemies die.

Fighting around the cage trap can be very risky. It's really best to stay on the ramp as much as possible. Some players will go below to kill the remaining Lickers on the bottom floor at 145 combo when using other characters besides those with a long range powered weapon (magnum, rifle). It can be risky to go below or near the spike trap, but worth it at times.

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