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Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries - Ship Deck SOLO strategy

This is a post for archive information for strategies of Ship Deck SOLO in Resident Evil 5 - The Mercenaries.

-- Ship Deck SOLO Strategy (grab grenade launcher)

Player: Kayu_uma

Chainsaw Majini spawn times:

Chainsaw Majini 1 (blue) - spawns at beginning
Chainsaw Majini 2 & 3 (blue and red) - 20 combo
Chainsaw Majini 4 (red) - 30 combo
Chainsaw Majini 5 (red) - 40 combo
Chainsaw Majini 6 & 7 (blue and red) - 50 combo

Always start from the south side of Ship Deck, near the two flash grenade pickups. There is no point in starting on the north end.

NOTE: Take a look at the second video. The player shoots the cocktail Majini on the tower in the distance from the beginning. Keep in mind that you need to get the attention of this Majini or he will stay there until your character moves near him. In the Safari video, the player waits to get his attention at 1:17 in the video by hopping over toward him. Notice how the Majini yells at that time - there is no need for the Safari player to shoot him.

Turn around and pick up the two flash grenades from the start. Move down the stairs and hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS then move down the second set of stairs and clear the area of Majini by melee killing them. The FIRST BLUE CHAINSAW MAJINI SPAWNS RIGHT WHEN THE STAGE STARTS and he will drop from the crane tower shortly. He actually spawns as soon as the stage begins, so he will take a while to get to your character. It's best to bear down on him with your most powerful weapon as soon as he drops and knock him out. Like all blue chainsaw Majini, he won't count as a kill on the first knockout and he will revive then go into berserk mode after a few seconds.

After the blue chainsaw Majini falls, run toward the ladder on the north crate and climb it then fall down the other side of the crate. Run toward the second ladder off to the left and climb it then hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS above the crate tunnel.

OPTIONAL: Fall off the side of the crate with the 60 second timer and hop over the crates to the west of it then climb the ladder off to the left at the end. Fall down to the crate below then climb the ladder up ahead to the right. Hop across the crates then hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS and fall to the lower set of crates then pick up the grenade launcher. This is all done in the first video. Obviously, STARS Chris and Tribal Sheva do not need to do this since they already have a grenade launcher. This is completely optional.

Hit the 90 SECOND TIME BONUS in the west before moving up the stairs. Go up the stairs and climb the ladder in the center of the walkway to reach the lower part of the north tower. Climb the middle ladder to reach the top of the tower. Break the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS and take the rocket launcher. Safari Chris does not need the rocket launcher since he already carries two!

Second video, 1:35

The player places a proximity bomb near the side of the top portion of the tower. Why? Because there are a total of 4 Majini that will spawn in the north spawning region that will climb to the top of the tower and camp there if they are not stopped. 3 bowgun Majini and 1 dynamite Majini will spawn from the north crate and try to climb up to the top of the tower. The STARS Chris player in the video is taking a precaution by placing the proximity bomb just in case one of those Majini gets by him.

Hop back down the tower then fall off the north end. The CHICKEN should be running around either above the ladder or below the ladder. Climb the ladder in the far north then break the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS. Run over to the combo chest containing the combo bonus then take the combo bonus. Start melee killing the Majini and be sure to kill the chicken. Sometimes it's best to kill the chicken first to make sure it doesn't get away from your character. Toss a flash grenade at the chicken if it is ever much trouble.

The first blue chainsaw Majini will attack soon, so be sure to be on the lookout for him. The FIRST RED CHAINSAW AND SECOND BLUE CHAINSAW MAJINI WILL SPAWN AT 20 COMBO from the the crane in the middle of the stage then they will run to the north to attack your character. It is up to you whether you use the rocket launcher to kill them both at that time or not. By killing the first pair of chainsaw Majini with the rocket launcher, you'll have to fight the second pair with some other powered weapon... unless you are Safari Chris!

First video, 3:05

A flash grenade can be used to stun a berserking chainsaw Majini. Always keep this in mind if you get tied up in melee killing and one is very close to your character.

NOTE: A total of 4 Majini (3 bowgun and 1 dynamite Majini) will spawn from the north crate and try to climb the tower. They will instantly move toward the tower and try to climb it. DO NOT LET THEM CLIMB! Bullet kill them to make sure that they do not reach the top if you have to. If one of them reaches the top, they will camp on top of the tower for the rest of the run! This can easily screw up the entire run for a player by having them still on the tower when the final enemy is killed. They can spawn AT ANY TIME BEFORE 40 KILLS. They spawn randomly within the 40 kill spawning cycle of the north set of enemies, so you'll just have to WATCH CLOSELY!

First video, 3:47

The only scripted Cephalos that spawn while in the north area is a red wrench Majini and a long pipe Majini. The red wrench Majini is very easy to spot. They both spawn from a crate on the west side of the middle portion of the Ship Deck, so they won't get to your character until a bit later after the killing has started. The player in the Safari video just activated the Cephalo and went for a melee kill on the actual Cephalo... and got it! He activates the long pipe scripted Cephalo at 4:58 in the video.

The player in the video constantly turns back toward the crate where the Majini spawn and you should too! DO NOT allow the 3 bowgun and dynamite Majini to climb the tower ladder or they will camp up there until the end of the run!

First video, 4:03

The player notices the bowgun Majini racing toward the ladder and shoots him in the foot to keep him from climbing. This is one of the 3 bowgun Majini that will try to climb and camp on top of the tower (3 bowgun and 1 dynamite).

NOTE: At around 20 combo, you need to take precaution in how fast you kill. The only nearby spawn point is the crate spawn point and the north region's enemies mainly spawn in the middle portion of the stage, so the majority will take a while to get to your character. There may be times where you'll have to keep the combo with a powered weapon! Both players in both videos kill slow. Some of the neck breaks are used to slow down the killing process intentionally!

The SECOND RED CHAINSAW MAJINI WILL SPAWN AT 30 COMBO from the crate tower and he will make his way toward your character. At 40 combo, it should be safe to leave the area. Run up the stairs to the left and break the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS along the way. The combo needs to be kept by killing the Majini that move toward your character along the way. Kill them with a powered weapon if you have to. The second red Chainsaw Majini will likely be met while leaving the area at 40+ kills.

Fall from the ladder in the south. You're main goal is to keep the combo and reach the middle path in between the crates for now. Once your character steps into the corridor that leads to the middle path from the north, enemies will begin to spawn again. The THIRD RED CHAINSAW MAJINI SPAWNS AT 40 COMBO from the crane tower and he will likely be met along the way to the middle area.

First video, 5:51

The player runs to the middle then stops and turns to fight. He is running to the area in front of the middle path to activate enemies for the east area (east spawning region). If he would have stayed outside of that area, the enemies would have not been activated on the east side. Always rush toward the middle portion to activate enemies since there are 12 or fewer enemies in the stage the entire time before your character reaches the middle portion when coming from the north.

Your main goal is to stay in between the crate corridor in the middle of the stage and fight the enemies until 85 combo. Make your way toward the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the middle portion of the crates and hit that timer while fighting. The FOURTH RED AND THIRD BLUE CHAINSAW MAJINI WILL SPAWN AT 50 COMBO from the overhead crane. It's a good idea to fight them in the corridor area, especially if you have a magnum - you can literally shoot both at the same time with piercing if they stand in a line. It's best to stand with your back to the north end since Majini will often hop across the crates instead of hopping down. Majini will have to hop down and move around the side of the crates to come toward your character, so overall, it will take them longer to reach your character.

NOTE: While fighting in the middle area, two green bottle Majini and two dynamite Majini scripted Cephalos will spawn from the crate above the hopping crates near the middle. The dynamite Majini often spawn later and the green bottle Majini can spawn at any time. There will also be two red wrench scripted Cephalo Majini - one will spawn from the same crate as the other Majini mentioned above and one will drop from the overhead crane tower.

Starting at 85 kills, begin to leave the middle area. Make sure you keep the combo with enemies that are in front of your character or enemies that try to follow your character. Try to always keep an enemy in your line of vision while leaving. Move to the west area. Once you pass middle portion of the stack of crates, enemies will start to spawn from the west area.

Stay on the current side of the tunnel and fight any enemies that appear while in the west area and gradually work your way through the tunnel toward the area in front of the gate and then below the crane tower. It's very important to fight enemies a bit before going through the tunnel to make sure that enemies spawn on the other side of the tunnel once your character moves through it. Just running through the tunnel from the get go will mean that you'll likely have to turn around and keep the combo by blasting an enemy that follows.

NOTE: While in the west area, scripted Cephalos will spawn from all over the place. The first two red wrench Majini that spawn will not be scripted Cephalos, but all the rest of the red wrench Majini (around 8) will be scripted Cephalos, so it's very important that you prepare for them by shooting them in the legs and performing an instant kill melee from behind or by preparing to blast the Cephalo with a powered weapon or kill it with a flash explosive. There is a bow gun scripted Cephalo that will spawn from the beginning of the west spawning region from the north crate below the crane tower and there are three spiked club scripted Cephalos that will spawn from the south crate below the crane tower (near the 60 seconds) - the spiked club Majini will spawn toward the end of the spawning cycle. Keep in mind that the green bottle, red wrench and dynamite Majini Cephalos from the other area can follow you from the last area - basically like a surprise appearance.
First video, 8:44

The player sets off one of the dynamite Majini scripted Cephalos from the east spawning region. This dynamite Majini spawned while the player was in the east and followed him to the west!

First video, 8:55 and 9:05

The first two red wrench Majini that spawn in the west area are not scripted Cephalos. If you get a scripted Cephalo from the beginning, that is one of the red wrench scripted Cephalos from the east area!

First video, 9:19

The player fails to get a leg stun on a bowgun Majini then instantly moves to another Majini to kill it. He leaves the bowgun Majini for a possible leg stun later (which he gets) since it has a high chance of being the scripted Cephalo bowgun Majini from the north crate. The player later takes the same precaution with another bowgun Majini - the bowgun can be the sneakiest scripted Cephalo of them all since he will appear from the beginning to the middle spawning cycle of the west spawning region.

Be on the lookout for scripted Cephalos and work your way to the area with the 60 second timer below the crane tower. Starting at about 140 combo, hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS and get ready to leave. If you didn't hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the other side of the hopping crates (near the grenade launcher) then climb the nearby ladders and hop over the crates and hit that timer after 140 combo. Kick open the gate and hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS near the explosive barrel and then move up the stairs and follow the path to the crane tower.

Climb the ladder to the top of the crane tower. Four camping bowgun Majini will be at the top of the crane. Run over to the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on top of the crane tower and hit it then quickly melee kill the last four bowgun Majini to end the run!

NOTE: If the run does not end once all of the bowgun Majini are killed on the tower, look over at the north tower. If there is a Majini on top of the tower, you let a camping bowgun or dynamite Majini get by your character and climb the north tower somewhere in between 1-40 combo. If a Majini is on the north tower, you can take your chances with sniping him from long range, or use the nearby zipline to ride over to the rocket launchers on the east suspended platform then fall and climb the crate to the north and then blast him with a rocket. Either way, you're going to lose time because of him. Ship Deck ALWAYS has this type of risk no matter how careful a player is at times.

-- Ship Deck SOLO Strategy (do not grab grenade launcher)

Player: ChabesuObama

Specific Stage Details for Ship Deck:

NOTE: Take a look at the spawning regions for Ship Deck by clicking on the map below.

Here is a breakdown of all the regions:

Region A = 52 enemies (southwest region)
Region B = 40 enemies (southeast region)
Region C = 40 enemies (north region)

All other enemies are the 7 Chainsaw Majini boss enemies and the 11 enemies that start in the stage (including the chicken and EXCLUDING the first blue Chainsaw Majini - I count him along with the boss total).

52 + 40 + 40 + 7 Chainsaw Majini enemies + 11 beginning (normal) enemies = 150 enemies total!

NOTE: If you look closely at the spawning region map below, there is an area of no spawning in between regions A and B. While standing in the south in between regions A and B, no enemies will spawn! That is a complete dead zone where no enemies can be activated. To test it, kill all current 12 enemies in the stage and stand in that area - no enemies will spawn after each of the 12 current enemies are killed! You'll have to step out of the dead zone to make enemies spawn again.

Learn the spawning region boundaries!


subrat2000 said...

Hi Berserker, Nice work.can you please help me with a problem, in re5 merc mode the Ship Deck stage is becoming the most frustrating one for me, I dont wish to see my name on Leaderboards, I just want to unlock the last character i e Jill that is unlocked after getting A rank in this stage can you please suggest something I couldn't complete this stage even a single time alive. all I want to do is to get an A rank in this stage.

Berserker said...

Hey there!

You should try Ship Deck with a character that has a magnum.

Try Wesker STARS or Midnight and they can easily kill off the chainsaw Majini with their magnums (shoot them in the leg). STARS Wesker's Hydra will make mincemeat out of a stunned Chainsaw Majini.

Also you could try Safari Chris. He starts with 2 rockets and there are already 3 rockets in the stage, so you would have enough rockets for every chainsaw Majini!

STARS Chris can be good too, but his magnum is the weakest.