Monday, February 18, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 - Bael Move List


Boss AttackDescriptionAvoidance
Lunging BiteBael lunges forward with his mouth open in an attempt to swallow your character.Roll to the side or jump.
Ice ShockwaveBael's stomach expands then he breathes out a shockwave of ice directly in front of him.Roll to the side, jump, or run.
Ice ShowerBael shakes his back and fires ice pellets up into the air that rain down near your character.Run to the side or roll to the side.
BlendBael's stomach expands then he breathes out a gas that allows him to blend into the environment. The Rusalkas will attack after he blends.N/A
CrushBael leaps into the air and attempts to land on your character. His shadow will appear over the character.Roll or run out of his falling path.


He turns red at the end of the battle and these moves are added to his existing move list. He will no longer send out the Rusalkas to attack but instead pound your character with them!

Boss AttackDescriptionAvoidance
Full Body FreezeBael freezes himself and waits for your character to get in front of him so he can quickly lunge and swallow the character.Don't stand in front of him.
Feeler SlapBael's feelers glow as he moves them to his right then slaps them in front of him.Roll the split second he slaps, jump, or stay away from him.
Feeler SmashBael's feelers quickly glow then he smashes them against the ground in front of him.Roll the split second he smashes or stay away from him.


Boss AttackDescriptionAvoidance
FreezeA Rusalka hovers forward with her tentacles outward. She freezes your character and Bael jumps out to swallow him if the attack connects.Jump, roll, or run away from it.
Tentacle BladeA Rusalka forms a blade with one of her tentacles then performs an upward slash.Jump, roll, or move away.
Blade SpinA Rusalka turns two tentacle to blades then spins with the blades outstretched towards your character.Jump, roll, or move away.
Upward Blade SpinA Rusalka spins two tentacle blades then moves upwards into the air and comes down again while still spinning.Move away from it.
Ice PelletsWhile remaining invisible, Bael fires down a group of ice pellets near a Rusalka.Roll or move away from the Rusalka as the ice pellets begin to fall.


Berserker said...

I really haven't looked over this boss fight too well mainly because Bael refuses to perform some of his moves at times.

He seems to only stick to certain ones. Hopefully Dante Must Die difficulty will make him add a little more variety to his attacks. :\

Brian said...

Agreed. I'm fairly surprised by the variety in the enemies' attacks so far, so hopefully something changes in the harder difficulties :)

There's been a lot of fire on the Gfaqs boards about the Blitz enemy; are you having a problem with it too? I know there are some formulaic ways to kick its butt quickly but I honestly wish I didn't have to DT just to beat it with Nero. At least with Trickster you can Air-Trick Shotgun him and handle his speed that way, but it just takes way too long with Nero (for Bloody Palace anyway).

I still think it's definitely a fun fight with one of the coolest looking enemies, though. My only beef is that it kinda looks like a Space Pirate commando from the Metroid games :/

Berserker said...

It's hard to get the Blitz out of that electric phase with Nero. I always charge a level 3 blast then hit him when he appears.

You only get a chance to hit him when he appears to attack from what I have seen and it is sometimes hard to hit him in that small window of time. Once his electricity falls though, just DT and perform Busters then keep spamming him with Summoned Swords and continue to blast him at the end and he'll fall rather fast.

Him and Berial are my main problems in Bloody Palace. I can't stand how Berial does that explosion attack from so close - literally right up on him slashing away and he does it from nowhere. I've read that the Calibur can go through the explosion if timed correctly but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.

The bosses must be on "Dante Must Die" difficulty on Bloody Palace mode.

VeRTeX said...

when he does the explosion attack, jump back from him and he wont hit you, but make sure that when he does the explosion, your in the air back jumping, then he wont hit you
(worked for me on devil hunter mode, but had some problems with it on human mode, little bit strange, human should be easyr, but there he does less damage)