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Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries - Experimental Facility SOLO strategy

This is a post for archive information for strategies of Experimental Facility SOLO in Resident Evil 5 - The Mercenaries.

Player: circleBuddy

Player: Spades408

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Player: Matreezaz

This is the most popular strategy for Experimental Facility SOLO.

NOTE: Base Majini have a bad hit detection glitch associated with head shots from any weapon - the head stun is not likely to activate. Therefore, headshots are basically useless on Experimental Facility. Characters such as Wesker and Safari Chris cannot take advantage of a head shot + melee near as often on Experimental Facility. The actual head stun animation resulting from a headshot will only activate about 30% of the time per head shot (rough estimate).

NOTE: Many Base Majini on Experimental Facility have some type of armor. This can range from head, body and leg armor. Sometimes Majini have multiple armor pieces on their body also. They always have some area without armor however, so aim for that spot while shooting them. Areas with armor cannot be damaged unless shot with a magnum. Keep in mind that you can knock down an armored Majini with a shotgun blast and it will not receive damage from the shotgun blast. This is useful for fully armored Base Majini and scripted Duvalias - it will not damage the Majini so the Duvalia will not activate.

NOTE: With Tribal Sheva, she can freeze Base Majini groups and Licker groups with nitrogen rounds and melee kill several of them in a row in order to build time. It's best to allow the enemies to group. With Lickers, they must be froze and hopped on by hopping over a railing near them or landing on them by hopping off a platform or to a platform or falling from some higher surface. Tribal Sheva is almost fully dependent on luck with nitrogen rounds to score high. Keep in mind that STARS Chris can do the same, but he doesn't get nitrogen rounds near as often as a Tribal Sheva player will.

All of the videos shown above have the same basic strategy in them. With Wesker, keeping the combo is not near as important to him since he can melee kill all Lickers, so a player should be more focused on melee killing Lickers when playing as Wesker. Wesker can build some serious time off of Licker melees that only characters such as Tribal Sheva with nitro luck can compete with, and, in the end, Wesker wins... as usual.

Like in all the videos, you'll want to start on the top floor. Run forward and fall off the ladder then hit the 30 SECOND TIME BONUS near the elevator doors on the other side of the railing. The CHICKEN enemy always starts out right near the elevator. Kill it before or after hitting the 30 second time bonus then take the gold egg from it if needed.

First video, 0:07
The player actually uses Chris' hook from hitting the time bonus to melee kill the chicken enemy. Since the chicken does start out near the time bonus, this can be done if timed properly. This is VERY luck base though. A player should not sit and wait for the chicken to move under the time bonus obviously.

Try to keep the combo on the top floor as much as possible but focus on working your way toward the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the corridor to hit it. After hitting the time bonus, an enemy will most likely be moving up the ladder near the time bonus, so melee kill him then fall below. If he stands right near the ladder, shoot him to make him fall then fall along with him and melee kill him with a ground melee after landing.

Both videos
As the players falls from the ladder in both videos the fully armored scripted Duvalia Base Majini is killed. In the Chris run, the Chris player shoots it with the handgun while it's on its back and in the Wesker run, the Wesker player dash kills it. Both of the attacks cause it's head to explode. As long as the scripted Duvalia is killed while on the ground, the Duvalia spawn will not occur.

A player can also wait for the scripted Duvalia to attempt to climb over a railing upstairs then hop over the railing to knock it down and then perform a ground melee on it. In the videos, the Base Majini is taking 350 damage from the ladder fall and whatever amount of damage for the handgun shot (Chris - 250) and dash (Wesker - 200). It must receive over 250 damage to die while on the ground.

While down below, you need to stay on the floor with the stairs until around 70 combo. You'll fight through a wave of Base Majini then an entire wave of Licker Betas. A good place to fight Base Majini is in the alcove below the ladder (good for multiple melee kills), along the side of the garden area and in the middle of the stairs. All of these places work well for fighting Base Majini.

First video, 0:44
The Chris player picks up an item to dodge a Base Majini attack. You need to be prepared to do this and sometimes literally stand over an item (like the items in the boxes in the middle of the stairs) to dodge a Base Majini attack after a stun does not occur. Base Majini are highly aggressive and attack in packs, so they have a high chance to take a swing at your character often. Tribal Sheva player REALLY need to take note of item dodging since she must allow Majini to group.

The Lickers will be begin to show up at around 40 combo and they will keep appearing until 72 combo. A non-Wesker player will have to bullet kill the majority of the Lickers but a STARS Wesker player can melee kill each Licker with two handgun shots to the head followed by a dash. As you can see in the Wesker video, the Wesker player groups Lickers on the stairs then dash kills them. He has to use item pickups to dodge the Licker attacks at times. Tribal Sheva players should find the nearest railing when the Lickers arrive then freeze and hop on top of the frozen Lickers to melee kill them.

NOTE: Be sure to check the spawn times for the rocket launcher Majini at the bottom of this post and always be ready to kill them. Bullet kill them if they are too far away to get to since they will remain a great nuisance as long as they remain. Keep in mind that you must kill all of each wave for the next wave of rocket launcher Majini to appear. So... if the first rocket launcher Majini remains at the spawning time of the second, the second rocket launcher Majini will not appear.

First video, 3:27
The Chris player picks up a proximity bomb and lays it on the floor next to the stairs. This is to keep help keep the combo once he moves below - the proximity bomb will kill off any Licker that moves over it while he runs. A large amount of luck is needed to keep the combo while transitioning in between floors. Timing and luck factor in a GREAT deal in keeping it.

First video, 3:54
Never run directly at a Licker - run to its side to avoid the possible jumping attack. Keep in mind that a non-Wesker can use a stair railing to hide behind in order to shoot Lickers. The Licker will not be able to attack through the railing.

At around 70 combo, a player can leave the floor with the stairs then move down the corridor below. Keeping the combo in between floors is SUCH a matter of luck here for a non-Wesker. Laying out a proximity bomb before leaving MIGHT help to keep the combo as a Licker moves over it, but it's not guaranteed. If it does work, run down the corridor to the next area then bullet kill any Base Majini that you see spawning in the area below. The Chris player blast an explosive barrel to kill the spawning Base Majini across from the railing. If you have a magnum... use it! A Wesker player will likely have lost the combo while transitioning.

Fighting in the corridor and along the ramp are the best options while on the second floor. Be on the lookout for the Lickers that will follow from the floor above and watch out for the rockets from the final pair of rocket launcher Majini that will spawn.

A Wesker player will want to stay on the ramps for the most part to allow Lickers and Base Majini to gather on them for dash killing. Once the Lickers start to appear, be sure to get on the ramp and allow them to group in order to kill them with dashes.

It's really up to you how you hit the time bonuses. Most non-Wesker players will wait for the Licker wave to appear then start hitting the time bonuses in the area. The Licker wave is really the best time to start hitting timers if you want to keep the combo since you can bullet kill freely for the most part since non-Weskers cannot easily melee kill a Licker! Hit the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS on the platform, the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS near the bottom elevator door and the 60 SECOND TIME BONUS in the spike trap. It's a good idea to hit them in this order once the Lickers appear around 100+ combo.

Save the 90 SECOND TIME BONUS until about 130-140 combo. At around that time, be sure that you're already near the bottom portion of the area then hop down the ladder and run to it while still trying to keep the combo.

First video, 9:50
The hopping platform area is a VERY bad area to stay on for long. As you can see in the Chris video, the Chris player gets sliced up pretty badly while on one of the platforms. Each jump from a Licker can hit a player while it hops to a platform.

Specific Stage Details for Experimental Facility:

Scripted Duvalia list <- Click for all scripted Duvalias
EF only has 4 scripted Duvalias total.

Rocket Launcher Majini spawn times:

Rocket Launcher Majini A = 10 combo
Rocket Launcher Majini B = 30 combo
Rocket Launcher Majini C = 40 combo
Rocket Launcher Majini D, E = 60 combo
Rocket Launcher Majini F, G = 70 combo
Rocket Launcher Majini H, I = 80 combo

NOTE: Take a look at the spawning regions for Experimental Facility by clicking on the map below. The top region has 72 enemies and the south region has 60 enemies. All other enemies are the 9 Rocket Launcher Majini and the 9 enemies that start in the stage (including the chicken).

72 + 60 + 9 RL Majini + 9 beginning enemies = 150 enemies total!

NOTE: Experimental Facility only has 9 enemies in the stage from the beginning. As the run starts, 3 more Base Majini will spawn each time!

Learn the spawning region boundaries!

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