Sunday, March 4, 2012

Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries - Prison SOLO strategy

This is a post for archive information for strategies of Prison SOLO in Resident Evil 5 - The Mercenaries.

-- Prison SOLO Strategy 1

Player: combattmagnum

Video Link 1
Video Link 2

-- Prison SOLO Strategy 2

Player: ChabesuObama

-- Prison SOLO Strategy 3

Player: kirin

NOTE: Take a look at the spawning regions for Prison by clicking on the map below.

Here is a breakdown of all the regions:

Region A = 134 enemies (entire Prison)

Yes, Prison only has one spawning region! So, no matter where you stand in the stage, enemies will spawn. There is no need to worry about moving to another portion of the stage. This is really the way all stages should be...

All other enemies are the 5 Executioner Majini boss enemies (2 Black and 3 Red) and the 11 enemies that start in the stage (including the chicken and EXCLUDING the first Red Executioner Majini - I count him along with the boss total).

134 + 5 Executioner Majini enemies + 11 beginning (normal) enemies = 150 enemies total!

Learn the spawning region boundaries! (all one of them!)

NOTE: The map should say "134 enemies" for Region A. I'm not redoing it though.


Tomserker said...

Great work on this, Kev. The series is almost complete!

lol @ the CV clip in Kirin's video. That combo break was classic RE5 BS at its finest.

Berserker said...

Thanks for the comment, Tom!

Just finished SD. Solo Prison is left then I'll need to make a solo strategy posting for Ancient Ruins. Slow but sure, I will finish all of this!