Sunday, June 9, 2013

Resident Evil Revelations Guide (console version)

Yeah, yeah, I know, I just reused the same graphic from the original Revelations 3DS guide post since I'm lazy. It sort of matches what Capcom did with the overall console port of Revelations in a way. This guide is fully edited to match the console version of the game for the most part. I'm going through Infernal mode at the moment and really... I don't see a reason to do a full extra guide for it. Just about every item is rearranged (especially scans) but the enemies are either the same or slightly remixed per room. The difficulty only picks up at times from what I see. For the most part PSG1 + charge shot 1 = WIN in infernal mode from what I see. I'll delve more deeply into Raid mode once I finish Infernal mode information. It almost seems like all Infernal mode items are the same as 3DS Hell mode for the most part, besides the P90 location in the Solarium.

Oh, and also, I'm heavily updating my Injustice guide off and on still at the moment also. I'm going to try to complete that STAR Labs section eventually. So far, all the info is up for all the DLC characters that have been released so far (Lobo, Batgirl and Scorpion) and I'll add any info for any other character(s) that come afterwards. I'm REALLY enjoying writing for a fighting games. It's such a good break from the usual action game stuff. Not that RE is bad, but well... it's just good to mix it up a bit once in a while.

One more thing, I'm so sorry to be so absent from Youtube lately. I'm just busy with writing (guides and reviews) and just overall real life stuff. I'll get back to making videos eventually most likely. I'm on a 4 month hiatus from Youtube so far. I've been on a 6 month break before as well, so it's not like I've never taken a long break from my Youtube page before. I'm still doing fine. No trouble or anything. Haha.