Sunday, July 13, 2008

Xbox 360 version Devil May Cry 4 guide and various other stuff

Just a little note that there is now an exclusive Xbox 360 version of my DMC4 guide to the side... or you can just click here to view it. Arguably, you could use it for the PC release somewhat since there is an Xbox 360 controller available exclusively for the PC. Big thanks to Longhorn Z06 for helping me out on this!

I'm working on a MGS4 guide also, but I'm having some problems staying motivated for this guide with the mass amount of coverage that this game has already received on the various gaming sites. It's literally been ripped apart already. I'm thinking about just releasing a few portions that I have done so far in smaller FAQs to help this guide not go the way of my abandoned Metroid Prime 3 guide from last year. I'm only about 30% complete with the MGS4 guide unlike my MP3 guide which was 75%, so it's not that much of a big deal.

Anything not having to do with gaming going on in my life? Well, yeah. I'm proud to say that I have lost down a total of 42 pounds since last year as a result of being more active. I currently weigh 278. Do the math to figure out how overweight I was. :p Now if I can just lose a bit more, get in shape a bit and eat right-*sigh* ...still got a way to go there.


Brian said...

Congrats on your progress bud! That's a pretty impressive number; good luck making it all the way :D

In the spirit of good news, the first bit of RE5 E3 stuff is out, including a video. I won't spoil it for you, but if/when you watch it a second time, just pay special attention to how Chris moves. It's so awesome how they animated everything, including how his combat knife bounces as he runs.

Berserker said...

You said it right the second time with "when". ;)

Yeah, I see what you mean. I also like how the characters actually pick up the ammo in real time this time instead of having to pause for a description of the item. The Co-op in the game actually looks very minor with what they showed in that demo, but I'm sure they have other stuff planned. I notice that when Chris moves around there is a seperate life bar next to his for Sheva with a command below it, so the single player game will most likely let you switch between the characters kind of like RE0 as you suggested earlier.

Looking good so far. The only thing I don't like is that the enemies act just like they did in RE4. On the trailers they look so much more violent... but of course that is just a beta demo they were showing I suppose.

There's a new trailer up on Xbox LIVE also. :)

Testrum said...

Thank you so much for the edited Xbox 360 guide. I was struggling just a little with your PS3 guide lol.

sephirosuy said...

**land down**

quick news here, RE5 official release date for:

**jump high** ....disappeared

Berserker said...

Ah, another messenger come to my humble abode bringing RE5 news and in a quick and stylish manner like the ninja!

It's awesome how some of the game companies are now doing worldwide releases on their bigger titles - keeps some ares from getting temporarily shafted while others enjoy the game. Well, it's not completely a worldwide release date, but close enough.

RE5 is actually released only 5 days after my birthday. March of 2009 is going to be quite a month for me. :D

Thank you so much for the edited Xbox 360 guide. I was struggling just a little with your PS3 guide lol.

Glad to see that it is coming in use. I had thoughts that people might not really care for a guide with some slight changed controls over the other version, good to see that I was proven wrong. :)

Brian said...

It does help quite a bit. I remember having to adjust whenever I wanted to look up stuff for fighting games and found all the commands using SF notation (jab/strong/fierce/short/forward/roundhouse), which wasn't too bad, but having to figure out ps2 controls for a game I had for the gamecube proved awkward.

Worldwide release dates are possible now because of the net, I guess. My cynical side says that an even bigger part of it is that gamers are so used to long dev cycles and release delays that it's okay to move the game back a little bit to facilitate the rest of the world :D

BTW, what'd you think after finishing Too Human? I got through it in about an hour's time, but it felt rather drawn out--maybe because I was expecting it to be a short demo, but also because there's plenty of running around without much happening. Having to go back into the well to open those three doors separately was really annoying, and is one of the principle reasons why I am not much of a loot fan. Level progression is far more fun, but the rate of leveling seemed really fast, probably just for the demo. Presentation-wise the game looks really good and is pretty slick overall; I love the way you don't lose control of Baldur except in scripted dialogue. The loss of camera control in favor of right-stick combat I think made it more annoying than it had to be. If I get it, I'm going to play the commando straight-up. In the end I think the game should have been emphasized as "lots of Diablo, less DMC" rather than equal parts of each. Oh well.

Brian said...

Random bits but have you looked up Dead Space? That looks like it'll shape up to be an awesome s/h, especially since they won't have any kind of HUD and all the necessary numbers on drawn on the character :D

Berserker said...

When a game is available on more than one console, I usually try to come up with some way to avoid listing the inputs for just one console. In the case of DMC, it was kind of hard to list both at the time, so I just listed PS3 controls the first time I released it because I thought more people would be familiar with them since all the previous DMC were on a Sony console. But of course, you have people that are new to the series. :p

I agress with pretty much everything you said about Too Human. When I first started playing, I kept trying to use the right analog to adjust the camera on accident and it would make the main character sword swing. I also had problems with the targeting at times. The main character didn't seem to want to target at times... and also, sometimes I would target an offscreen enemy and the camera wouldn't change to show him.

I really didn't like the melee combat that much at all. Using an analog made it feel so unprecise.

On the good side, the story, characters, and world look very intriguing. The cutscenes were the best part of the game I thought along with the gun combat.

Yeah, I'm really excited about Dead Space. The gameplay looks so very good from the videos that have been shown - shooting different body parts in an attempt to wound enemies or possibly make them even more dangerous. I love that! It seems like it has a lot of possibilities per enemy also in that aspect.

I'm going to post up my personal favorite games from E3 in a few days once I've seen everything. You should do the same. :D

Berserker said...

RE5 Extended Info:

He actually admits that your partner will be AI controlled if you're playing single player and he also mentions that a second player can pick up a control and control the partner without the use of online.

Watch the HD version if you can. You can really see a lot of extra gameplay that wasn't shown during the Microsoft press conference. Make sure to pay attention to the screen at the very end of the second part of the interview. That is one awesome death scene!

Brian said...

haha, you beat me to the punch--I noticed that too, completely phasing the interview out to watch the execution. The idea of single-console co-op is nice, but if it's not split-screen I don't know how it would work. The only way I can think of doing it is by tagging, but that's really just passing the controller back and forth.

Yeah, I'll try to go through all the E3 stuff. There's already been so much already XD I've had time for the blog recently but not for my story writing, which is a little disheartening. So much stuff to do, especially the games :P

Berserker said...

4 full gameplay videos of RE5:

The first two are single player and the second two are Co-Op play. I really do hope that they release that demo before next year.

Also an IGN interview with the producer:

He actually mentions that split screen co-op is still in the works but it is at the top of their list.