Thursday, July 24, 2008

Siren release and FAQ updates

As already mentioned in a post below, the full version of Siren: Blood Curse will be released in a few more hours in North America on the PlayStation store.

Full details from PlayStation.Blog

Been spot checking the PlayStation store throughout the day and Siren hasn't shown up yet. It will most likely appear around 5:00pm CST. I'm expecting one hell of a file size from this since it is actually like downloading a full PS3 game. I sure hope the game isn't extremely dark in some of the night areas like on some of the trailers - I'm a little worried about the game's appearance on my 27" SDTV that is nearly on the verge of death. The trailer on that blog page actually looks dark even on this 22" HD monitor of mine, so I know the dark appearance isn't all having to do with my SDTV.


Anyway, in other news, both versions of the DMC4 guide are updated with a few new strategies for Dante and one comment about Nero's Red Queen Combo D thanks to FiOth and the Soul Calibur Achievement guide has now been finalized, I think.

I'm also considering posting up links to the MP3s from the DMC4 bonus disc, though I don't really know if I'd get in trouble for that or not from Capcom - I really doubt it, but you never know. The bonus disc isn't exactly freely available anymore.

The tracks from the bonus disc are:

"Sworn Through Swords"
"Into the Darkness"
"Shall Never Surrender"
"Lock and Load"
"Time Has Come"

"Time Has Come" is basically just the beginning of "Shall Never Surrender", so I might not even post that up. Posting them up would definitely eat up the bandwidth of the free account that I'll be using depending on the number of downloads so they won't be working all the time.


sephirosuy said...

Hmm that's a bonus disc of DMC4? nice info I didn't know it :p But the "Dark" of the Siren is really made it worst =_= And I bet it would have major part of the game playing in that situation.

Brian said...

^_^;; I can only imagine. Alone in the Dark at times was rather, well, dark, and it became more annoying than immersive. There's a fine line between being dark enough to scare and being dark enough so you don't see what's killing you >_>

BTW Kev, I finally figured out a use for the Windmill Shuriken. I don't know if you've had annoyances with it like I did (trying to use it on big demons = bad idea), but I've found that it's a perfect tool to distract archers, since normal shuriken don't stun them and using the other projectiles seems like a waste :P Now my hope is that they'll help against werewolves.

Don't forget that Mission Mode comes out tomorrow! I'll probably get that, and spend my remaining 400 points on the fiend and shadow costume.

Berserker said...

That was a near fourteen hour download altogether for Siren. I think it's around 9GB. So far the darkness doesn't take away too much from the gameplay - though there was a part where my character had to hide and while hiding, you're presented with an extremely dark first person view because the character turns off the flashlight.

The overall atmosphere is so very lucious so far - it makes me smile and get extremely giddie like the dorky horror junkie that I am. I've only played through Episode 1 out of 12 so far and I'm really enjoying it. The gameplay and control are not frustating like the first Siren so far either, which is fantastic because the original got out of hand.

Bri, I'm glad you reminded me of that - completely forgot about the mission pack for NG2. I've got 600 extra points in my account. As for the windmill shuriken, I only used it a few times because I couldn't find a good use for it. Very interesting. I think it could decapitate a weak enemy in the last game, but I still preferred the normal shuriken over it.

Berserker said...

Ahh! I thought that mission mode would for sure be 400 pts - it's 800. Didn't buy it when I saw that. I was planning on holding some points back for Bionic Commando Rearmed.

Eh, I'll go back and buy it later after I've had time to gripe about the price. :p I wonder what all is on there...?

Brian said...

Yeah, it's a good thing you didn't get it yet. Apparently there are glitches--the game-breaking kind--that screws up your ability to save (again). Supposedly it's been updated but it's too early to tell. From the last report the stuff is offline now, so I guess that spares us. I'm at work so I'm at the mercy of internet reporters :P

The windmill could decap in the original, but you're (almost) guaranteed a decap if you've already knocked off a limb in NG2. It also gives you an alternative landing for moves that don't have on-landing moves. One of the big problems with Dragon's Claw/Tiger's Fang is that the ridiculous amount of recovery when you're landing from an air combo (at level 1), so throwing the windmill auto-targets the closest *living* enemy, helping protecting you on-landing. I hate getting hit from off-screen, so in the end I'm sticking to it against the archers, and I expect, the rocket guys too. I can't wait to get to them and start taking out limbs from afar.

Berserker said...

Well, I'm certainly glad I didn't download it now. I might get it later tonight or most likely tomorrow. Let me know what you think if you download it tonight. ;)

Ah, I can't wait till Soul Calibur IV next week. I was actually looking at a strategy guide for it in the store yesteday - just wanted to check and see how much Yun-Seong has changed. Doesn't seem to be that much, which is good since I really liked the way he played in SC3.

Brian said...

Hah, sounds cool. I was just about to ask you about your thoughts on custom charas as well. For me, I'm a purist enough that CCs just kinda make me sad. While it's interesting, every time I meet someone who wants to play their customs, they rarely take the fight seriously, and that's the last thing that I need. I remember when I finally made time for a bunch of my friends to play and they just did randomized customs. It was hell, and that was when I learned that I could only count my competition on one hand :(

The new customs *look* okay but luckily they can only emulate established characters, no half-assed movelists like dagger+bomb >_> It makes no sense if they say "we're letting you make your own character -- but he just won't have all the moves that a normal person would". For that reason alone I hope that "Standard VS" literally means standard versus, no gimmicks of the sort. Did you like the character creation?

Namco and I share some kind of sadomasochistic relationship, because as much as they've hurt my feelings before I keep going back...

Berserker said...


My main view on custom characters is that the amount of time I could have spent creating a decent looking appearance for a custom character could have easily been spent honing my skills with an established character in training mode.

To put it simply, I cannot stand custom characters in a fighting game. Their move set is usually half-assed and they almost always look generic in some way, shape or form no matter how much time you put into their design or even if the developers create one for the players. I would much rather play with an established character that has some sort of background instead of a custom character named after myself or some attempt at a low budget FFVII character that took about an hour to make. I believe that I have told you that I pick characters based on their overall unique appearance and attitude most of the time, and those qualities are completely missing from a custom character - well, at least the ones that I always see.

I was kind of mad at the way Namco did Hwang in SC3. He wreaked of custom character design. I'm sure Li Long was the same way, but I never did unlock him. Chronicles of the Sword was completely boring to me because you were forced to use custom characters throughout the mode. I had the "Soul of Yun-Seong" item equipped to my main character and that was basically the only thing that kept me playing that mode... and even then it didn't feel right to have some stranger with Yun-Seong's moves.

Brian said...

Yeah, Chronicles was rather pathetic IMO too. My ideal fighting game is one that throws away the concept of unlockables (at least, in terms of core content, like full characters), and is ready to compete out of the box. I never beat it; instead I got a save device and moved in someone else's onto my memory card, sparing me the work of getting everyone. Li Long is rather strange in that a good portion of his timid movelist are auto-charges, giving him a little extra damage on the next hit. Not too useful, unfortunately.

And as for Mission Mode, it's still offline so I haven't had a chance to make a run. A lot of the Iberian's members are complaining though, because you randomly get green essence: aka Karma multiplier. So in the end your score can be wholly based on a lucky run through the mission :( For me, I'm still not good enough to care about my score (surviving is good enough!) but that still reeks of bad design. A multiplier based on enemies killed without taking damage/blocking would make sense, but not this.

Berserker said...

Have you tried out Mentor or, god forbid, Master Ninja difficulty yet?

I started a Mentor run but haven't returned to it yet. I find that I still have problems just on Warrior with some of the later stages - mainly the ones that partially require the usage of the bow and arrow. I never have been able to consistently dodge and shoot with the bow and arrow ever since the first game. I have to admit that they have made the overall feel of it better in NG2 but you're still left too wide open for me and the tensity of that thought screws up my aiming.