Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New RE5 scans

For the sake of my visitors, I'm going to restrain myself from the usual fanboy explosion this time. :) Anyway here is a link to the new scans:

New RE5 scans on THIA

Instead of listing them here and describing them with detail, I'll just leave you with a few things:

1) It has finally been revealed that BSAA = Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance.
2) Both characters appear to be teaming up in some pics... Co-Op play?
3) The fourth scan showcases a new character, so if you're avoiding spoilers, skip over that one.
4) E3 is going to be so awesome this year.

Capcom Update: Capcom Official E3 line-up:

Street Fighter IV: Final arcade code running on a heaping handful of arcade machines.
Resident Evil 5: Game of show? Quite possibly!
Dark Void: Also playable, also awesome. Snazzed up since CAPTIVATE08 and ready to totally jetpack your face.
Bionic Commando: New areas and enemies, now playable on console!
Mega Man 9: Put on your retro hats and prepare for a major challenge.
MotoGP '08: This year's installment of the fastest-growing motorsport on two wheels. We'll be running the 360 version.
Neopets Puzzle Adventure: Surprise hit from CAPTIVATE08, we've got more to show on this puzzle adventure game created by the guys who brought you Puzzle Quest.
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix: A new batch of characters will be selectable for hi-def brawling.
Plunder: Something new is happening with our digital pirate's booty...
Bionic Commando Rearmed: It's almost out, and we're showing it one last time.
• New games-on-the-go from Capcom Interactive, our mobile group
• Plus a new super-secret project, Flock!

Also, Go to E3 with Capcom! Might be good if you live in California.


sephirosuy said...

That masked character looks like a female for me XD For sure it has co-op, but can't remember where did I hear from.

Berserker said...

Yeah, I agree. That character seems to be female - if you look closely at the black robe of the new character on the top right side of the fourth page you can see breasts impressions near the chest area of the robe.

I think Gamesradar was the first to hint at the Co-Op play in a news story but Capcom quickly made them take the article down. I have that story listed somewhere on this blog, or at least a link to it.

Really, the Co-Op play would be interesting, but I hope it is in an extra mode. I don't want it in the main game since it will most likely take away from the main story. If it's available as an extra feature in the main story - say, after you have beaten the game, then that probably wouldn't be bad either. I'd rather the single player experience be the main feature however.

Brian said...

Nice :D My hope is drop-in/out co-op, and tagging between charas when playing in single-player. The scans didn't show anything close to playing as Sheva though.

As for those Achievements, I'm curious about one of the last ones. "Exhaust each others' power" sounds like getting a double-KO but that doesn't ring right. Hopefully it's something more interesting :P

And my stick *should* be here today. The past three days I been doing 12~14-hour days of work+dev stuff so I either exhausted myself playing Legend or played only for an hour at most :/ Tonight I'm free though, and it's time to find King Arthur! Oh, and the grapple is usable in combat, but unfortunately you just stand there while using it, leaving you open to attack. One-on-one, though, it's awesome 'cause you can grapple, run up and slide/kick off and take them out without letting them shoot :P

Brian said...

I put up my quick review of the stick on my blog :D Not too bad but I wish it was more solid. My big dilemma now is figuring out how I can slap another picture of Zero onto it cleanly :P