Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Resident Evil 5 at E3 '08

Release Dates

JP - March 12, 2009
EU - March 13, 2009
NA - March 13, 2009

The Three Different E3 Trailer Variations

Sheva and Guy in Humvee

The Woman(?) in the Iron Bird Beak Mask and Mysterious Woman with Syringe

The Truck

The trailers start out the same but lead into a new scene per trailer. After the opening scene it all switches to the same gameplay clips. The first is available on Xbox LIVE and the last is available on PSN. The second was shown at by Capcom themselves. THIA said that they would post up a better quality version of the PSN (Truck) trailer soon.

Official Site Updates

JP Biohazard 5 site
NA Resident Evil 5 site

More pics, icons and trailers... and one more developer scribbled wallpaper.

High Quality Pics

Capcom Press Asset Pack Pics courteousy of THIA

They're also up on Gamespot, though smaller.

Jun Takeuchi Interviews

Jun Takeuchi interview 1
Jun Takeuchi interview 2

Text Interview and Impressions + Other Stuff

IGN text interview
Gamespot text demo impressions
Kotaku - Different controls for RE5? "Gears of War"-inspired?

Full Video Walkthrough of E3 Demo

Gameplay Video 1
Gameplay Video 2
Gameplay Video 3
Gameplay Video 4
Gameplay Video 5

The demo is based on single player co-op from what I understand, so what you're seeing there is an AI controlled Sheva. I think the whole co-op gameplay whether offline or online will bring a unique feeling of tension for the player(s) while having to worry about your partner, especially since if one of you dies then the game is over for both. The offline will obviously be dependent on how well the AI is implemented but so far, I'm very happy with what I see in those gameplay videos.

I also really really enjoy how everything is in real time. Healing, weapon switching, inventory, reloading (once again), item grabbing... so very awesome. I realize it was implemented mainly for the online co-op but if you have ever played RE Outbreak then you know how much more tense the gameplay is when everything is real time... and you also know how dumb CPU partner AIs can be - hopefully that won't be the case here, which it doesn't look to be.


This is really just a quick rundown of the info available. There is SO much more if you look around the various gaming sites. Gametrailers has up a bunch of RE5 gameplay videos and interviews that I didn't list.

I'll have up something for my picks of other E3 games in a few days. Just had to get the RE5 stuff out of the way first.

*finally breathes* Ah, that felt good. :D


Brian said...

Too... much... stuff... going on... x_X

Sorry to change the subject but Gametrailers has a couple sc4 matches; pretty amateur/mid-level play but one thing scares me about Nightmare: he's got a move fairly reminiscent of Abyss's "suck-you-in" attack, with a big amount of power it seems. In hindsight it seems a *little* slow but still pretty damn quick to trigger. Or maybe the Seong Mi Na was just slow to react.

Brian said...

And AAAAAARGH Prince of Persia looks so damn awesome. I can't wait to get in and tear the combat system apart; it looks like it might actually achieve that platforming balance that's missing in DMC and, moreso, NG. I'm really glad that (so far) they haven't said that they "made combat more intuitive". I don't understand why developers say "you can do [x] combos" when really you're not in control of the very combos they're talking about (like Assassin's Creed and, like we just tried, Too Human).

Oy, E3 is going to make me insane XD Once E for All is here what further insanity could ensue, especially since it'll be full of holiday-game announcements?

Berserker said...

I sure hope SCIV doesn't look bad on an SDTV, which I still have at the moment. I really can't even remember that move with Abyss. Speaking of him, I'm hoping that they have toned the CPU AI down a bit for this one. I couldn't stand how the CPU would turtle on higher levels in SCIII - it got VERY annoying after repeated attempts to defeat them.

Yeah, Prince of Persia looks fantastic with that new look that they have for it - definitly on my "to buy" list. I'm hoping for more of a blend of combat and platforming in this one. Usually Prince of Persia gets too deep into the platforming at times, though I did like the stealth kills in Two Thrones that worked around the platforming.

What do you think of the new Bionic Commando for the next-gen systems? I haven't really been all that excited about it until I saw it demo'ed at E3. It looks awesome so far, with all the freedom you have with the bionic arm. It also looks to have easy and fun controls.

God, how I would love to be at that Capcom booth for a few hours...

Brian said...

Me too :P

I haven't really followed Bionic Commando too much. It was one of the first NES games I had but I was so horrible at games at the time, I never got into it. And seeing it now I think it looks interesting, but I haven't delved for more info. Now that you mention it, I just might :D

The one thing that's gonna really hurt is that PoP and TR: Underworld are supposed to ship on the same day >_< That's gonna be a hard decision to make in terms of which to play first. There was a producer interview saying that all four face buttons combo into each other, which sounds interesting (up to 15 hit combos o_O), and I'm curious on how that claw is going to work into it. If you're worried about the platforming emphasis though I think the next one may be a problem, considering their "one v. one" and "every fight's a boss" design.

SC3 AI was pitiful. Actually every SC's AI has been pretty bad from my experience. There's always one character exploit or another. Next time you pop in SC3, play Astaroth and just do 1[A]A or 1[A]B (the double-sweep and sweep into overhead) -- The computer either falls for it every time or blocks, wherein they get pushed out far away enough for you to try again. I did that to get to Olcadan, perfecting most everything >_>

Berserker said...

I never have really played Astaroth that much but I almost always see people recommend him for computer opponents. :) I thought the AI for the original Soul Calibur was really good. They fell for certain moves with certain characters, but to me, when you fought them normally they actually fought like real opponents and didn't get extremely cheap even on the highest difficulty. I play that game all the time on max difficulty with my characters. Inferno was the only one that really went overboard.

I don't think this PoP will be a problem for me. As long as they impress me with some epic battles then I'm sure I'll love it. The platforming in the later areas was the main portion that got to me at times, especially when you had to repeat it because of the lack of a checkpoint. I didn't know PoP and TR were released on the same day. Damn, that sucks... especially when I have started trying to write for both of those series. There's no way.

Download that trailer for Bionic Commando on Xbox LIVE if you haven't. It's a good showcase of the gameplay. It's not supposed to be released until winter of this year or next year, so we still have a pretty good wait on that one.

Brian said...

I watched the BC trailer, and the Dark Void stuff too. Both look like they're really shaping up into some cool games, even if the artistic design isn't quite to my tastes, so Capcom's gonna get my money anyway :P

I just remembered something from a couple weeks ago that I forgot to ask you about. Have you spent much time with the Vigoorian Flails in NG2? I was showing off the game to a friend who had never seen it in action before, and that was the first time I touched the flails aside from messing around after aquisition. There are some ridiculously evil aerial combos that completely blew me away after trying them out, making me debate which weapon I want to start on first for my weapon run.

Berserker said...


Yeah, I really enjoyed what I saw of Dark Void also. I'm not usually into shooters that much but I like the amount of freedom that you're given in that game from what was shown.

I'm going to post up a whole list of every game that I'm interested in tomorrow now that E3 is basically over. I actually wrote them down since there are so many and I don't want to forget any of them. :)

I've tried the Flail a bit in NG2, but only just a little. It was noticeably better to me while working with it on the ground but I never did try air combos with it.

A word of warning about the weapon runs - the final boss can get very hard without the highly damaging Blade of the Archfiend. I did a weapon run with the Eclipse Scythe and didn't have any real problems until that final boss. It's all very beatable, but it was a bit more of a challenge with my limited health items and Eclipse Scythe.

Brian said...

Eh, really? I beat the final boss purely with the scythe. If you stand directly on the edge of the cliff to the left or right of him (I'd say the length of a Flying Swallow) you can avoid his lasers, and reset whenever he runs up to you. In the mean time you're free to charge up the UT, or jump in for hit-and-run between moves. I also managed to take off half his life just by stunning him with the scythe's air-Y once when he landed on the platform. This was on Normal though so maybe it's different later.

And when you get the chance load up on old save and take the flails to the air: it's another awesome instance of NG overkill :P

Berserker said...

Well, I did beat him on the first try with the Eclipse Scythe but I had to really stretch out the battle and use everything. One major problem I had was that he kept flying into the background. Maybe I had a bad experience and was getting too tired of the weapon by then.

With that Eclipse Scythe run I really got bored with using the scythe by the end of the game. All the weapons are fun to use and after a while, it got old being confined to just that one. :p

I'll experiment more with the flail when I get around to it.