Saturday, July 26, 2008

Resident Evil: Degeneration - New Trailer

New Resident Evil Degeneration trailer

High Quality screenshots

Release Dates:

JP: October 18, 2008

"Today at the San Diego Comic Con, fans were treated to the first footage from the Capcom / Sony Pictures Entertainment collaboration, Resident Evil: Degeneration. Making its theatrical debut this fall in Japan and coming to DVD and Blu-ray in North America later in 2008, this spectacular, all-CGI animated feature takes the zombie action to a whole new level with its ground-breaking visual effects and thrilling new storyline.

The "Umbrella Incident" that took place in Raccoon City ended with a missile attack ordered by the government intended to wipe out the deadly zombie virus. Following this catastrophe, the Umbrella Corporation's stock plummeted. This serious blow to the business giant resulted in its complete dissolution. Seven years later, at an airport somewhere in the United States, on an ordinary autumn afternoon, a zombie is unleashed. Now, in an airport beginning to fill with the undead, the horrific disaster is about to repeat itself... Claire Redfield, now a member of an NGO supporting victims of bioterrorism and medical disasters, happens to be in the airport while Leon S. Kennedy comes to the site on a mission to take care of the incident.

Paul Mercier and Alyson Court reprise their roles as Leona and Claire, respectively."
Source: IGN

A little late, but I've been having trouble 'resisting the call' for the past few days, so not much internet time here.

I sure do hope this is released around the same time in all regions. When it comes to these CG movies, I don't think it is fair when one area gets it way before another since it is always then distributed to the internet for download during that waiting period. It kind ruins the excitement for those of us that have to wait in that case. Kind of like with the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children release.

Since RE: Degeneration appears to be already dubbed in English much like the Japanese RE games, hopefully the other regions won't have too wait long.


Brian said...


Claire! The one RE character that I have never played :( At least there's finally some news :D Let's hope Mr. Mercier won't butcher any names like "Louis" in RE4 XD

And no, I haven't touched Mentor or Warrior. Those arrow fights scare the heck out of me too, so I've been steering very clear. Besides, I think the weapon challenges make for more fun anyway. Unfortunately the game's level structure doesn't really lend itself well to pushing for a higher level, at least not with an easy ranking system like DMC.

Berserker said...

Haha. Louis wasn't the only name he ruined. "MIIIIIIIIKE!" Just that one time was enough.

So you have never played Resident Evil: Code Veronica? My favorite RE of them all? Oh, Bri, say it ain't so... :p

I've read that the mission pack for Ninja Gaiden II will most likely be back up on Monday. It was in one of the IGN articles about it. It said it is 25 missions, which finally justifies the 800 pts for me - I was expecting about 10 missions really. The main thing about Mentor that scares me, besides the bow portions is how insane the rocket launcher enemies get. Good lord, the first stage is complete mayhem with them included.

Brian said...

Yeah, I missed out on CV and only saw the first hour of RE2. It sucks because in so learning about the RE world Claire is one of my favorites. Or maybe it's because I have a thing for redheads XD

I just finished getting all the Soul Calibur achievements, making it the first 100% title I own ^_^;; Sure it's an XBLA game but it's a start. Your tips on Nightmare really helped with the Ultra Hard one. For the Extra Survival one, I actually have an awesome tip as well: Ivy's 6B+K does wonders because of its reach. If the move doesn't hit the first time, it goes in to whip mode, which you can then hit B+K again to do that yo-yo move of hers once the enemy's in range. Just using those two moves let me clear the 25 opponents in less than a couple minutes :P

Berserker said...

Ah, congrats on your completion! I'll try that move for Ivy. It seems like I remember that move. Need to see it again though.

I have a feeling that Code Veronica X will have a mention in RE5, or maybe even a greater role. You should really try to check out CVX before RE5 is released. You'll probably get a kick out of Wesker's constant sinister laughter. If you decide to pick it up then I'd recommend the PS2 version, if you still have a PS2, since the GC version's price is starting to rise just like RE2 and RE3.

With your love for Claire, maybe you should check this out:

They also made one for Chris:

I've been wanting to get those for quite a while. They keep rising in price every time I look them up on eBay. Used to be around $100 for both together.

Berserker said...

Ooo, I see what you mean about the effectiveness of that Ivy move. I just got about 23 wins in a row using it. The CPU never seems to block it at all and it is usually fast enough to knock them out of their attacks.

Good find there. I'll add that move later today. *thumbs up*

Brian said...

Wow, those figurines are pretty well-made. I prefer statuettes though, over figurines; despite the limited posability that a statue has they are generally cooler than any action figure can get in to ^_^;;

I guess I should pick up CVX; I have a few months to prepare :P I'll see if I can't find a copy when I pick up Soul Calibur, which, thinking about it, would make for a good way to work off the tension XD

! apparently there are a couple Gamestops that still have GC Code Veronica lying around. Is there a big difference between that and the PS2 version?

Berserker said...

In all honesty, those are the only two RE figures that have ever really impressed me besides some of the early ToyBiz figurines and some new statuettes that are up on right now - around $200 each.

There's not any major differences between the two versions of CVX besides a few nitpicks that a picky person such as I would notice. :p

The GC version has a brighter and more colorful look to it since it is a port of the DC Japanese version. It's actually a copy of Biohazard: Code Veronica Complete. It has the same demo movie showing off the new Wesker scenes as it opens that was in that paticular Japanese version - they just placed a "Resident Evil" title at the end of the demo movie and took out the Japanese subtitles from all cutscenes. Other than that, I think it says "Resident Evil" different when you press start when compared to the PS2 version and DC version.

If you can pick up the GC version for a reasonable price then I would go ahead and get it. It's my personal favorite version.

Brian said...

Well, I found a GC copy (used, but oh well) for 25$ at a Gamestop so I'll be picking it up tomorrow :P I'll take your advice about picky-ness, haha.

If you're looking for a import store in the US, there's, if you've never heard of them. I've ordered quite a few collectibles from them before, and they're a real store based in Jersey, I think. Their selection runs the gamut but availability can be an issue. Their prices are fair and IMO paying a little more for some place local is better than trusting international shipments ^_^;;

Brian said...

Oh yeah, and a Too Human update. Apparently the game is on timed release for the classes. Right now the Berserker's up, appropriately :D The next one is rumored to come 'round August, though as always there are ways to cheat time-locked games :P

Brian said...

And after making a quick run (you can skip the cutscenes with B, yay!) and avoiding all those treasure totems, I can say that the Berserker is pretty much the exact same thing :( Supposedly he has less defense but I actually found myself taking less damage than usual. I did learn more about how those "advanced" techniques actually work though. I don't know if you figured them out, but I was baffled as to what a "finisher" and "fierce" was versus everything else.

Apparently it's when you flick both sticks in the direction you want to attack. Being far does this long-range blast of energy, while being close generally does an attack all around you for pretty good damage. That's the extent of the combo system though, I guess >_> Argh. I kind of hope that the sales are mediocre, only so that Silicon Knights gets their heads on straight so they can stick to making Eternal Darkness 2 :P

Berserker said...

Ah, thanks for the site. They have a good selection and not too bad in the way of prices either. :D I think I used to have bookmarked on my old comp. Sounds familiar. *bookmarks... again?*

Let me know what you think of CVX after you play some of it or finish it. A lot of people complain about the gameplay being a step backwards from RE3, which it is in some aspects... but I really enjoyed the 3D environments and overall story. CV is the only main series RE besides RE4 (and probably RE5) that doesn't take time to pause in between camera angles because of the 3D environments and new camera setup that follows the player rather than prerendered backgrounds and fixed camera angles.

I redownloaded the demo and gave Too Human another try. The Berserker class matches me better - no real pun there either, I actually play a game agressively. Looking over my rep, someone actually "avoided" me on Xbox LIVE because of that stated reason - "agressive". :D

The time release characters for Too Human is really clever, I think, since it did leave some surprise for us, even though it can be manipulated now that it is known. No other demo will be able to do it now though since many gamers will be attempting to change their clocks from now on - too bad it wouldn't unlock some additional characters in Street Figher II HD Remix. :p

Really, the game's overall combat still doesn't feel satisfying to me. As I spend more time with it and learn the attack controls and various combinations, it starts to feel slightly better but the combat isn't deep enough and also I don't like the analog attacks - their not exact enough for me. The adventuring and exploration are about the only aspects that hold my interest gameplaywise.

I agree that the Berserker really doesn't feel that much different from the other class from what I played of him. I do like the dual wielding of melee weapons but it seems to be more about looks than actual combat difference.

By the way, how do you take on the enemies with shields? Those are the only enemies that give me a hard time.

Also, yeah, I didn't know how to activate that finishing move or fierce. The controls on the main menu were confusing for that particular move (as well as otheres really). Thanks for the info there.

Brian said...

No prob. Shielded enemies (actually any enemies that survive more than one hit, including the big trolls) are all very susceptible to air combos. Just launch them (double-tap stick), then jump and push the right stick towards them. You'll automatically home in and do a combo. If you managed to catch them at the apex of the juggle, you can usually attack them again, provided they aren't already dead. This was part of why the game got boring because any weak enemy died in one hit and the other enemies died in the air. You can also get up close and do a finisher, since you can't be interrupted during it, to knock the enemy down and take out a couple surround enemies as well. IMO it's not as good as juggles though.

Also, if you're lucky enough to pick up a plasma rifle, it's secondary attack (LT) is a nice EMP that blows away bombs (and will kill those rocket enemies on-hit). And if you're feeling really explosive just use your Ruiner (RB) to pretty much nuke the room. The berserker caps off its combo at 3, I think, so you might as well use it liberally. It only makes the game that much easier though :(

And yeah, I'll be sure to let you know my early CVX impressions, though I might not have much time till Wednesday (though by then it's Soul Calibur time :P)

Brian said...

Random: Bionic Commando Rearmed Japanese sing-along commercial :P

I love the advertising XD

Berserker said...

Go! Go! Go!

Man, that game is looking incredible for a downloadable title. O_O

About Too Human, I actually did get the plasma rifle on my first time through but didn't get it on my second time through. I wonder where it is? Spawn randomly? Class specific? That's probably why the shield enemies were not as noticeable my first time.

Also, I was thinking about making a topic about this, but I really make too many about this subject anyway...

Look at these RE5 gameplay videos:

Part 1

Part 2

The guy that is playing in that second video doesn't know how to play that well at all (notice the ladder part o_O), but in the first video there is a lot more information about the controls and I like how slow he plays - lets you see more.

By the way, are you picking up the Soul Calibur IV collector's edition or normal edition? I think I'm just going to grab the normal this time since lately I have been letting the extra items lie in the box whenever I pick up a collector's edition.

Brian said...

Hehe, I know. Some of those weapons looked pretty awesome, and the level effects are pretty cool. There is one part where they did show the game still has the overhead levels. Should be pretty cool :P

And as for Too Human, the weapons, items, bounty are all random. It's kind of what annoys me a lot as well, because I don't know how many darned dual swords I picked up in my first run, only to find that they were locked to the berserker class. It's all done in the vein of the old dungeon crawlers, like Diablo and old roguelikes, since their selling point is "never the same thing twice, always something new".

You weren't kidding about how horrible that demo player was :P Goodness though the game looks so awesome already. It seems like they might have dialed back on the amount of ammo you have going for you though, which I think would help keep the tension going. I'm also curious if Chris will be limited to that 3x3 square inventory. It's nice that you can pull it up quickly; one of the things that bugs me about Ninja Gaiden is the delay between getting in and out of the menu. Having pretty intro and outro menu effects is nice and all but I'd rather just have it be quick and instant, hah. I'm also intrigued by how much contact with the outside you'll have during the game. I don't know about you, but that commander fellow on the radio sounds eerily like Wesker (just with less of an accent).

And I'm getting the collector's tin. I notice that I leave some of the stuff inside but I think it's just the novelty of ownership. I figure I might as well go all out for fighting game I'm best at, even if it isn't my fave :P

Berserker said...

It's hilarious how many times that guy boosts Sheva up to the ladder. Haha.

I can see what you mean about the slight Wesker voice similarity. I wonder when they will finally show Wesker? He's got to be in there.

My main hope for RE5 is that it has more connection with the rest of the RE series than the last game. The last one only had really loose connections in the original RE4 on GC, then they decided to link it more to the rest of the series with Seperate Ways in the PS2 and Wii versions. I have no worries about the gameplay though. :D

I have a feeling that Capcom is going to change that inventory menu a bit. It's too plain and reminds me a lot of the inventory menu in the old demos of RE4. I have a feeling that they just threw that together real quick for that E3 demo. They changed quite a few things from the RE4 demo before the final game was released:

1) In the demo you had to actually equip the knife through the inventory screen.
2) The binoculars that were used at that one part early in the game were actually useable with the Z button at any time.
3) The inventory menu looked similar to the one that you see for RE5. Can't remember the exact look, but it was just as plain as that one in the RE5 E3 demo - no attach case grid.
4) There were some other differences involving the pesetas, I think they were precious stones or something like that. I notice that RE5 has gold, but I'll bet they'll change that to something else.

That's one reason why I love to collect Capcom demos. Some of them have some rather interesting differences from the final game. :)

I usually buy Collector's Editions of every game that I get that has one, but I think I'll just sit it out this time. I mainly buy them for the cool looking case, but the stuff inside is never even looked at once most of the time... well except for the game of course. :p

Brian said...

I only spent about 5 minutes with CVX last night, getting to the first encounter but subsequently running away from my life -- in the wrong direction XD

It's gonna be a while before I get re-used to the ol' control scheme, especially since I'm not really used to fixed cameras, at least not anymore. I found it interesting how Claire completely freaked out when the zombies showed up, but just a few nights ago she was dodging bullets and blowing up barrels without hesitation :P I guess it's easy to feel like a badass with two pistols in your hands, haha.

Wonderfully robotic "Ashley, from Gamestop" called yesterday, letting me know that SC4 will be arriving today. If you didn't preorder it, you should be able to pick up your copy a little past noon :) In a bit of a random note, I noticed that the strategy guide didn't list Half-Moon Death stance for Mitsu :( That and Full-Moon Death were awesome because they let you back away from the opponent at a good speed, rather than just slowly walking backwards, but HMD gave better attack and counter options. Oh well.

Berserker said...

Wonderfully robotic "Ashley, from Gamestop" called yesterday, letting me know that SC4 will be arriving today.

*cracks up*

You dare make fun of the Gamestop robo voice! I picked it up right when Best Buy opened this morning. :p It's graphically stunning so far, which is to be expected. This one seems more juggle happy than the last game... not that all characters can juggle to the extreme, but the characters seem to fall slower from the air allowing for greater juggles than in previous games.

The CPU still seems to turle also, though they are not as bad as SC3's AI. Still, they are very quick to block on higher levels.

About CVX, I didn't really, and still don't, like that opening scene. It's a bit too actiony for my taste... especially the part where she dodges the helicopter gun blasts by running. I think the part where she falls and grabs her gun after dropping it was parodied on X-play. :D

Oh, and be sure to give the knife a try in CVX. The CVX knife is actually quite useful since it hits multiple times per slice. Aim for a zombie's legs and it will make him fall really quickly to where you can keep slashing him while he's grounded. It helps out a lot for the beginning areas with Claire.

Brian said...

I'll give Ashley credit for stepping in for "Erin, from Gamestop", who sounded like those people who talk through their smiles >_>

From, vertical attacks tend to do better soul gauge damage, so you could try using that and breaking their guard. As for the falling down slower, see if air control is as good as before. Hopefully it'll have some good mobility.

And yeah, I noticed how easy it was to knock down them zombies... but I panicked at being surrounded and getting used to the controls, so I ended up getting grabbed 3 times in succession before I could take off ^_^;;

Berserker said...

It's too hard to tell about air control. I've only faced the CPU so far. Each older character has more animation with their moves, so I'm still trying to adjust since some of the moves seem slower because of the extra animation. Some of the older character's attacks seem to have been toned down also. With Seong Mi-na, she no longer does as many pokes with her rapid forward poke move. Yun-Seong doesn't seem to have the straight down Hwang kick anymore either - that used to be my main move to beat a CPU opponent with over and over after I won a match. :(

Also with Yun-Seong, from what I saw when I last played, he is forced to go into his Crane stance after some move. You used to have to hold the buttons but now he automatically enters his Crane stand during some moves. Kind of makes him a bit more predictable in a way. :\

He can enter his crane stance after many more moves now though. It seems they slowed him down a bit from SC3 also.

This is actually only my second Soul Calibur to play competively (first was SC1), so I've still got a way to go with figuring out to deal with human players. I haven't ever fought a human opponent with my Yun-Seong to this day.

Oh, that is another thing that I forgot to point out about the CPU. With the turtling opponents you can indeed break their guards pretty easily. I still haven't gotten used to guard breaking and armor breaking yet... or soul crushing and critical finishers for that matter. One cool thing about armor breaking is that the armor pieces actually fall on the ground and stay there for the entire battle.

With CVX, it is hard to avoid getting grabbed in the graveyard area at the beginning. The best way I have found it to run past all the zombies, though this requires a bit of luck and well timed moving. :p

Brian said...

Ah, man I want to go home and pick up my copy! I wanna spend some time testing things out before getting to the competitive stage, but a part of me really wants to test out the lag. A lot of people are complaining that anything below a max connection leads to a second or more of lag. For some games that's okay, like Smash Bros., but I am keeping my fingers crossed for our cross-country connection. If you're actually wired to your router you should probably do all the hosting, because I'm going through wireless.

As for Yun-Seong, have you messed around with all of his moves in training? I'll be willing to guess they moved the stomp to 2B+K or something. And as for the stance changes, it might be backwards for him where holding the last attack button cancels Crane, though I doubt it. At least it gives him good rushing pressure if you can quickly go into a swoop after finishing a move.

Of course, all my reference is from SC2, as I didn't really mess around with too many people in SC3, so if there's been some changes I stand corrected in advance :P

Berserker said...

Ah, I actually jumped the gun a bit with Yun-Seong. He does have the stomp move still, in a way, but it looks different now. Instead of a stomp, it is now an overhead kick. He steps forward then performs it, instead of standing in place. I don't like it near as much as I did before since the speed advantage it had seems to be gone. They also took away his swoop in and out stances.

I just got through looking over some of his moves. He does have some really useful newer moves. Whenever I play with a character, I usually don't examine their move list until I have become familiar with them through messing around with them in training mode by myself - just trying random movements. It seems that when I find moves myself, I remember them a lot better. I'm the type of person that can spend about five hours in training mode trying random moves then call it a day. :D

From what I've played so far, here's a list of the new (or slightly old) characters that I want to learn:

Tira - I already liked her in SC3, but I couldn't play with her that well. Now it seems that she has different moves based on her "mood". Also she has multiple taunts from what I've seen. She can actually hit her head against her blade to change her mood. :D I love psychotic characters!

Hilde - I haven't experimented much with her but from what I have, I like the fact that she is a distant and close range character with her weapon combination.

The Apprentice (or Starkiller) - This man could be a complete animal in the right hands. I love his aggression displayed in his moves and combos. His main flaw is that a bunch of his moves require force power (he grabs his head if you overuse it, leaving him open) - and it can be overused SO VERY EASY. He actually has one full combination that takes the full force bar and leaves him grabbing his head. You have to be mindful of the force with this one. :p

Berserker said...

So, did you get enough of a Soul Calibur fix last night, Bri? I noticed you online (through shortly after I got off Xbox LIVE.

Brian said...

Hah, I pumped through almost 4 hours straight, from 8 to a little past 11:30. Most of it was a)losing to my sister and getting used to her endless aggression, and b)playing through story/arcade enough to unlock the regulars, 3 bonus charas and Starkiller (man I love that name). I did play 1.5 matches online, though, against the host who had won like 6 straight, and beat him easily. The connection was fine. After that, the other person in the room had a really laggy connection, and halfway through the host quit and broke our fight. Arr.

And yeah, while I don't spend nearly that much time in Training in one sitting, I can do the same. Generally I prefer training against something that's moving, so when I do enter training I pump up the CPU difficulty and mess around, going back to freestyle when I noticed something like a combo or whatnot.

For the sake of your already long scroll of comments I'll just link my blog post on the subject.


Berserker said...

Awww. A Resident Evil topic should go over 100 posts on my blog. :p

Brian said...

Well, I'm sure we could try that, but so far we've discussed everything but RE, haha.

Brian said...

Posting this in both our blogs to make sure you catch it (credit goes to

quote:Originally posted by Art
I must be the only person who cant figure out how to make rooms and send requests. . .
go to options. download content to hd. can't do it till you do that...took me forever to figure out too i was pissed and thought i got a defect. also you cannot make a ranked room to play friends in...unless i'm missing something...

Brian said...

Hey bud, have you managed to get your pc back? :D Hopefully everything is working a-ok.

BTW, how much of the 80 gigs are you using on your PS3? I'm thinking about picking one up some time this year but I'm torn between the still-high price, backwards compatibility, and HD space :/

Berserker said...

I've got my comp back now! Finally! Just picked it up a few hours ago. It seems to be working fine and all of my files were backed up as well - Siren: Blood Curse guide most importantly!

I'll have to check on the full storage of my PSP. You only get to use 74GB of the 80GB for storage space. I think I am using around 27GB at the moment. Siren: Blood Curse took up a little over 9GB by itself.

Backwards compatibility has been working really well for me. Every game that I have tryed on the PS3 so far has worked, though I haven't been trying a multitude of them since I still own my PS2 - I still use the PS2 most of the time.

What game for PS3 has struck your attention? If any. :p

Berserker said...

Erm... change the "PSP" mention to "PS3".

Yeah... ^_^;

Brian said...

Well, there's the standard MGS4 (which I hope is closer to the second one than the third :/ -- I dunno, but the third didn't feel as "tactical" because of no radar). But to be honest, the game that I want to get isn't even announced yet for it: BlazBlue. It's the next fighter from the people who made Guilty Gear, straight up, high res 2D graphics, and for some reason I think they might go PS3. Which is strange considering the last few games they've published have been 360 titles. But I've just got that feeling. Maybe I'll wait until then.

Beyond that, I really just want a Blu-Ray player. For you maybe it's less of an issue until you pick up that HD set, but I want to have it ready for Resident Evil: Degeneration, etc. I'm not really leaning towards it for anything besides exclusives, since multiplatform releases I think fare better with the familiar 360 tech (plus I like the 360 controller more than the DS3/SixAxis). Plus I'm Siren-curious, as well as curious about LittleBigPlanet and PixelJunk Eden. Go figure that I want the super-powerful system for everything but the big-name games :/

The problem is shelling out 500$ just for those things. I mean, it's a better value than just getting a Blu-Ray player, but it's still 500$. I've always been one to believe that if you end up spending more money because of the cost-value efficiency, the bottom line is that you're still spending more money than otherwise. At this point I can afford a PS3, it's just not exactly fitting well with my spending plan. Maybe I can convince my family to pay for a third of it for my birthday coming up :P

In all reality I kinda want to pick up a PSP for its games (God of War, MG Ac!d), moreso than a PS3.

Berserker said...

I'm interested to see what you'll think of the Sony online service now that you've seen the Wii and Xbox 360 onlines services. PS3 seems so unorganized to me compared to the other two. I actually bought my PS3 for Uncharted and for DMC4. With DMC4 however, I can play it just as easy with a 360 control pad now.

The PSP is a very worthwile portable system with the number of good games that are out for it. Make sure you try the single player Syphon Filter games (Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow) for it if you get one. I'd actually recommend the PS2 version of Dark Mirror over the PSP version if you get a PS3 anytime soon, or if you still have a PS2. Both PSP releases are much much better than the previous Syphon Filters on PSX. Storywise, you'll get more out of Dark Mirror if you have played through Syphon Filter 1 and 2 though... and maybe 3 (don't really like that one).

Oh, and with my storage on the PS3, I have 39GB left out of 74GB according to the system information. I keep a lot of demos though.

Brian said...

I still got my big ol' ps2, but the problem is having the space for it if I get the PS3. However, I really only play the PS2 for imports/DMC really nowadays, which means backwards compat is not going to work all that awesome for me :/

The game installation is more my worry. With the 20GB 360 drive I'm always shuffling between 6 and 4 gigs of storage left, so it's good that even with the demos you still have some good space. Wouldn't work with 40 gig though.

And as for the online service, I've only heard bad things about PSN, at least compared to the rest of the offered services.

Hm. It's gonna be a tossup, but I'm still leaning towards picking up the MGS4 PS3. In the end I'm only going to be using it for Blu-Ray, at least until the next really big game comes out, or something really nice comes out for import :P

Berserker said...

Do you know of a reliable site where I could find a slide card for the PS2? I have some import games (Project Altered Beast, Biohazard Survivor 2) that are sitting beside me still waiting on me to get a slide card. The manual approach that you had to take for ejecting the disc always scared me away from one.

The MGS4 PS3 bundle would be a great idea for a newcomer to the PS3! You're picking up one of its better titles from the get go. Make sure you check out Uncharted also. I have a feeling you'd like it - might want to wait for the inevitable price drop on it though.

Brian said...

You could check out, but IMO it's a 50/50 business. I'm not sure where else to get from as I used another site before then, but they don't ship the US anymore. I had a bad experience with them (they effed up my order, and didn't respond to my e-mails), but from all my friends the orders were perfect :/

Make sure you get the right tools for your system.

I was thinking about Uncharted as well, but right now the game I'm most excited about is LittleBigPlanet, interestingly enough :P The sackkids are so awesome looking, haha.

Berserker said...

Ah, good. I need to lay aside some extra money to get one soon - it's been LONG overdue, considering I've had some of these imports for around two years now. It still amazes me how North America missed out on RE Survivor 2. I remember that I emailed Capcom directly asking about a release for it.

I haven't really been keeping up with LittleBigPlanet that much. Like you, I do like the characters in it though. :D