Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two Things - Siren Blood Curse Demo Guide and Ninja Gaiden II Move List

Siren: Blood Curse

I have a feeling that this game is not going to get much exposure partly because it is being released on PSN and partly because the fall games are going to be moving out soon. Regardless, it sure does appear to be one fantastic survival horror experience! Dare you to look.

The full game (all three episodes) is supposed to be released this Thursday (7/24) on PSN for either $14.99 each episode or $39.99 for the whole bundle.

You can find the release info here.

I spent about three days with this guide. One thing I love about having a demo to work with is that I can easily come up with the format for a full guide (if I go ahead with it). That step right there is sometimes the hardest part of starting.

Siren Blood Curse Demo Guide by Berserker

If the game pleases me enough then I will definitely continue ^that all the way since the game is very easy to write for with how involved I get.

Ninja Gaiden II

Back in June, I was working on a full guide for Ninja Gaiden II, but I was running into so many problems while working on it (no official enemy names, no area names) and MGS4 was released only a week after it, so that sort of ruined things. In all honesty, I don't feel that the main game really needs a walkthrough for strategies against normal enemies since you basically just have to learn your own strategies - this was another thing that I was struggling with while writing for it. To me, there are no clear cut ways to beat normal enemies like there were in DMC4. Now with bosses, that's different.

Anway, I decided to just copy and paste some of the information in my guide to make up a move list for all the weapons in the game for anyone that might want it. It's really nothing, but at least it beats throwing away some of the portions that I typed up.

Ninja Gaiden II Move List

Hopefully that will beat looking them up on the menu everytime you want to see them - I know that I get tired of having to do that.


One more thing that is totally seperate from all of this and really deserves it's own post but I'm posting it here anyway so as not to spam the blog with posts today:

Resident Evil 5 will have a collector's edition on both PS3 and Xbox 360 and it is expected to be $89.99.

Full story

Notice how the article mentions a price yet no news whatsoever about the contents. I found that somewhat amusing.

Another interesting quote from that article:

Capcom is promising that it will be the "hardest and scariest" Resident Evil yet.

Let's hope so.


Berserker said...

Hmmm. Well, at the moment I can't get my files to open on Ripway. Hopefully this is just a minor site error.

Brian said...

Ah, they're working now :D

I finally finally beat the Archfiend on Acolyte, after over a solid hour of trying. Ugh. Being on stock life and stock ninpo can be really really aggravating. Plus, I was stuck with two herbs, a full heal, three devil roots and a talisman. Unfortunately you know how easy it is to burn through those, until you get lucky. Ah well, at least it's done. ...And then I forgot to upload my score. >_>

Berserker said...

Have you had any problems with freezing on the leaderboards while viewing them?

My console freezes sometimes while scanning them. One time I viewed them right after a boss fight and it froze without saving, so I had to perform the entire boss fight over again after resetting the console. :(

Oh, and *handshake return* for that WOTB help. I really look forward to playing Soul Calibur IV and/or 1942 with you. :D

There were two slight chugs in your connection during that WOTB playthrough but nothing major, just in case you were still curious as to how well it stacked up for the full playthrough.

There were a few times where I had problems fully understanding everything that you said, I guess that was because of the mic. though. I didn't want to constantly ask you to repeat yourself throughout all the shooting, so I didn't mention it, but that only happened a few times. When we first started playing, I had my surround sound up quite a bit, so I couldn't really hear a thing as you started talking. xD

Brian said...

Haha, yeah, I had the same. I managed to avoid the echo though. I noticed that there are two separate mic settings: one on the actual device, and one in your guide button (personal settings->headset). I adjusted that to 5; if it's at max, it might explain the echo.

And yeah, I've had the leaderboard freezing before. That's why after uploading I usually just exit, and check the leaderboards after my play session, or during the start of the next one. :/

Oh, and some Dead Rising Wii news. I love the new subtitle XD

Berserker said...

Ahh, thanks for posting that up. Haven't seen that yet.

Yeah, the subtitle completely matches that game. Haha. It's interesting how they are opting to change the gameplay around quite a bit in terms of time constraints - in a way that's what gave the game its challenge. Though I will admit, the first playthrough was made really hard because of that time system... and the save system.

If they're reaching out to casual fans, they really need to add in some extra save slots instead of one slot that you constantly overwrite.

Eh, no matter what form the game takes, I'll be waiting. Wonder if the price will be around $29.99 like RE4: Wii Edition was?

Brian said...

I dunno, I think Capcom could definitely be nice and do such, but considering the fact that they're not just porting it, but tweaking the story and such, they might bump up the price. Hopefully they don't decide to censor anything.

Berserker said...

I'm hoping for some new modes in that Dead Rising or an extension in the story mode. That game ends at a very strange cliffhangar, so they actually could extend it even further if they really wanted to. With them already stripping it down for the Wii console though, I doubt it.

In other news, I think I'm going to be receiving Gears of War in a few days. It's on my request list at Goozex (with a match found!), so I might be getting it - I actually added it right after you got it.

Brian said...

Haha, very nice. I think you'll agree that the game is far too short, but for what it's worth it's pretty darn addicting. There are some snazzy weapons and scenarios :D

1942 is announced for release this week! Gotta get me some MS points...

Berserker said...

I've read that it is supposed to be released Wednesday and it will be 800 points.

Do you buy point cards in the store or do you buy points through Xbox LIVE? I always buy the point cards so it doesn't store my credit card number on the console - I'm a bit hesitant on that.

While looking around for other Dead Rising Wii info, I found a few mentions that the subtitle is actually "Chop Til You Drop". :D I think it was just recently changed:

It also mentions an improved save system.

Berserker said...

Woohoo! Just got the confirmation on Gears of War. The only bad part about receiving it now is that I'll be getting it in the midst of 1942, Siren: Blood Curse and Soul Calibur IV.

The poor thing's going to feel so neglected for the next few weeks. :(

sephirosuy said...

Haven't touched the Siren yet, from what I seen, this game is very dark! Is it really dark as in the existing trailer/gameplay? This is actually the remaining point might change my mind to get this game.

Berserker said...

Yeah, I have some problems with the darkness but you can adjust the brightness through the menu to make it a bit more tolerable. Any time that you enter an area with light, like the basement of the office building in the demo, the screen is very bright, which makes me think that the darkness is intentional in other areas, but really it seems to take away from the game when you have to adjust the brightness just to see.

At first, I thought the problem was because of my TV but I hear a few others complaining also. Are you playing on an SDTV or HDTV? I have an SD still.

I'll let you know how the game holds up in terms of darkness this Thursday once I download the full game.

sephirosuy said...

No, I haven't get my hands on it yet, this is actually what I'm talking about

And the host says "really dark" too.

Berserker said...

Yeah, that is exactly how dark the demo is. The beginning portion of that video and the part at 10:00 are both of the gameplay parts from the demo.

The segment with the girl in red doesn't appear that dark at all because of the red glow in the sky. If you're like me then you'll eventually get used to the dark parts, but to me, it did take away from the experience on my first time through the demo.

I'm quite amazed at how user-friendly this game appears to be. The original Siren was uber frustrating to me, even though I did like it for its story and overall atmosphere. This one looks so much better.