Thursday, January 22, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Demo FAQ

As if it needs one. Haha.

This shouldn't come as any surprise that this guide covers the Japanese release of the Biohazard 5 Xbox 360 demo at the moment, but it will be promptly updated on Monday, January 26th if Capcom changes anything for the North American release and I plan to update it again on February 2nd for the PS3 demo. In all honesty, the only difference I am expecting for the North American release is for the Executioner bug to be fixed - he stops randomly and stands still in the Japanese demo.

Resident Evil 5 Demo FAQ by Berserker

This RE5 demo guide has been quite a while in the making and it should serve as an excellent starting point for a full RE5 guide if the majority of this carries over to the full game. I've been looking forward to writing for this game ever since 2005 and hopefully it will show. Anyway, feel free to look over it if you want. The only real spoilers are in the actual walkthrough.

I've gone extremely deep with this one, even managing to highlight beneficial frame cancellations that I've found - now I just hope Capcom doesn't consider these techniques as "game bugs" and strips them out of the NA version. A word of advice: Learn to play with Type B or Type D controls if you want to perform some extremely useful techniques that I highlight in the guide.

Update (1/21) - Everything is finished, but all of this still needs to be confirmed for the North American demo.

Update (1/22) - Updated a few areas of the guide here and there. Some item descriptions were detailed a bit more.

Update (1/23) - Added some extra tips for the Chainsaw Majini miniboss. A few more tips were added in certain areas along with a game bug in Shanty Town. Some typos were fixed as well. The Intro was enhanced a bit - I'm going to spend more time on it next update though.

Update (1/26)- The walkthrough is now fully updated for the North American Xbox 360 release. [SPOILER]They are both nearly the exact same except for some dashboard adjustments.[/END SPOILER] The PS3 version update will follow next week.

Added an Enemies section and added many little extra tips here and there in the main guide. There is now a Co-op mention under Basics since I can now actually get online with the demo again! The differences between the North American demo and the Japanese demo are now at the top.

I'll most likely go back to update Sheva's sections with better info in the next few days now that I can actually play her again without the need of a second controller - I've been playing two-player, one-player if you catch my drift. There's plenty more info to follow in this guide in the coming weeks. I'm not completely sure what that'll be, but I'll most likely think of something else to add.

Update (1/29)

- Each of the four secret co-op melee attacks that must be done off of a Majini bounce, now have a youtube video link accompanying them.

- A new youtube link from Yama at for knifing enemies as well as other advanced tips can be found in the tips section (last tip).

- I've started listing the various comments for when the assist button is pressed during certain instances as well.

- I added a new animation for the staggering animation when a Majini is shot in the back of the arm - they lean forward and grab the wounded arm.

- The hidden "shiny stone" in Shanty Town was renamed as a "BSAA medal", since that's most likely what it is and will be in the full game.

- I tried to better format some areas. I'll clean this guide up completely once I'm through with everything that I would like to do for it.

Update (1/30)

- Added more controls to the Controls portion of the Basics section. It should cover every command now. There is an unmentioned alternate run by holding down on the Left thumbstick while holding forward while Type C or D controls are chosen that I didn't know about until a few days ago. I'm still more of an A button runner myself.

- Hazardous Objects and Items/Item Drops section was added under Basics.

- Quick Side Turn Aiming was added to the Advanced Techniques section.

- Added a mention of loading through your inventory in both the basics and advanced techniques sections thanks to BossVirgo19. I also put a separate topic on reloading through the menu while firing that I wanted to emphasize.

- Added some exploitations in the Executioner's AI and Chainsaw Majini's AI that can be taken advantage of at the bottom of the boss fight description for each.

- Beefed up the Major Tip for the Executioner battle a bit regarding the newly found inventory reloading.

- Cleaned up the item display tables in the walkthrough. I still need to make these look better really...

Update (2/2)


Oh yes, the time has come for PS3 fans to take a piece of the action. On Feb. 2nd in the morning hours, the demo of Resident Evil 5 was placed on the Japanese, Europe and North American PlayStations Stores, in that order. The demo clocks in at 942MB total, so set that demo to download and read on.

- Added "Taunting" in the Basics section. It was also added in the Advanced techniques section since it rather useful and its usefulness is not always well known. It can actually change the focus of an attacking enemy to the taunting player. Big thanks to BossVirgo19 for this.

- Added more to the info about shooting an enemy in the upper arm.

- Added a tip on "Performing Chris' Co-op Attack in Single Player" below his list of melee attacks. I've been fiddling with this for the longest and finally found a way! It's not easy, but it's fun to try.

- Changed "Reloading Through the Inventory Menu during a Gunshot" to "Reloading Through the Inventory Menu during a Gunshot or Melee Attack" because both are just as important and are now described in full detail.

- A really neat glitch that gives you infinite time on the Public Assembly was added to the portion just before the Executioner breaks the gate. Big thanks to JillSandwich123 for this impressive find.

- Added a "Maximum Aggression Method" for defeating the Executioner extremely quick.

- Added a "First Floor Metal Door Lock Glitch/Exploit" to the Shanty Town stage. Basically you can bounce a grenade off the building next door from the second floor of the building with the locked door to break the lock and get out of the building early. Big thanks to Adoboros and Mullet Wesker for this.

- Added a tip about tossing grenades over to the BG Production building while playing as Chris and attempting to provide cover for Sheva.

Update (2/6)

- Added my gamertag and PSN ID for people to join up with me online. Please respect my preferences as listed in the guide. See the new "Joining Up With Me Online" section.

- Under "Playing Online" in the Basics section, added info for the PS3 demo.

- Changed Chris "Uppercut" melee attack for a Parasite partner action to "Upward Knife Slash". I didn't notice the knife in Chris' hand before.

- Added "Pointing with your Gun's Laser Pointer" to the Partner Communication portion of the Basics section.

- Added a few more Shanty Town tips (jumping through the window to knock down the first Majini, kicking the wooden door into the Majini from the back portion of the outside of the Slaughterhouse and knife slashing the Majini in the stall).

- A caution about healing while near the Chainsaw Majini was added to the Chainsaw Majini boss fight in Shanty Town.

- Added a co-op strategy for the Chainsaw Majini boss fight.

- A Majini Behavior/Exploits section was added under the Enemies section for Majini.

Update (2/10)

- Added the Minimap to the basics section. I haven't even noticed how important it is until playing online - keeping up with your partner.

- Added "The Ultimate Way to Perform Chris' Co-op Melee Attacks In Single Player" to the Basics section. Works like a charm!

- Updated the Co-op melee attacks for each character with several new tips as to obtaining them including tricking online players into helping you!

- Removed Healing from the Invincibility Frames portion of Advanced Techniques since I have been hit one too many times while attempting it. Could have sworn that there some sort of invincibility frame there though.

- Stressed tossing a grenade at the gate in Public Assembly for the first wave of Majini in the tips section for not using barricades.

- Added a Maximum Aggression method for defeating the Chainsaw Majini with Chris and Sheva or both together. It's more like a complete trap with Chris actually.

Much, much more to come in the next few days!

Update (2/13)

- Renamed "Character Comments" as "Character Responses".

- Added more detailed info regarding critical headshots to the Character Responses portion and added an additional mention of a response during a co-op melee attack. Both characters can actually respond during the middle of a co-op melee attack sequence.

- Added more invincibility frames to the Advanced Techniques section. Here's the full list now:

- While grabbing an item
- While jumping from a platform/vaulting over an object
- Giving an item
- Performing a melee attack
- While recovering from an attack
- Resuscitation
- While grounded
- While on fire (burning animation)
- While holding up arms to block debris from an explosion
- While performing a partner action (hoisting animations)
- Door kick animation
- During a hold, when your character is winning/losing the struggle
- During the game over screen

- Updated the bookcase trick for defending the building in the Public Assembly. A person online showed me that you can actually do it with both entryways!

- Added the Recovery Swing attack to the Executioner's move list and updated his Berserker Rage just a bit.

- Added a warning about healing in front of the Executioner shortly listed after his move list.

- Added a Maximum Aggression Method for Sheva to the Executioner boss fight and also added co-op strategy for beating him.

- Added a tip for shooting the red explosive barrels while your partner is next to them for the Chainsaw Majini fight. I'll probably receive some hate mails about that one, but hey, it might just save your ass.

- During the Chainsaw Majini fight, added information about running all the way back to the building where the partner action command of hoisting Sheva can be performed - this keeps the Majini off of Chris most of the time.

Update (2/17)

- Added the Majini with the sunglasses and megaphone to the list of Majini that can be gotten in a co-op melee attack sequence.

- Added "While electrified" to the Invincibility Frames portion of Advanced Techniques. Removed "During the Game Over" screen. I know, I know. You didn't notice that useless mention anyway, did you? DID YOU!?

- Under "Giving Items", added a note that you cannot give weapons during co-op play as well as a mention of the amount of the ammo given per give command.

- Added some extra info under the Reloading through Inventory section and Taunting an Enemy section under Advanced Techniques.

- Added tips about slashing Majini that stand on the car or hop over the gate at the Public Assembly and also added a tip about shooting a Majini while it has climbed to the very top of the fence.

- Added the "Turning Swing" to the Executioner's move list. He doesn't perform this move all that much.

- Added a "If your partner hits the Executioner/Chainsaw Majini with a melee attack early" tip to both boss fights. Each of us has our own playstyle, so this is a good way to add some more heated aggression to the more common approach of attacking them.

- Added a tip regarding shooting the Majini in the legs while on the second floor of the BG Production building in Shanty Town. I've been using this method for the longest but am just now adding it

- Added a tip about using hand grenades to intensify the damage while the Chainsaw Majini is stunned.

- Added a Majini Glitch underneath the Majini Behavior portion of the Enemies section. Basically it lets you attack them while the parasite still protrudes from their mouth if done correctly.

- Added a Flying Parasite Behavior/Exploit portion underneath the Enemies section.

- Added a mention of my full guide below. It's almost as if I'm already one fourth of the way through it already.

Update (2/24)

- Added a tip about performing a melee attack again for a missed melee attack.

- Added a mention of performing a co-op melee after a partner assist melee attack.

- Added an extra tip for setting up a co-op melee with another player dealing with the partner commands.

- Added a "partner melee attacks an enemy that you have knocked off the partner with a partner assist melee attack" response mention to the Character Responses section.

- Added a mention of a game bug associated with Sheva's critical headshot response.

- Added quite a bit more to the "Pulling up Inventory During Character Animations" section. Here's the full list:

- the moment when your character tosses off or receives a hit from a grappling enemy
- after sustaining a hit
- while climbing a ladder
- while vaulting over an obstacle/jumping/jumping through a window
- while quick turning (NOT INVINCIBLE)
- in between gunshots (NOT INVINCIBLE)
- during a melee attack, ground melee or partner assist melee
- while reaching down to pick up an item
- while healing (NOT INVINCIBLE)
- during reloading animations (NOT INVINCIBLE)

- Added "Herb Combining during Green Herb Use" to the Advanced Techniques section.

- Added an extra tip about pushing the bookcase in front of the window to the "Tips for taking on the Majini outside the building" section of Public Assembly.

- Updated the "Game Plan (Summary of Owning Him)" for the Executioner boss battle. Added a mention of reloading through inventory during a melee attack while hitting the Executioner.

- Added some more tips to the Flying Parasite portion of Shanty Town, edited the walkthrough in some areas of this portion to provide extra info.

- Added a Glitch/Fun Stuff section.

Update (2/27)

- Added a quote to the intro based on an IGN user's response to my RE5 demo info.

- Added the max ammo per inventory slot for the Shotgun (30).

- Added a Shanty Town Knife Run section. Public Assembly may follow - Executioner knifed.

Update (3/2)

- Added a tip about how your character will look in the direction of an enemy to the Tips for Both Modes section.

- Added a mention of sniping the Majini with the megaphone while playing as Sheva.

- Added a mention about swapping ammo right around the time that Chris contact Kirk at the Public Assembly.

- Added a note about how a grenade will disappear if thrown directly before the cutscene where the Majini break through the roof in Public Assembly.

- Added a note about how the Executioner is sometimes invincible to a stun under his attack list in the Public Assembly section.

- Added a Public Assembly knife run section.

- Updated the Chainsaw Majini knife slashing section with a better method.

- Added "Grabbing" to the Majini enemy section.

- Updated the Item Glitch a bit.

Update (3/11)

- Updated the mention of double teaming Majini in Public Assembly. I have actually run across random Majini in that stage that can be bounced around.

- Added in a "Major Tip for Performing a Response" - basically, press and hold the assist button during every response. This works wonders for critical headshots to keep your from saying "Come on".

- Updated the grenade exploit in Shanty Town and the Character Freeze after Resuscitation glitch.

- Added "Immediate Melee Attack after Slashing With Knife" to the Advanced Techniques section.

- Added more tips to both barricading and fighting the Majini outside while near the first building at the Public Assembly.

- Added another Chainsaw Majini exploit dealing with the transformer that he might continually run into.

- Added a "Recommended" method for defeating the Chainsaw Majini and labeled the others as "Alternate".


sephirosuy said...

Although just a demo, but you wrote it very details, good job! *admire ^_^

Berserker said...

Thanks, Seph. When it comes to Resident Evil, I tend to go overboard. :p

Each game in the main series is so very replayable to me. Well, just in general, replayability is one aspect that I really like about many Capcom games. I'm hoping the new Dead Rising has that same flare as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one,this is much far the best Walkthrough i ever seen,can't wait for the Demo hits Europe...thanks!

The Netherland

Berserker said...

I appreciate the comments, Erik. Still much more to come.

I might be overdoing it for a demo, but I want a headstart on my full guide and I'm sure that the majority of the demo aspects will carry over to the full game.

I'm so very interested to try out the PS3 version since that will most likely be the first version I'll be playing through.

Brian said...

:D Good to see you've already made headway through some tricks in the game! I haven't looked at the guide just yet, waiting for the demo to drop for me before taking a gander. I think I've done a good job just ignoring as much info as usual, haha.

Berserker said...

Good for you. I'd stay off the GameFAQs boards and just about any other RE board if you can handle it. I've already had some of the game most likely spoiled for me now, but it's ok - I would have seen it in due time anyway with my unwillingness to not look.

All the tricks that I have listed in the guide all work for the North American demo from what I have seen so far. That demo is such a blast to play online. I'll probably make a daily stroll through it up till March 13. :D

Brian said...

Cool. I am now anxiously awaiting getting home so I can get started on the demo. Won't be home till after 6 though, but that's work for ya!

Berserker said...

Try to get used to the Type D controls if you can. There's so much win in those control if you're willing to learn them. The best part about them is that the fire command and the action command are not all controlled by one button... and also there's the nifty sidestep feature.

When I first played the demo, I was trying to wrap up my Dead Space FAQ, so I was constantly switching between the demo and Dead Space and thankfully, the Type D controls are very similar to Dead Space.

I kind of wonder if the other control types have any certain advantages? I never use them to really know. Hmmm, now there's something to experiment with for the next few days. :D

Brian said...

Wow you really studied the heck out of the game already. :) Let's hope some of these things stick around in the final release.

I really need to brush up on my RE, as I was kind of flailing around for a bit when I started out. It's been quite a while... and I'm much more used to Gears' aiming speed now, so Chris' preciseness was aggravating. Gears influence was enough such that I was playing a cover game the entire time, and hitting A when I meant to hit X ^_^;;

So far though the demo is just enough to replay a few times. I need to get better and focus. One of my biggest problems with every RE game is that I always focus on taking people out first, then exploring afterwards... Whenever I try to do both I end up losing health, it seems :/ Either that, or running out of ammo.

Berserker said...

That FAQ is an example of how I like to drain everything I can out of an RE game. I'm considering adding some text maps to it. Geez, that's going to take a lot of patience though for a feature that no one really needs... I might have the time for it at the moment though. :)

I sort of use a mix of exploration and battle while looking around areas. If I see an enemy up ahead, I'll still explore the immediate area before worrying about him. With an RE (any of them) I eventually get to where everything becomes automatic and I simply go charging through each area with a usual gameplan.

Online play kind of messes up that play aspect though. In the Public Assembly, I always want to grab the ammo in the first building then jump out the window and fight the Majini, but I kind of feel like an ass doing that since the most common way to approach that first segment is to barricade.

DSMeatte said...

Hi there. I just noticed one thing in your FAQ that bugs me.

You said that, in single player, if you're grabbed by an enemy, Shava won't help you unless you command her to do so.

I've actually noticed that that isn't the case. I've been grabbed by enemies many a time, and most of the time, Sheva helps out by kicking/punching/whatevering the enemy without the command. Hell, aside from exchanging items, the only time I've even had to use the command button is when she's on the roof of the beginning of Shanty Town, otherwise she won't come back down.

Not trying to be rude of anything. Just thought I'd let you know.

Berserker said...

It's cool. I like it when people question stuff in my guides or let me about corrections that need to be made. With RE I tend to get little response in the way of feedback at times. Hopefully that will change with RE5.

I've been meaning to change that actually. There's so many things that I'll think of that I need to fix or add to that guide but by the time I get to it, I've done forgotten what it was that I needed to add or change since something else crosses my mind.

That's why I've started writing stuff down while playing every game that I write for.

Thanks for letting me know about that, DS. :)

Berserker said...

For anyone interested, the "They Are in Kijuju" site's Video Mixer option is now available. You can basically make up your own movie with clips from the game and the present viral videos. It's pretty detailed and should get even better as they release more new features.

I've been messing around with it this morning for a while. I think you can only have others view it through email though. I spent a little while earlier making up about half of one. It's really addicting I think.

It has some minor spoilers in it if you don't want to see some of the newer enemy designs. Email me with some good setups if you have time. :D

Adoboros said...

Hey there,

Just read through your FAQ on Gamefaq's and found something that isn't in the guide that you might find interesting. It could be counted as a glitch I suppose.

When you're playing as Sheva in the Shanty Town level, when you get to the point where Chris helps you get to the roof on the other side of the street (just before the chainsaw guy), ensure Sheva has a grenade equipped (I've only tested this with a hand grenade, but I'll try with Incendiary when I have time).

After getting to the other roof, turn around to face the street and throw a grenade down to where the locked gate is. If your aim is good, you'll take the lock out entirely. By doing this, the first wave of enemies (the one's that appear when you drop into the room) don't appear. This can be helpful if you either don't want to fight or if you need to scout the surrounding area for ammunition etc.

The second wave still comes as normal, but it seems to take longer if Chris stays away from the now unlocked gate, giving Sheva time to stock up on equipment.

I've done it several times on the European demo and it definately works. I've also seen another person do the same thing (Which is how I came around to figuring out how it was done in the first place :D) so it should be possible on every copy of the EU demo. I'll check if it works on the JPN version when I have time.

Good job on the FAQ!

Berserker said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I love little tricks like this. I'll add it next Monday. Just sent out the updated version for today - isn't up on GameFAQs at the moment but it will be whenever they update.

There's really no need to try that out on the Japanese demo. The NA version seems to be the exact same and I'm pretty sure the EU version is too. Both the NA version and JP version still share the randomly stopping Executioner glitch, which is the most obvious of all after you've played a few times.

Just a few days ago, a person on Xbox LIVE showed me that you can still reload through the inventory by combining the ammo with a gun. I was not expecting Capcom to ever implement this feature again after RE4. I've found out a few advatages to this, like reloading during shotgun blast animations. Basically you never even have to go through a reloading animation while firing at enemies with the shotgun if you're quick enough with the inventory.

Once again, thanks a lot for the info, Adoboros!

Adoboros said...

Hey again!

That reloading trick sounds awesome. I'll be sure to try it sometime.

I figured the Japanese version will give the same results, but I'll still try it anyway, if only to satisfy my curious mind!

Thinking of it, it might be possible to entirely avoid the situation of throwing Sheva across at all simply by dropping a grenade down at the right angle from the other building then moving downstairs and just have both players leaving from the inside ^.^ I'll be sure to try that and say if it works or not.

If anyone is interested in trying this before I get chance to, I have another idea that could work in an online game to help against the chainsaw guy; give Sheva the rifle, head back up to the top of the building and throw Sheva across. I'm going to assume that she'll be safe up there (although again, I need to check that) so in theory she could protect Chris by sniping the Majini, leaving Chris to duel against the Chainsaw guy 1v1 (a tactic I generally find that works better).

Makes me wonder if there are other ways of taking advantage of the environment that no-one's thought of yet... Either way, I'll look into the things I've mentioned above soon. :)

Berserker said...

Yeah, I've tried that building technique on single player, but CPU Sheva automatically insisted on jumping back down... I have yet to try it on co-op. I'm pretty sure it would work well with two human players.

There is one other thing you can take advantage of in that stage. You can lure the Chainsaw Majini back to the Slaughterhouse building and jump through the window. The Chainsaw Majini will not jump through the window. He will go around the side of the building and use the blue door to get through. The main advantage here is that, from what I have seen, his AI is bound and determined to open that door, so you can hop back through the window and follow him then shoot him until he opens the door. He'll always turn and attack once he opens the door however.

It's listed in the new update that I posted up today. I'm still experimenting with it a bit. A person on my friends list tried to knife him to death by using that today. He showed me some nice knifing techniques that I'll add on Monday.

You know, right after you mentioned that grenade technique today, a friend on Xbox LIVE showed it to me also. He showed me that, if you toss the grenade from the second floor, and Chris runs through the double doors and triggers the cutscene with the chainsaw Majini, the Majini that attack Sheva will dissappear (while their on-screen) after the cutscene and the second wave will never appear. Glitch!

Adoboros said...

To pick up on your last point, does that mean that neither wave will appear if done that way?

Berserker said...

Yep, neither wave of Majini will appear. It automatically skips to the Chainsaw Majini boss fight and you fight him and the Majini that leap over the cars. :D

I don't really find it that much fun, but the fact that you can exploit that for a knife run is quite awesome!

Anonymous said...

Your guide is truly amazing, you must be one heck of an RE fan to wring out this much detail from a 2 level demo. Keep up the good work, pal!

Berserker said...

Thanks a lot for the comment. I've been so absorbed into the PS3 demo release for the past few days that I have failed to send out any updates daily like I usually do. Another will follow shortly. That last update was kind of rushed regarding the PS3 info really.

The Japanese players that play the PS3 version online are quite fun to play with. There was one that helped me completely mutilate the Public Assembly area. We rampaged through the area so badly that Majini appeared to stop showing up for a while. There was so much grenade tossing, blasting with Chris' shotgun and Sheva's rifle, and taunting - total chaos!

We took down the Executioner before he could step past the oil barrels immediately outside the gate long before Sheva started the usual dialogue that takes place in the town. The player enjoyed using taunts for show just like I've started doing here recently. :D

t-$ said...

Very helpful. I hope you'll be doing a full game walkthrough, too.

Brian said...

t-$, there is no doubt about it :D

Anyhoo, O Writer of Great Guides, here's something to bring a gleam to the start of the week:


Berserker said...


Thanks for making my day better, buddy.

As for an RE5 guide, it's practically already in the process of being written. :D

Brian said...

You're welcome man :D I'm just hoping that we'll be getting at least a Frank West cameo, as so far speculation says he won't be a PC. You never know though...

Berserker said...

Surely they'll have some sort of Frank West outfit if nothing else. They've got to have him in there in some form or another.

I'm both slightly interested/disturbed to find out what new outfits this new character will have. Viewtiful Joe! :D

Brian said...

I need to get used to playing this game with friends. I dunno if you haven't been able to tell but for the most part I am more used to playing alpha dog with my own plan -- that's why I let you lead most of the time so that I can try my hand at straight-up support, considering how much more of the game you know already :P

Question of the Evening:
Is it redundant to say that you're invincible during the game over screen?

Berserker said...

I went ahead and removed it considering it was uneeded.

I think it's best to have your own strategy per stage, but just keep the other player in mind. Whenever I play with someone else, I usually do my own thing, but change it up a bit based on what the other player is doing.

The most important thing to remmember, and one I haven't stressed enough in the guide, is to immediately pull up your mini-map so you can keep an eye on where your partner is. It's so very important in Public Assebmly and it helps out somewhat in Shanty Town also.

Remember, whenever you play with me, I'm always keeping track of your ever move. You can't hide from me. :D

Franz said...


this game will rock. Just preordered my version and took a week of vacation after the 13th of March ;-)

But I keep wondering if there will be trophies/achievements in the retail version that can only be unlocked by coop play. Do you know anything official about that?


Brian said...

Haha, yeah, I've made a point of pulling out the map at all times as well.

We may need to come up with a more coordinated setup if you want to do co-op attacks more often though :/ I dunno if you haven't realized but my twitch reflexes tend to always smack X whenever I see the command. Maybe yell "setup!" or something so that we know when someone's going go for a coop move :D

One of the things I've gotten used to doing when playing with people is that if you're good enough as a player alone, two people doing their own thing and kicking butt makes for a very hard team to take down. At least, that's how it works for me and my sister in Smash Bros. -- both of us were routinely too dangerous to fight one-on-one, but we stayed out of each other's way so that the opposing team would be forced to choose.

Too bad that doesn't work against AI :/

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this guide. I was having a hard time with some of the controls at first, but I got used to it.

In the meantime, this seems appropriate:


Berserker said...

You know, I've said that same thing in my mind whenever Joseph Frost motions to the rest of Alpha team at that one part. Haha.

I don't really think Capcom will put any co-op achievements in RE5. There is already a list of them up on the internet and I haven't seen a mention of one. It looks like they have one for performing a co-op melee attack - this can actually be done in single player though with enough determination.

As for a setup for co-op attacks, I almost always hit a Majini in the arm and allow the other player to bump the Majini toward me. That's pretty much the game plan that I explain to any player that plays along side me. It's such as shame that Chris can't use Sheva's machine gun online in order to help him hit a Majini without damaging it much. I constantly run into this problem when I play as Chris.

I've actually started to use the "Go" and "Come On" command to help out with co-op melee attacks. I've gotten several of them out with Japanese players online. the Japanese players seem to enjoy having me play alongside them. I like to have fun and screw around and show off when I play, but I'm always considerate of my partner. I constantly try to bounce Majini toward them from an arm stun to see if they'll help me out with co-op attack. I guess some of the Japanese players like that.

One Japanese player actually showed me a new glitch involving the steel door at the end of Shanty Town that I have yet to see on GameFAQs or any other gaming site. It's really nothing, but it is slightly interesting. Him and I made a great team. The first time through, I gave him a grenade so he could perform the grenade glitch (wanted to see if he knew about it) then the second time through, he handed over the grenade to me, so I could toss it. :D

Kyle said...

dont know if you have seen it yet, but you need to.

Kyle said...

nvm I just saw you have a link to it.

Berserker said...

No biggie.

Flops said...

I was playing Chris online a few minutes ago in shanty town. My partner and I were doing the co-op melee combos. We had 2 guys between us in the small alleyway behind the one building during the chainsawman fight. I figure we have a better chance of getting it to work if we just try it on both at the same time so both of them were stunned. Sheva bounces one of them to me and I bounce him back. At this time Sheva has worked her way between the 2 and when she went for the 3rd crushing hit, she did a spit kick and exploded both of the majinis's heads. Needless to say I creamed in my pants immediately and now I'm here telling you about it. I'm sure if anyone could recreate this situation it would be you.

Flops said...

split kick*

Berserker said...

Yeah, you can hit multiple enemies with all the co-op melee attacks with the exception of Sheva's Skull Crusher. There was one time where I shattered five Majini heads with Chris' Back Hand.

Try performing the grenade trick to open the locked door in Shanty Town while Sheva is being attacked by Majini in the next building then quickly run next door and both waves of Majini will appear on the second floor eventually. That's where I worked five Majini into a Back Hand one time.

It's so enjoyable to set up those co-op attacks. It gives Shanty Town plenty of replay value in the demo.

Sixth_Finger said...

Dunno if you noticed earlier on, but if you throw a grenade and it doesn't explode before the cutscene with the Majini breaking the roof it'll disappear.
I'm pretty sure it disappears because it was gone from my inventory and the Majini were still standing "happily" before me.

Berserker said...

Thanks partner.

I haven't really confirmed it yet, but I believe that cutscene resets all current item drops on the screen as well. I could have sworn that all item drops were gone from the ground shortly after that cutscene the last time I played. I'm usually so focused on shooting the red barrel and clearing the area of Majini that it's hard to notice, but I'll give it more of a look later.

One other cutscene has a reseting effect also - when you trigger the Chainsaw Majini cutscene, it resets all current Majini on the screen.

Berserker said...

Alright, cancel that. It doesn't reset item drops.

Brian said...

I think we need to check you into REA my friend. Resident Evil Anonymous :P

Good to see you busy as always though. I've been pulling my hair out as well, though you might have seen that I have spent a lot of time on Tales of Vesperia. You keeping SF4 active?

I invariably picked up VF5 the other day for ~6$ thanks to Circuit City. I'll have to mess around at some point. SF4 is fun but because I know it so well as a spectator, I don't feel the allure of newness that everyone else does I think.

Berserker said...

I'm not really playing SFIV that much tell you the truth. It's a great game, but IIt's hard to focus on it at the moment. I have a feeling once my RE obsession is satisfied, I'll return to it and enjoy it a lot more.

VF5 is really great online. The Japanese players will toughen you up a bit if you start slacking... or at least beat you to a pulp where you will practice more often to get even.

I'm probably pretty horrible at it at the moment since it's been a while since I last played it, much like SCIV.

I also picked up Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop last week. It's... pretty bad... I could go into so much more detail, but I'll just say that it takes away most everything that made Dead Rising on X360 fun and tacks on some RE4-style controls and mechanics. It's actually hard to keep playing for an extended period of time without getting bored.

Brian said...

That sucks. I would imagine you'd have to go in completely avoiding comparisons in order to potentially get something out of the game. However, I wasn't holding out for it anyway :/

I am really surprised at how much more fun VF5 can be once you spend more than an hour with it. Somehow it feels more dynamic than the other fighters, but that may just be because I'm still so new to it. I think I've gotten past its non-flashy nature. In the end I'm sure the game will have familiar roots but for now, the ability to be aggressive and still have many defensive options (without excessive penalty) is nice.

Anonymous said...

hey just came here to give you a nice addition to one of the control types

recently i ordered re5 for its release date in a week, and decided to get myself a copy of re4 as well just cuz i hadnt beaten it, but its been discontinued so im getting it sent up from somewhere down south

anyway i started playing the re5 demo on control type c because people said its like re4, so i wanted to be prepared ;).

and an intresting thing i found out is that, while knifing i sometimes missed a melee attack while on control type d, but on c the actual attack button is x so when your knifing someone and a melee attack opportunity arrises, ka blam, instant melee attack! :D

i hope you have enjoyed reading this and havent been confused by my type of writing


GoD :D

Brian said...

One more week buddy ;)

I'd ask how pumped you are, but I don't think there's any way to measure that :D

Berserker said...

Haha. I still play the demo more than any new games at the moment - I've mainly been sticking with the PS3 demo. It's one of the main reasons why this blog is hardly updated anymore. The online portion is so very addiciting to me. I'll probably make another RE post over the weekend.

I'll most likely receive the full game sometimes on next Friday afternoon.

Thanks GoD, Yeah, I knew about that and have been meaning to add it. While going through knife runs, I constantly have to tap [ ] while pressing R1 to get a melee attack since I always use control type D.

Besides RE related stuff, I have been playing Street Fighter IV a bit more now. I think I've found a new character in Crimson Viper. I like her overall look and attitude along with her moves. Other than her, I still use Guile, Zangief, Rose and Dan.