Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RE5 NA X360 Demo, RE Contest and Kijuju Site Update

RE5 X360 Demo and New Trailer Release

Capcom just recently issued a press release regarding the availability of the Xbox 360 version of the Resident Evil demo on the North American Xbox LIVE marketplace. A new trailer for RE5 will also be released on Xbox LIVE on January 16 - most likely the "Playing God" trailer which was only available on a few gaming sites following TGS '08.

Capcom Blog post

Full Press Release:

“Resident Evil 5” Demo Premiers Exclusively on Xbox 360 Starting January 26

Xbox 360 gamers worldwide won’t have to wait until March 13, 2009 to get their hands on the highly-anticipated “Resident Evil 5.” The next installment of the landmark survival horror franchise from Capcom will take action to a new level with a two-level, playable demo available exclusively on Xbox 360 for one week beginning Monday, January 26. In the demo, players will have a first glimpse of the fear they will never forget, as “Resident Evil 5” makes daylight just as terrifying as darkness. Additionally, a new exclusive high-definition trailer of the game, shown only at the past Tokyo Game Show in October of 2008, will be made available for download on the Xbox LIVE service on Friday, Jan. 16.

Fans will have the opportunity to experience “Resident Evil 5’s” revolutionary new features early, including two-player co-op with voice chat along with new characters, weapons and environments. The demo is set within two stages from the beginning of the game – Assembly Place and Shanty Town -- featuring plenty of co-operative action, shooting, hordes of bloodthirsty infected Majini enemies and a few puzzles to round out the action. The demo has three levels of co-op play: single-player with AI support, two-player split-screen on a single Xbox 360 and two-player across Xbox LIVE.

Xbox 360 gamers will also be first to take on the new enemies in battle, including an army of weapon-wielding infected Majini, the gigantic hooded Majini Executioner and even the dreaded Chainsaw Majini. Players can also choose between the classic “Resident Evil”-style controls or switch to the newer “Action” controls inspired by games like “Gears of War 2” and “Halo 3.”

In this hotly anticipated new title coming on March 13, Chris Redfield returns as the “Resident Evil” hero and heads to Africa where the latest bioterrorism threat is literally transforming the people and animals of the city into mindless, maddened creatures. Joining forces with a new partner, Sheva Alomar, the two must work together to discover the truth behind this evil plot. Utilizing the new co-op mode, players will be able to assume control of either Chris or Sheva and experience “Resident Evil” in new ways.

For more details, please visit: or

(Thanks to Brian for the link.)

The PS3 demo version will most likely arrive sometimes soon as well. has metioned that the PS3 version of the demo will be released on Feb. 5th on PSN, though no official word has been announced. Here is that particular link.

Gamespot article on both versions

Resident Evil Fansite Contest

A new contest involving the various Resident Evil sites across the net has been announced. This contest requires you to check around at various areas in the US and find a group of Kijuju posters then take a snapshot of them and submit them to the Resident Evil site that you want to help out for your chance to win. It is best to get yourself in the picture and/or have up a sign that mentions the chosen fan site of submission to help confirm your own authentic pic.

All details and location lists (in xls or text) can be found right here. I'd recommend helping out The Horror is Alive personally since they have been an extremely great source for RE information over the years, well, for me at least.

I'll have to bow out myself since Mississippi is pretty far away from the locations listed. :(

Kijuju Site Update

The They are in Kujuju site has now been updated with the second in the series of 5 expected viral videos that lead up to Resident Evil 5's release. Keep in mind that the videos take place after Resident Evil 5.


Brian said...

Hooooly crap, here it is: RE5 Collector's Edition, US version!

@_@ Looks cool (I don't like how they copped out and labeled the manual as an item of interest), but I still think that the eCapcom version is better, only because of the setup, and the artbook. Still... that messenger bag and figurine are droolworthy as well... ARGH money gone!

Brian said...

OH! and right now gamestop is doing free overnight shipping! Just check on the regular deals things!

Berserker said...

Oh, man that is freaking great! My day has been made. WANT! I just preordered both CE's the other day at

I have a gift certificate wrapped up in the order, so I don't want to cancel it and reorder - afraid I might lose it. I'll email them and see if they'll upgrade my shipment. I already had overnight shipping on the PS3 version.

Total of $194.17 altogether. O_O

Also, the new trailer on Xbox LIVE confirms the demo for RE5 on the 26th at the very end of it. Not that we needed confirmation but I was pretty psyched to see it directly from the trailer.

Berserker said...

Just sent the email to

God, I hope they change that. They have before when I emailed them about a free shipping offer.

As always, thanks for the news also.

Brian said...

No problem :) Hopefully they will apply the coupon for you -- I ended up having to reorder for Smash Bros Brawl, but that was to upgrade to overnight as opposed to following up on any kind of a deal. At least your order will go below the 200$ mark -- I will be dropping 80$ on SF4 controllers, and both collector's edition for another $160. Yikes ^_^;;

Berserker said...

Wow, you're getting both? (note the irony)

I might just get the PS3 version of SFIV - still haven't decided yet. I want the Ryu figure more than Crimson Viper and also the Blu-ray movie. The only problem is the controller. I might buy one of the MadCatz joypads for PS3. No matter how much I try to use them, joysticks are not my cup of tea for home use.

As I've said I don't know how many times, I'm so glad that my highly-anticipated Bionic Commando was delayed. There's too much Capcom in two months already.

Brian said...

Agreed. That Dark Void was also pushed back made me sigh a bit of relief as well. No doubt about it though, if those two games can pull it out financially Capcom will be sitting on one hell of a year.

And yeah, I'm getting the PS3 one even without having a PS3 yet, because of the BluRay and the Ryu figurine. Even after I get the PS3 I may end up playing more often on the 360, because of Live's stability -- it just hinges on where the better players are :)

Berserker said...

I'd really much rather have the X360 version of SFIV to be honest because of the same reason and the fact that I have an arcade stick for it - I'm pretty descent with it even though I prefer a joypad. Both system'd D-pads are horrible for 2-D style fighters if you ask me.

Whenever I play fighting games on both online services, I usually run into good players more commonly on PSN really. I hardly ever run into a player that doesn't know how to play at all on there.

I met up with a bunch of good players on SCIV while on PSN. I'd get disconnected from players more often on that version though. :)