Friday, January 9, 2009

Dead Rising CTYD Extras and Questions

Dead Rising News

Just recently Famitsu released pics of some of the new outfits for Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (the other outfit is in the full scan). I have to sometimes wonder what goes through the creators' mind with some of these outfits - it's all hilarious to me though. Hopefully some more Capcom characters will follow.

There is another pic of the Nathan Spencer outfit over at the Capcom Blog.

Also, over the Capcom boards, you can submit some questions which might have the chance of being answered by Producer/Director of Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, Minoru Nakai. Users with the chosen questions receive some free Dead Rising Capcom releated items. The thread can be found right here for anyone that is interested. The deadline for submitting questions is Wednesday.

Resident Evil 5 News

Recently, the Japanese Biohazard site has been updated with a new look showcasing a BSAA database server, and there is now a Kijuju blog up on Blogger which is updated by Adam, who seems to be making a living in Kijuju. He also details his meetings with the "mysterious blonde woman". Capcom appears to be having a lot of fun in the comments section of the most recent post. :D

The RE5 Theatrical Trailer that is on the RE: Degeneration DVD and Blu-ray is up on Gametrailers and some new pics of the leech-like enemy are available right here.

If you haven't taken a look at the Kijuju site yet, then show me some support and visit the They Are in Kijuju site. I know. I know. I'm sorry... but really, come on and humor me with your left mouse button if you haven't clicked it yet. :D


Brian said...

You can imagine my grin when I saw our good ol' Frank grappling zombies around the mall :P Few things are as sweet, haha.

By the way, I just finished RE: Degeneration :) A solid movie, nothing spectacular but done for the fans, so I can't complain. That last plot drop was awesome though, I must admit. I haven't been keeping up with the RE5 virals or any real news since TGS... But man it's hard not to hype :P

Berserker said...

Yeah, I watched it about a few weeks ago and have been meaning to rewatch it again. Other than a few animation gripes, it was very enjoyable. I really liked the RE2 reference between Claire and Leon at that one part - you have played RE2, right?

Leon is starting to become less intriguing to me as the series continues however. He didn't shout out constant one-liners in RE:Degeneration, but its almost like he has no emotions anymore at all. He sometimes gives off the impression of a robot sent in to kick virus ass. A terminator, haha. :p

Claire, on the other hand, was fantastic and received too little action-packed screentime, if you ask me. I find that I like her better now that the whole "I have to find my brother" escapade has come to an end. It was good to see her back again after such a long break in between CVX up till now.

It was actually great to see both of them reunited again, despite my gripes with Leon.

As for RE5, I'm trying to limit myself on info that I look up about it. I only peak at the new gameplay footage videos now. It's so very hard not to look though. :(

Brian said...

RE2 is a vague memory to me only because I never played it myself, only watched my cousin play it. What are you referring to?

As for Leon, I agree that he was too stiff, but at the same time, his whole situation is a little weird. Really nowhere in our government is there "special ops from the White House", so I guess he really is a virus terminator :P

I agree about Claire, but at the very least at least she got the best sequence in the film, when she saves Rani :D Thinking of her as a civvie though is really awkward when you know what crap she's been through. Oh well... Let's hope we hear something from her in RE5. Considering the Tricell note we can keep our fingers crossed, haha.

Nish said...

Whoah! I clicked the link. Scary.

The RE film has only just hit the shelves in the UK and so is full price (I don't belong to any rental scheme). If it lowers I'll pick it up.

Berserker said...

Haha. I warned you!

What are you referring to?

At 1:50 onward, watch how Leon and Claire first meet up in RE2 then go back to the Degeneration DVD and watch their meetup scene. It's brilliant! :D

*Degeneration spoilers*

There's also some scenes during the final battle in Degeneration that look very familiar to the scenes with Leon's A Scenario in RE2 (the part where he held Ada from the catwalk). Of course in Degeneration, he's holding Angela and a G-virus mutant which only further makes me wonder if he is indeed some sort of terminator.

*end spoilers*

I decided to watch Degeneration again last night. Really the movie is better the second time I watched it since I was able to piece everything together easier and also I wasn't watching it while I was sick... As a normal movie, Degeneration comes across as an average action/horror title to me since the excitement is lacking at some points (mainly the middle), but to a hardcore RE fan like myself, I thought it fit well with the series and enjoyed it quite a bit!

The movie really assumes that you have knowledge of the games that take place in Raccoon City (mainly RE2 and, to some extent, RE3) and doesn't do much to summarize those events if you don't. The flashbacks could have easily been more detailed to help out those that haven't played RE2.

It's use of slow motion was sometimes distracting as well, especially that one scene toward the end with Angela. That was way too out of place and lengthy. Was I supposed to be feeling something during those intense stares? I could easily pick it apart in some areas and make it seem like I wasn't impressed, but in reality I was overall. :)

Berserker said...

Oh, and also, I wanted to mention that the Kijuju blog was updated earlier today. The new post appears with the date of 1/09/09, but it wasn't posted up until today.

I didn't notice it at first, but anyone with a Blogger account can post up comments on it. Do you guys have any advice for Adam and his blonde lady friend? :p