Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dead Rising CtyD Interview

The Bionic Commando Top Secret File podcast that I mentioned in my previous Dead Rising post was done yesterday and it has a most interesting interview with producer/director for Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop, Minoru Nakai in it.

Top Secret File 031 podcast (w/Dead Rising interview)

The actual interview begins 15 minutes and 35 seconds into the podcast. The full interview is a little over 25 minutes. Here's my personal favorite highlights:

25:30 - Differences (this part is fantastic! A list of additions is actually read through)
36:40 - New weapons, extras
It really sounds so much more interesting than what I had envisioned. Instead of a watered down port with Wii controls, it sounds like a complete remake of what we knew from Dead Rising on X360. Knowing so little about the game based on the shallow previews that I've read thus far, it was really good to get some in-depth information this time.

Also, for the some Resident Evil 5 related news, the Europe PS3 demo for Resident Evil 5 is supposed to be up on the PlayStation Store on February 2nd according to Eurogamer. This probably means that the US will get it on the same day as well, approximately one week after the NA Xbox 360 demo release.

Update: US PS3 RE5 demo confirmed for February 2nd on the North American PSN. Official word from Sony - bottom paragraph.

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