Sunday, April 20, 2008

God of War: Chains of Olympus Guide

Long title, huh? And here we have one of the reasons why my DMC4 guide has had a lack of updates - not that it got in the way that much, I just became lazy with DMC4 while writing this one. Working with Cheat Happens is always a blast!

This guide comes complete with a full walkthrough, enemy tips, a chest list, Challenge of Hades strategies, and much more. I tried to make it equal to my GoW II guide in every way possible. Even if you don't need it, you might get a good laugh from the action cutscene descriptions - they're my main source of entertainment in a GoW guide. :D


Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin,

I am Arif. I just finished teh 'Silent Hill Origins' game (on the PsP) once with your fantastic walkthrough. U really made my day Man!!!

Keep up the good work. I am planning to play 'CastleVania Rondo' on the PsP too.

Peace and Many Thanks!!!

(P.s.- Flauoros Puzzle was impossible if U didn't supply the guide)

: )

Berserker said...

Thanks for the comments, Arif!

Yeah, the Flauros puzzle really threw me for the first time as well.