Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Online Gaming

Online Gaming. Those words are so new to me. Well, I just recently got a connection that allows me to hook up to Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network.

Xbox LIVE Gamertag:



If you're in the mood then hit me up for a game. I'm mainly interested in fighting games tell you the truth. Any Virtua Fighter players out there? Haven't tried Lost Planet or Turok multiplayer, but I will soon. Still need to open Turok and give it a play..

After nearly two years of them being available on the marketplace, I have finally downloaded the much wanted (by me) Dead Rising keys too. They kind of suck. Haha.


Brian said...

Hey there Kev, I just added you to my XBL Friends list. My gamertag is Syrpiektre. Kinda convoluted but it's got a small backstory (in my short story writing and because it's a "name-like" anagram of my e-mail handle, Pyrestrike) :D

Glad to hear you like the fighters. I try to like VF, but I dunno, I think I get too spoiled by the flashier games. My biggest ones are Soul Calibur (my best), Guilty Gear (my favorite), and of course Street Fighter (my tradition, :P). I do have Lost Planet, but never tried the multiplayer. I'm not much of a shooter person, especially run-n-gun.

See you online some time!

Berserker said...

I'll add you when I get back on. :)

I'm not much of a fan of run and gun either (mainly first person shooters). Good to hear that you like fighting games though. Soul Calibur is one of my favorites, equal to Virta Fighter in my book. The original Dreamcast Soul Calibur will be up on Xbox LIVE arcade this summer!


Brian said...


That's awesome news! Hooray for sinking more points into the 360, haha (I've only got Lumines, Bomberman, and Puzzle Fighter actually purchased to-date). This'll make an awesome complement to Super Turbo Remix once that's out too.

I just read your review for Condemned 2. I was certainly surprised when I found out it was a detective/horror game. The boxart makes it so... Manhunt-y, so I was turned off by it. Of the two in the series, which do you think would be more approachable by potentially new fans?

Berserker said...

I'd recommend the first Condemned over the second one. The second one has much better gameplay but the first game has a more immerssive feel to it - also, it really helps to play through the first game in order to get the full enjoyment out of the second game. The first game feels pretty complete by itself though.

Condemned 1 was one of those games where I felt obligated to get every achievements the game had to offer - I'm still missing one because of a game bug though. There are certain achievements that many people miss because of an unknown requirement. You basically do all that is required but you accidentally quit the game too early and the game doesn't count your collectibles toward the achievement... or something like that. No one realy knows what the problem is from what I have seen.

Berserker said...

Also, in case you didn't know, the Condemned 2 demo is up on the marketplace now. They just added it last week.