Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 Guide

Devil May Cry 4 FAQ/Walkthrough

This guide should be up on many of the gaming sites later today. Finally decided to go ahead and send out the guide even though I'm still working on it. I'll probably be updating it daily or once every few days.

Been working on this one since the game was released in the US. The ASCII art was started about a month before the game was released. I think I've set a new standard for myself when it comes to boss battles this time - try some two page long essay explanations on for size!

Like I did with Resident Evil:UC, I'll update this post as I update the guide and I'll probably keep this post at the top, so look below this post to see any new posts. Gotta keep plugs up above the rest of the stuff. ;)

UPDATE - 3/4

Ah, the first in the many slew of updates!

Added some extra bits of information for the Nero and Dante Berial boss fight - using Enemy Step for Nero and using Pandora's Argument for Dante. Bianco, Blitz, and Frost are now in the enemies section of the guide. Thanks to Seph, I added some pics to the Bonus Art section of the Extras section. That about wraps it up for today. Click here or click the link to the right of this page for the update. You'll always be able to find the update on this site first.

Just a note, if anyone emails me within the next few days, I might not get back to you for a while. I'll be off the net for a few days this week - just don't know when. That means updates for this guide won't come every day also. I'm in the process of getting a new comp. Finally moving out of the stone age over here. *gasp*

UPDATE - 3/5

Scarecrow and Mega Scarecrow are now listed up under the Enemies section. Added and edited some information about taunts and Devil Triggers for Nero and Dante in the Basics section. Click on the link to the right for the update.

Looks like I won't be doing without a comp this week after all - that's next week, so I'll probably have updates almost daily until then.

UPDATE - 3/6

Assault, Gladius, and Cutlass were added to the Enemies section. Frost overview was updated a bit and some extra strategies were added. Distorted Real Impact timing was changed a bit and I added a url to a thread for other advanced techniques with Dante under his advanced techniques section.

For some extra advanced techiniques with Dante - Distortions and Gilgamesh Just Charge - visit Malcolm90K's thread on IGN.

UPDATE - 3/7

Basilisk and Fault were both added to the Enemies section. Made a correction with Dante's Shredder and added Round Trip to his move list.

UPDATE - 3/8

Chimera Seed, Chimera (Chimera Scarecrow), and Chimera Assault were all added to the Enemies section. Added a mention of using Gun Stinger on Frost also.

This is a special update since it falls on my birthday and therefore that makes it special. I'll be 28 later today! Yay...? I suppose so.

UPDATE - 3/10

Mephisto was added to the Enemies section. Quite a few additions were made throughout the walkthrough, most notably to the Bael boss fight with Nero. Big thanks to Binary, MortimerV, and Brian for their extra info!

All that's left now is Faust, Alto Angelo, and Alto & Bianco Formation for the Enemies section. I might just cancel the Characters section and continue on to a Bloody Palace section. There's really no need for a Character's section - I'm starting to feel that it would be more filler like info that fans already know.

UPDATE - 3/14

Faust was added to the enemies section. Distortions and Gilgamesh Just Charge were added to Dante's advanced techniques section. Big thanks to Malcolm90K for allowing me to post these techniques in my guide!

UPDATE - 4/9

Alto Angelo and Alto and Bianco formation are now included in the enemy section - bosses will come at a later date. A few corrections were made here and there and more moves were added to Dante's Devil Trigger section. A much bigger update than this will come in a few days - just wanted to finish up with the normal enemies.

UPDATE - 4/11

The "red orb locations" section has now been changed to "red orb guide". I took out my information and replaced it with the_blood_wolf's info. There is also a Bloody Palace Guide written by the_blood_wolf now included in the main guide as well. Big thanks to the_blood_wolf, Shinso_Shikai and butterfly_2689 for allowing me to use their strategies in my guide!

Since my red orb locations and the_blood_wolf's conflict with each other at some points, I'll be redoing some of the locations in the main guide in order to match his.

UPDATE - 4/17

Nothing special was added, just proofread up to Mission 8. Meh.

UPDATE - 4/28

Proofread up to Mission 14.

UPDATE - 5/12

Yeah, it's a future date I know. This will be up on the gaming sites on Monday. Anyway, the rest of the walkthrough should be free of errors now since I finished going over the whole thing walkthrough portion. If you find any errors then just email me about him - no matter how small, I'm picky.


Brian said...

Hey Berserker, been a while :D I've actually taken a break from DMC (well, until a couple days ago) thanks to Mass Effect. But nonetheless the urge for action spurred me to play.

I managed to get to stage 30 at most so far for Bloody Palace. I am having the same problem I had with DMC3 really -- stage awareness, as usually I only get hurt when I'm blindsided, but that's enough for the enemies to pile combos.

But as for tips... I have one for dealing with Mephistos/Fausts as Dante. You already mentioned that Coyote-A does a good job, but you can maximize that ability with Gunslinger. You can literally jump right into their cloaks and fire off an Air Fireworks. One will quickly take care of a Mephistos' cloak, and three for the Fausts. The little jump you get from using it is especially helpful with being quick on the Fausts.

I suggest using Gilgamesh and following up with that diving kick :)

Also, for Alto Angelos, I'm sure you've found that after you get of the usual two hits/two combos, they'll bring up the shield pretty much every time. If you're aiming for style (or not, depending on how you look at it), it only takes two sets of 3 Gun Stingers to break the shields. This will let you break the shields which generally boosts you one full style, regardless of the fact that you look like a masher doing 6 Gun Stingers in a row XD

Also, on the encounters with Blitz enemies that stand still after appearing (like on the way out of the forest with Dante, or Stage 19 on BP), Over Drive works well in reducing their shield. Those're few and far between though. I've also found that Lucifer is good for this. Two full sets (30 swords) are enough to take off the shield. It just takes a little patience and timing with Bondage, since it auto-locks on the target.

Those're just some tips I've found. Thanks for showing me the way of Distortion too :D It's made a huge difference in making Gilgamesh even more fun.

Berserker said...

Ah, good to see you back!

That Fireworks method for the Fausts and Mephistos works extremely well! I just got through adding the Mephistos to the enemy section and listed that as a good way to deal with them. I'll do the same with the Fausts.

I'll have to try out that other stuff as well.

That distortion technique is great. Be sure to try it at the end of Dance Macabre and try the Inverted Stinger distortion (DT then shut off DT before a DT'd Stinger ends).

One thing I'd recommend for Bloody Palace is to switch the button layout so you can charge Blue Rose with Nero. For the X360 version, I have LT is gun, RT as Exceed, RB as lock-on, and X as Devil Trigger. I used to have RT set as lock-on, but RB really isn't all that bad once you get used to it.

That level 3 charge blast helps out extremely well for any enemy! As long as you know how to deal with Blitz and the bosses, it's all smooth sailing through Bloody Palace for the most part.

I can still only make it up to about stage 38 with Dante. The Blitzs are so unpredictable because of the way that Dante has to deal with them.

Brian said...

Yeah, I have my setup for guns as well, with RT and LT reversed :) It was the first thing I did when I started playing!

I didn't know you could get an even better Stinger... I'll definitely try that out.

And Happy Birthday! I got quite a few family birthdays coming up in a couple weeks too... Time to do some gift shopping :P

Berserker said...

Thanks. :)


Read ^that thread on IGN and Malcolm90K lists up all the worthwile distortion moves - well, all the good ones so far. Just about every move can be distorted with the proper timing, but some are more useful and easier to do than others. He also has an interesting method for powering up Gilgamesh charge attacks. I really haven't found a use for them but its still interesting.

I've been trying to distort the Helmet Breaker but it doesn't seem to work that well. It seems like a Shredder takes off slightly more if you DT during it, but neither of these have that extra earth shattering effect that the others have. :\

Some have hinted at the possibility to distort a fully charged Royal Release.

Brian said...

Distorted Royal Release? That would be extremely powerful, but to think of how precise the timing would have to be. I doubt you could just DT and Release at the same time; at least, not to create a distortion. You'd have to DT and then Release with like 4 frames' separation, which is rather difficult and maybe unnecessary :(

BTW have you found much use for E&I in this game? I feel like they drastically reduced its power, and thus, its potency, when there are so many other options. I've only used it for Basilisks and Cutlasses (which even with E&I I have a big problem with, weirdly enough). Charge Shot for it in DMC3 was really good and powerful, but doesn't seem to do much of anything in DMC4. It kinda makes me sad.

Thanks for the thread, I'll definitely read up :D

Berserker said...

Yeah, Ebony & Ivory used to be my weapon of choice, but no longer. They can't even damage a Chimera Seed very well.

The main thing that I noticed with them, when compared to DMC3, is that Dante now has a lack of airtime while shooting them in the air. He falls faster with each shot. In DMC3, he could float up in the air for quite a while longer and actually perform attacks on an air enemy during the shots.

The only reason that I switch to them now is to shoot the Savior's fireballs or when I feel like seeing Twosome Time - I love that move but I can't find a real good use for it. It seemed slightly useful on Basilisk, but not extremely helpful.

Ahjon said...

Hey Berserker! thanks for your walkthroughs for DMC 3 SE, and DMC 4. I am an avid fan of the DMC series, been playin from dmc 1. your FAQs/WTs are exceptional.

i think you know, but i didnt see it in your DMC4 WT, that in Mission 9, you can also gain SSS by shooting a lvl 3 Blue Rose just as they release that fireball. imo, it's less risky than charging the EX3 Streak. cheers!

Berserker said...

Hey! Thanks for the post, man.

Gonna get back to work on this DMC4 guide shortly. :)

Brian said...

Hey Kev, it's been a while. Glad to hear you're back online and stuff.

I haven't played DMC4 in a while (went through Ninja Gaiden on Hard for the first time... as fun as the game is, you learn how little of your own style you can inject in the game :( The fact that you can die so easily makes one a pragmatic player, as opposed to flashy, 'cause there are definitely some sweet looking moves), but I did remember something that happened to me while playing against Bael or Dagon, one of the two. You can actually get on his back, after he does his belly flop.

In theory, playing as Nero, you can actually air hike up, and use the Bringer to keep staying in the air. The belly flop doesn't hurt you till he actually lands, so if you're in the air I don't think he can hurt you. Once he lands you could potentially land on his back, leaving him completely open to break the ice. I did it playing Dante, using the jump invincibility and actually landed on his back, to my surprise.

I'll see if I can't do it again, but it's something to try.

Berserker said...

Hey Brian!

Yeah, Ninja Gaiden is a blast on harder difficulties - I spent about a whole month on Black's difficulties when I went to replay it.

That's interesting to hear about the frog boss in DMC4. I have a big list of things to try and add to the guide, so I'll have a look at that as well when I get around to it. :)

ShELLzbEingMe said...

hey! its shella, Im the one who emailed you a month ago!by the way,

is this available only on PS3?

err! too bad ;(

Berserker said...

Well, PS3 and Xbox 360.

faithy said...

hey ppl how do i make my health bigger in dmc IV plsss tell me