Saturday, April 5, 2008

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles Guide Cover!

So around the end of last year I got to thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice to have an original cover page for one of my guides?" I contacted a good friend and huge RE fan artist, Spike, and asked him if he would do a cover image for my Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles Guide. Being the hardcore RE fan that he is, he drew up some sketches then put together some amazing artwork for UC. All of the pics were put together in a comic book format. And here are the results (click for a bigger image):

RE:UC guide will be updated Monday with url for this image.

You can visit his deviant page at the following link.

He's also got up all the panels individually posted:

Wesker VS Sergei
Jill and Carlos VS Nemesis
Ada's Escape from Raccoon City
HUNK's G-virus Retrieval
Jill and Chris VS Tyrant
Rebecca and Billy VS Leeches

Here's his link for the main cover page that I posted above also.


Anonymous said...

Que impresionante arte!!!
Y que impresionante Walkthrough.
Buena idea eso del Cover.

Berserker said...

Thanks for the walkthrough comments. Yeah, Spike has a very impressive comic-like style.

En español:

Gracias por los comentarios del walkthrough. Sí, el punto tiene un muy impresionante co'mico-como estilo.