Friday, September 28, 2007

Shadow of the Colossus - Current Gaming

Every now and then, a game is released that I will ignore because of the constant hype and praise that the game receives. I don't know, it seems to lower my interest at times when some games receive too much praise and they don't fall under the categories that I generally rush out and buy.

Anyway, after about 2 years of putting it off, I finally played a copy of Shadow of the Colossus that I picked up about a month ago. The introduction was ok and fairly normal, but then I moved the camera around for the first time. Good lord, the level of detail in the backgrounds and environments for this game is fantastic! I'm quite amazed at the sense of scale while fighting the colossi also - it definitely helps to make them feel more epic.

The only problem that I have had is some minor problems with finding the next colossus at times, but this is only minimal. So far, I haven't had to resort to a walkthrough. There are a few colossi that I was totally puzzled with until the colossus made a certain move then everything clicked on the method of beating him. I think the third colossus was the one that had me quite puzzled until I found out how to weaken him.

So far, I'm up to the 15th Colossus. Very good game so far. Glad that I finally decided to play it!

Now I need to go and grab Okami and Katamari Damacy since I've been putting them off for the same reason.


Nish said...

Good man!

SotC is an utterly fantastic game. I put it ahead of RE4 in my GotY list simply because I connected emotionally to it - a rare occurence in gaming.

No spoilers but you'll see that the conclusion has everything that George Lucas tried and failed to put in the new Star Wars films.

Berserker said...

Just finished it a few moments ago!

That's some very fine storytelling there. The final colossus was a total monster as well. I had to refer to a walkthrough to find that third wound of his.

I'd now like to track down Ico once again. I originally sold it, but now I'd like to have it back after playing SotC.