Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finish Final Fantasy XII FAQ campaign

When I first started my Final Fantasy XII guide, I had the intention to go all the way with it, but since then I have trailed off to many other guides, especially after starting with those FFXII item lists. XD

Anyway, since I still receive a pretty good amount of views for it on GameFAQs and people seem to like it more than my other guides, I'll continue finishing it until I feel it is done. I guess you could look at this post as more of a "Note to Self:".

Expect the following additions:

[X] Full Armor list (almost have this complete already) FINISHED - 9/21
[ ] Full Drop/Steal/Poach list for Loot
[ ] Search Codes in the enemy section with Search Codes listed in the main walkthrough. That way you can look up details about the monsters without the details interfering with the walkthrough. This is the main reason why the mosters can be found in the main walkthrough.
[ ] Cleanup that bottom section - shop list. I still haven't decided how to display all that info, or if I'm going to keep it. It's still just raw data at the moment.
[ ] Redo some of those recommended levels (yeah, I know they're too high in some areas)
[ ] Add some info about the weather in the Giza Plains... somewhere.
[ ] Proofread the whole guide. This comes last (or very slowly throughout the updates), and I know there are plenty of typos throughout it. I really dread this part, as I do with all my guides.

If anybody has anything else to add then I might just add it, so respond to this post or email me if you have any suggestions.


Nish said...

This reminds me that I have to get back to FF XII before I forget what's going on.

I'm not that far into the game anyway, but I only had a tenuous grip on the story at best.

Good luck on your proofreading!

Berserker said...

Haha, I'll need that luck with the proofreading part.

You definitely should try to complete FFXII. If I were you, since you're not that far into the game, go ahead and start over and try for a perfect game.

Keep in mind the "Zodiac Spear", "Mysterious Package", "Ktjn, the Viera", and the "July, the Archades Spy" side quests and you'll have all the skippable side quests pinpointed.

The Zodiac Spear quest is the only skippable side quests that most gamers actually regret not knowing about though, the rest is very minor.

Of course, if you're just like me on the first time going through a game, you could care less about the side quests. I usually just want to get through the main story on my first time through - I was that way with FFXII also.

Felipe said...

Giza weather info could be placed at the tips section, you could just put a warning about it at the main faq when the it begins to change, so that people know where to find it.
This thing gave me a really bad time...there are a lot of side quests that needed Giza to be on the rains/dry and I didn't know how to change it. Well, now I think I do :P

Good luck man ^^

Berserker said...

Thanks for the input Felipe!

Yeah, I'm considering placing it there.

I believe the game cycled between 1 hour of The Rain and 2 hours of The Dry after the party finishes the main story in Jahara. Need to recheck that though.

I've answered that question through email quite a bit and for some reason didn't place it in the guide. I could have sworn I did at some point though, but I can't find it.

Faith_Meteor said...

Hey, I've got a better strategy for the Exodus esper boss fight, it's a real killer too, i did this around lvl 35!

After dispelling him:
Have one character with an opal ring, spewing cura/ga/ja, and esuna, and also casting constant reflect. This character should also cast beserk, haste and bravery if you have it onto your strongest character, or if you want to go all out reckless, two characters. keeping them on full health constantly will raise their attack by tons with the augment, and hasted and beserked with good weapons they will take around 1500+HP per hit, and hit about every second. When Exodus casts "unleash" he will take his scathe * 3 on himself from the reflect!

Did you understand all that? im no great shakes at writing guides :P

Berserker said...

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. :)

Anonymous said...

hello berserker...
i was read your FFXII walktrough in
wew.. i was great great walktrought..
its help me so much...
thank a lot..

arthur rori

Berserker said...

Hey Arthur.

Thanks for the comments and for posting. Much appreciated!

Carlos Pires said...

Hey there, I'm following your FAQ to get me through FF XII, well done, congrats :-) By the by I noticed that in Ozmone Plains with the European version of the game you get *tons* of license points, making it a prime spot for ramping up license points. I can easily get 200+ license points in Ozmone whereas in the other regions of the world spending the same amount of time will yield me 1/2 the license points. So I'm using a levelling strategy that may or may not apply to the US version as well, which is to spend about 2 hours in Ozmone Plains, then go to the Phon Coast and the Tchita Uplands for raw leveling up. Good gaming, and good luck.

Solana said...

Good words.

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