Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Umbrella Chronicles preview

Yesterday, IGN posted up a new preview of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.

The fact that they refer to it as "Resident Evil: Fan Service" thrills me with anticipation since I'm mainly looking forward to story side of the game above all else. UC really sounds like a playable Wesker's Report. The gameplay doesn't look too bad either, especially with the weapon upgrade system.

The new Umbrella character shown in new screens throughout the net has finally been named and given a backstory as well.

"The character you see here is Sergei Vladimir. He was a colonel back when he was in the army, and people still call him colonel now. When his homeland (RUSSIA) collapsed, he joined up with Umbrella and became one of their executives. Since he's the one who founded Umbrella's private army section, U.B.C.S., he works closely together with them."

With his ties to the U.B.C.S., I'm hoping to see Carlos and/or Nicholai in the final chapter of Umbrella Chronicles.

thanks to THIA for the latter info.

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