Monday, September 24, 2007

Poll #1 - Results

I went ahead and ended the poll to the side. I kind of get the point as to the feelings of a good chunk of site visitors - a bunch of you like Final Fantasy, and for good reason, since FFXII is truly a wonderful game.

Here's the final results:

Out of all of my recent guides, which one do you feel is the most helpful?

Dead Rising - 01 (5%)
Final Fantasy XII - 11 (61%)
God of War II - 00 (0%)
Lost Planet - 00 (0%)
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition - 03 (16%)
Tomb Raider Anniversary - 00 (0%)
They all helped me out. - 03 (16%)
None of them. They all fail. - 00 (0%)

Votes: 18

That's about 17 votes more than I thought I would get! Very nice.

Big thanks to everyone that voted!

Since Final Fantasy XII dominated the charts, I've since started updating that guide again and will try to complete it fully this year like I mentioned in the post below. I'm on the Loot list right now that will list all the ways to obtain every piece of loot. Once that list is finished the rest should be a breeze. Well, for the most part.

I'm still not done proofing that RE4 guide either, although that's about all that is left to do there.

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