Monday, June 30, 2008

Aready been a year!

Just wanted to make a post to say that this site (er, blog) has now been up a full year as of today. Around the time I made my first post here, I thought this site would turn out to be a one month deal and that I wouldn't stick with it but, in fact, it's been quite an awesome experience!

I'd like to thank the visitors that have taken out the time to stop by and and a big thanks to the more frequent visitors - you know who you are, all three of you. :)

Here's hoping for another year!


Brian said...

Hah, congratulations on making it through a whole year, and you were pretty consistent at that! Much better than my burst-posting anyway :D Here's to another fun text-filled year!

On the game front I decided to forego playing Alone in the Dark yesterday for firstly watching Wanted, which turned out to be better than I expected considering the differences from the comics (which is one of the greatest adult fiction of all time I must add), and finishing up the last three episodes of a show my sister and I got hooked on, so unfortunately I haven't made progress on the final chapter. Hopefully I can grind through the long part of the chapter (kinda spoiled the end a bit for me) tonight and finish it up tomorrow, so I can get that review up.

On the other hand Soul Calibur is out on XBLA! I'm pretty much a Mistu/Asta player, though I dabble into Taki every once in a while. Generally speaking I like playing more obscure characters as well, but when I first picked up Soul Calibur 2 everyone was pretty obscure to me. To be honest through my overall preferred playstyle sticks to control and spacing. For SC that means lots of wake-up and okizeme (attacking a swept enemy), for the 2D I like the old fireball loops of lore :D I plan to make SC4 my first big foray into playing more competitively and tackling the online front. Hopefully the game won't be too laggy :(

Anonymous said...

thanks for the DMC4 Faq, alot of help

Brian said...

Hey Berserker, here's a good, fairly in-depth review of Alone in the Dark that compares the PC and 360 versions. I agree with a lot of what they say, though they don't go into as much detail as I want to. And the nice thing is that the site doesn't use grade, just describes their experience with the review, so there's no numbers bias :D

Berserker said...

Thank anonymous!

Soul Calibur isn't up just yet. It says on Gamespot that will be up on July 2nd, which is... tomorrow! Got some points waiting for it.

I mainly want to download it just to see how well the X360 controller works for it. In a way, I can play 3-D fighting game pretty well with the X360 controller - it's the 2-D fighting games where the problems start, thanks to their exact input requirements.

Soul Calibur should bring back a lot of good memories. I remember a lot of Taki players at my local arcade would accidentally jump out of the ring with her side jump and there were countless instances where a person would slide out of the ring while running toward their opponent. Good times! I always played with Seug Mina, Hwang and Rock in the first Soul Calibur. Nightmare and Mitsurugi were fun to use too. Nightmare could be a complete beast.

As for that review, it makes me wonder how good the Wii version is. I had no idea the melee controls required motion inputs like that. I don't mind the tank-type controls at all.

I didn't read over the story part, got to be a little too in depth as to the beginning portion of the game.

Brian said...


I'll keep that in mind about the story. I will mention things about the design and how things go in general but I won't dive into any real level of detail. I'm more focused on the storytelling and manner itself than the story.

Time to finally get started on that review. From here on out my status will be sporadic again, since I'll be spending 3 days a week doing 18-hour days of work/game project stuff, but I'm sure I'll keep in touch :D My blog is:

Berserker said...

Good job. I commented on your site.

Soul Calibur is finally up on Xbox LIVE arcade. Besides the blocky character faces, the game seems to have aged well. Gameplay is still just as good as I remember it!

I sure wish Namco Bandai would have added online play. I guess they want Soul Calibur IV to be the introduction to Soul Calibur online play. The only online portion are the leaderboards. :\

Brian said...

Yeah, once I get home from work I will make my dash to get the game. I wish they threw in online too, but I'll take it. The thing that scares me is that the pessimist in me thinks that they're still tweaking the network stuff for SC4, or ran into some big snags.

In NG2 news I read that the downloadable costumes are on the marketplace now. The only problem is they aren't free >:(

Berserker said...

It's amazing how well the gameplay of the original Soul Calibur holds up. It's still so smooth.

I noticed the NGII costumes last night. They are 200 pts each - a little hefty for a single costume. I can't really complain about the NGII downloadable extras though since I gladly downloaded the VF5 item packs for around 200 - 300 pts each.

I'm still deciding if I really want to download them. They just don't sound that great from the description and the small pics of them. The outfits in the first NG matched better really.

sephirosuy said...

Already one year old!? Sooner will be mine :p I still remember the helps you gave to me...

Berserker said...

Yep. And you later helped me with some of the DMC4 boss listing... even though I got lazy and never did finish it.

Ah, memories. ;p