Saturday, December 1, 2007

Poll #3 Results

I wanted to end this poll a bit early since I have had another one in mind ever since I started this one and wanted to put that one up.

Which current console have you gotten the most gameplay out of this year?

Nintendo DS
0 (0%)

Nintendo Wii
6 (18%)

2 (6%)

Playstation 2
18 (54%)

Playstation 3
5 (15%)

0 (0%)

Xbox 360
2 (6%)

Total votes = 33

Another reason that I ended this one is because it's very clear to me what most of you have been playing this year. I pretty much expected these results, but I'm a bit shocked at the lack of Xbox 360 support.

EDIT: Kudos to those of you that voted too. I'm quite surprized to have that many votes in a month!

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